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March Photo Contest Winners

March Photo Contest Winners - Proline Range Hoods

Check Out Our March Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered their beautiful photos this March! We appreciate your submissions and we received some impressive pictures this month.

The following winners will receive cash prizes and are now entered to compete for the grand prize of $10,000 this June.

First place and $500 goes to Dorene W., who sent in some beautiful pictures of her 48" PLFW 750. Congratulations, Dorene!

And $250 goes to each of the following 4 runners-up for their pictures. Congratulations to everyone!

If you haven’t entered yet, you should!

On the tenth of each month, we post all the winning photos here at That page is a great resource if you need some inspiration or a quick refresh of the rules of the contest. We also give you some useful tips on how to take high-quality photos and increase your chances to win.

If you’ve submitted photos in the past but didn’t win, there's no need to worry. Just take new photos and submit a new entry each month. You can do this even if you’ve won in the past!

Take a look at some other great customer kitchen photos from the contest here.

1st Place - $500

PLFW 750 - Photo Contest Winner

Dorene W. - Model: PLFW 750

Runners Up

PLJL Hurricane Range Hood Insert - Photo Contest Runner Up

Jason and Anne K. - Model: PLJL Hurricane

Range Hood - BeforeRange Hood Insert - After

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