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19 Modern Boho Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

19 Modern Boho Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

You love the cozy feel of farmhouse style bedrooms, but you like the crazy, unpredictable aspects of bohemian style rooms. Well, we’re here to introduce you to the boho farmhouse bedroom.

To start, we need to go over the boho farmhouse style. It’s easy to combine boho and farmhouse, and you may prefer one style more than the other. And you probably won’t end up with a perfect 50-50 boho-farmhouse split.

The foundation of bohemian and farmhouse design is neutral colors. Tans, creams, whites, light yellows, and similar shades are all core and essential starting points for your color palette in your bedroom.

Greens and blues are common accent colors, which you might find in plants or small decor like pillows, curtains, or picture frames. Unfinished or unstained wood, deep browns, different textured pots for plants, pictures, or drawings, are popular in boho and farmhouse home decor. Finally, they both thrive on open furniture: nightstands, open shelving, beanbags, and more.

If you want more information on the similarities and differences of these designs, head on over to our blog dedicated to boho farmhouse design.

Now let’s get to the bedroom designs! Just keep in mind that these photos may lean more toward bohemian or farmhouse design, but include elements of both!

The Hunter-Gatherer

This design leans toward farmhouse style for sure, but the reflective pillow and plants showcase boho design, creating a wonderful blend between the two!

King Sized Attic

What has a better appeal than a giant bedroom in an attic? The possibilities here are endless since the space is so large. They’ve chosen to go more minimalist, but the occupant could add more string lights and lots of hanging plants.

Bring in the Palettes!

Some of the best bed frames for boho and farmhouse design are palettes. You can find these at a thrift store; they are super cheap for the average bedroom. Plus, they offer easy built-in storage for whatever you need!

Hang it Up!

Spice up your boho farmhouse bedroom with some beautiful hanging decor! This may include lights, plants, tapestries, and more! (laptop not included)

Should’ve Been A Cowboy

This is a simple room, and it’s pretty minimalist. Cowboy hats and a palm tree top off this room, with a plethora of pillows to boot. It’s very chic! And, it shows you don’t need to be extravagant!

Pieces from Home

Dear London,

Oh, how I miss you. This is a new world for me, but I’m glad I’ve kept sentiments from home. I’m glad I brought my books and my bear to my new city. And Mum’s plant she brought me is the perfect addition!

See you soon,

The 50-50 Go-Getter

This room basically has it all: a wonderful bed frame, nightstand and lamp, decorative pillows, a round mirror, and shelves for storage. This is probably the near-perfect 50-50 split!

A Dove and the Wristwatch

Sometimes, simple decor like your watch or books will make for a good bedstand. And sometimes, it’s best to take the road less traveled. This is a unique bedstand, but it works with both design trends.

Tales From Gypsy Halls

Sometimes, it just makes sense to lean toward boho home decor. The plants, the pillows, the bedspread, and hanging objects all point to boho design. Top it off with a couple of skulls and some fancy curtains, and you’ve got yourself a bedroom with vibes.

One Toned Bedroom

This white bedroom is pretty subtle when it comes to colors, but it’s a pretty design! It carries most of the qualities from boho and farmhouse design, with small splashes of personality.

Baby Boho Farmhouse Bedroom

Are you a parent? If so, you’ll need to decorate your baby’s room! Try out some boho furniture like in the photo above.

Keep all of their toys organized in storage contained as pictured! Oh, and you can even find a crib that echoes the boho farmhouse style.

Unkempt Bed

A trademark look in boho design is an unkempt bed. With the boho farmhouse style, you don’t necessarily have to aim for perfection. Consider buying a comforter like the one above!

Boho on Boho

This is a pretty simple boho bedroom. You’ll notice that there’s not a lot of furniture. But the bed frame is old and made of metal, which gives the room a vintage look. The wooden night stand is a nice touch, as well as the shelving above the bed. And don’t forget about the plants!

Under Starry Jungle Night Skies

Can’t you imagine jumping into bed here? It looks cozier than Sunday mornings by the fireplace in the wintertime. String lights, a plethora of pillows, and the opaque background all contribute to this jungle vibe.

Urban Mind, Urban Style

There’s no reason we can’t bring a bit of modern or urban design to boho farmhouse, and this bedroom is a great example of that. If you can’t have real plants, pictures can more than compensate! The candles and other pots bring out boho tones!

Moroccan Rug Dreams

The charm here is the rug - it brings out color and personality, and, if you don’t want you room to be this loud, you can always place objects over it so it becomes more muted. Nice, right?

Books and Flowers

Something that screams vintage in your boho farmhouse bedroom is old books, flowers, and an unfinished bed frame. It may look unfinished, but it sends home the boho farmhouse look.

The Wide Open Bedroom

If you’ve got the space, it’s nice to spread your things out! The bookshelves, easel, nightstand, and shelf are all reminiscent of boho farmhouse design. Adding a splash of color here would add more personality, too!

Boho Humans of New York

This bedroom is beautiful. The pots, the plants, the bedspread, and of course, the general craziness of New York life (check out the book). Add in an air plant or two and some pictures above the bed and you’ll be rocking!

There’s a lot more that goes into the boho farmhouse style, so we’ll direct you to our boho farmhouse Pinterest board! Find some of the best inspirational ideas here. And, if you want to look at boho farmhouse bedrooms specifically, we have a section dedicated to boho farmhouse bedrooms. We update these boards multiple times every week, so there will always be fresh content for you!

We hope we’ve inspired you to transform your room into this wonderful style. We’ll see you in our next post!

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