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Our new black range hoods are here!

Our new black range hoods are here! - Proline Range Hoods

Proline’s new black range hoods have arrived! Check out our new black PLFW Vector wall mounted range hood in both 30” and 36” sizes!

We’ve got a PLFW 520 in a black finish as well – available in 30” and 36”.

Black range hoods are both exceptionally modern and unique. These hoods are a beautiful focal point of any kitchen! Read more about our new black models below.

Black PLFW Vector Range Hood or Vent Hood

Our new PLFW vector range hoods are incredibly sleek. With a matte black finish and a clean rounded edge, it’s unique look will give your kitchen some added personality. It is one of our only range hoods with a round tapered design – and it really makes a statement in black!

The control panel is easily accessible underneath the rim of the hood. It features stainless steel push buttons for three blower speeds and lights control.

At its max speed, the PLFW Vector includes a single blower that runs at 600 CFM. You can easily adjust this to 400 CFM or 200 CFM when cooking low-heat foods or simmering soups and sauces.

Four LED lights offer great coverage of your cooktop, allowing you to see clearly while cooking. Also, this black vent hood features dishwasher safe stainless steel mesh filters for convenient cleaning. For more information, click on the links below:

PLFW Vector 30” Black Range Hood

PLFW Vector 36” Black Range Hood

PLFW 520 Black Range Hood or Vent hood

If you prefer a more rectangular look, check out our PLFW 520 black range hood. It also features a tapered design, but with a rectangular base.

This vent hood comes in 30” and 36” sizes. It comes with a 600 CFM single blower and offers great flexibility with the blower speed. Use the + and - buttons to cycle through six speeds, from 100 to 600 CFM. The versatile blower makes this vent hood a fantastic option for any homeowner – regardless of cooking style!

Unlike our PLFW Vector black range hood, the 520 model includes three stainless steel mesh filters. Once you’ve finished cooking, these can be easily removed for a quick clean.

Along with the filters, two LED lights illuminate your cooktop allowing for a pleasant cooking experience.

See these black range hoods for yourself below.

PLFW 520 30” Black Range Hood

PLFW 520 36” Black Range Hood

You can browse all of our new arrivals here. If you have any questions, please call us at (877) 901-5530. If you call during business hours, you will speak to a real person.

We’re excited to bring these black range hoods to you to give your kitchen some stylish variety beyond stainless steel appliances. One of the best advantages to black range hoods is that they complement nearly any kitchen design! Don’t believe us? Check out our article on the hottest black range hood trends. You’ll love the photos!

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