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Hottest Black Range Hood or Vent Hood Trends!

Hottest Black Range Hood or Vent Hood Trends! - Proline Range Hoods

Have you ever wondered what a black range hood would look like in your kitchen, but all you can find are pictures of stainless steel range hoods with no black finish? Black range hoods are not as common and plain stainless steel is much more popular. That doesn’t mean it’s any less modern and stylish for your kitchen.

Like stainless steel range hoods, black range hoods fit seamlessly into any kitchen design – no matter the colors, appliances, size, or layout!

If you’re thinking of buying a black range hood, we say, “Go for it!”

Complement a Two Tone Kitchen

One really nice perk of a black range or vent hood is that it can complement other black elements in your kitchen. These may include black countertops, cabinets, or walls, among others.

Take the pin below, for example. The countertops and walls are white, while the kitchen island and cabinets are finished black. Also notice some nice black highlights: the stove knobs, stove grates, and stove glass! Along with the prominent black custom range hood, all of these black elements give your kitchen an elegant, finished look.

Feel free to experiment with these small touches of black in your kitchen: dishware, faucets, cabinet handles, coffee makers, dishwashers...the possibilities are endless here!

This next kitchen is also two-tone, but here the range hood is more prominent because there’s less black and more white. The kitchen island and range hood are strong focal points of this kitchen, with some subtle accents in the black dishware next to the range hood.

In a smaller kitchen like this, contrasting colors work well, as well as keeping the colors light and bright. Too much black or gray can make a kitchen feel cold and uninviting. This kitchen perfectly executes this light design with elements of black. Check it out!

Add Some Strong Contrast

Two-tone kitchen or not, a black range hood will often provide some strong contrast in your kitchen. In the pin on the left, not only does the hood provide contrast in color, but also texture. Compare the rough texture of the bricks with the sleek feel of the new black range hood!

Try Out a Sleek Black Custom Hood

If you love the color black, a black range hood isn’t your only option. You can also pair a range hood insert with your custom hood – then, color the custom hood black!

What does this look like in a real kitchen? Take a look below. Note how this kitchen combines multiple popular trends mentioned in this article. It features two tones, white and black, as well as a beautiful black range hood insert.

You can also go with a grayish-black too, which works great in this two toned kitchen!

Match Your Stove!

What better way to complement your black range hood than with a black range! Today, most ranges are stainless steel, so you can add a touch of variety with a black range.

Prominent Black Island Range Hood

So, we’ve seen black wall mount range hoods and black custom range hoods. But, you’ve got one more option: black island range hoods! This kitchen takes contrast to the next level. With an all-white design, the first thing anyone will see is the beautiful black range hood.

Where can I buy a black range hood?

We’re glad you asked! So, now that you’ve got all this inspiration, hopefully you’re looking forward to purchasing a black range hood!

If so, you’re in luck. At Proline Range Hoods, we’ve got two sleek black range hoods just for you! They’re available in 30” and 36”! Learn more here.

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at some of the biggest trends today in black range hood design! If you liked these trends, check out more here to inspire your next big remodeling project!

If you purchase a black Proline range hood, be sure to send us some photos for an opportunity to win up to $500! In just a few months, we’ll be picking a winner who will receive a grand prize of $10,000! You won’t want to miss it. We can’t wait to see how you’ve upgraded your kitchen.

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