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Low Budget DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Plus How-Tos)

Low Budget DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Plus How-Tos) - Proline Range Hoods

People have different wants and needs when it comes to indoor and outdoor spaces. Installing an outdoor kitchen can be great if you love cooking outdoors! With an outdoor kitchen, you can expand your cooking space and spend more time outside with your family.

Outdoor kitchens bring all kinds of new options to your home for those you love to spend time with! there are for open-air parties and barbeque nights. We cover a lot of more expensive setups. Let's look at some low-budget DIY outdoor kitchen ideas that will transform your outdoor space. We’re looking at furnishing, decor, and installation expenses that are not affordable for everyone.

How Do You Make A Low-Budget Outdoor Kitchen?

To build a low-budget outdoor kitchen, you can assimilate salvaged materials such as wood or recycled bricks. Outdoor kitchens can come in numerous shapes and sizes, so it’s important to devise a structured plan for your desired outcome. There are various features such as cabinets for storage, a grill, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, etc.

Creating an energy-efficient setup doesn’t need to spend a fortune. However, having a basic overview of your outdoor kitchen plan can be beneficial for working with the DIY ideas listed below.

X DIY Low Budget Kitchen Ideas

From granite countertops to brick-layered formations and elegant decor, numerous options exist for creating an outdoor kitchen setup. When it comes to outdoor kitchen ideas, the options are limitless. Let’s get into the main low-budget kitchen ideas.

Outdoor Deck Kitchen

If you are into the cohesive, structured kitchen look, an outdoor kitchen with a deck complements the entire aesthetic. With an outdoor deck, you have a lot of ground to cover for accessories. Alongside the stove countertop, you can assemble a cozy seating area.

There are various options for the deck-style outdoor kitchen. Choose the finish of the countertops, stainless steel, for a modern chic look or a neutral-toned palette. Build a small patio section if you have an outdoor deck. Follow the steps below for the low-level deck tutorial.

  1. For this method, you’ll need 2x4 pressure-treated beams. They should be 24 inches apart.
  2. Next, place cement deck piers for the footing. You need to dig up enough ground for the deck piers to cover. Fix them proportionally, depending on how big you want the pier to be.
  3. Cut the joists one at a time, depending on the distance of your cement deck piers. Lay them and make adjustments accordingly.
  4. Assemble 2x4 Fir wood and cover each plank with a waterproof wood protector. You just need to paint the portions which will be facing downwards.
  5. Lay down your planks and use two outdoor-deck screws per joist. Use ¼-inch tile spacers to keep your floor level.
  6. Sand off the edges and adjust the screws. Cover the floor with a weatherproofing stain and paint the deck with your color of choice.

Outdoor kitchens can be expensive, especially if you desire a modern-style countertop. This DIY decking plan can add other personal touches to your outdoor setup.

DIY BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen bbq and bar

Flickr by Texas Custom Patios

The next option is probably why most people want to transfer their kitchen outdoors. An outdoor BBQ kitchen requires a functional grilling system with other grilling equipment. There are custom-made BBQ stations with the entire outdoor kitchen setup, but you can also create your DIY BBQ kitchen.

Create your outdoor BBQ island with the following items: A grill made from metal, proband, lumber, and screws. Follow this in-depth tutorial which intricately shows you how to create a BBQ station.

There are two compartments for storing grilling essentials while the grill sits in the middle. It is a 4x4 style with shelving boards beside the BBQ. These storage cabinets are useful and look quite appealing against the stone veneer BBQ grill. Now you can indulge in a luxurious dinner under the moonlit sky or enjoy it with family and friends!

Cinder Block Outdoor Kitchen

If you are inclined towards a modern and chic aesthetic, this cinder block outdoor kitchen will be an eye-catching piece in your collection. With grayish accents and sublime textures, this kitchen countertop is a versatile dining space for intimate family gatherings.

First, take measurements of the outdoor kitchen you plan to build to begin this design. You can build this outdoor kitchen with concrete bricks, backer boards, thin material of mortar, brick veneer, and plywood tiles. Even though this method is intricate and involves a lot of work, the result is a visual delight!

As shown in the image above, you’ll need to stack the cement blocks and slabs together and take appropriate measurements for your outdoor kitchen plan. Remember that this method requires basic knowledge of laying bricks and carpentry skills.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen area

Due to its durability, the stone is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens. Depending on the stone material you use, it can evoke a rustic and cozy vibe. It also resembles a transitional fire stove that blends in with the natural colors of the environment.

This outdoor corner kitchen has earthy tones made entirely of natural stones. From the flooring to the enclosure and counter, this area is perfect for relaxing and breathing fresh air while catching up with friends. This makeshift kitchen looks like a peaceful haven with some warm accents and dark tones.

Retractable Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking in the backyard can be fun. You can create a retractable outdoor kitchen in two ways. A retractable canopy is a great way to savor the sun before it rains.

  • With a retractable patio cover
  • Makeshift kitchen on wheel

For the first option, you can install a retractable cover for your kitchen counter if it is situated near your patio area. This means you will receive fresh air when the cover is retracted and use your outdoor kitchen even when it rains.

Another way you can showcase your cooking skills even when it rains is by making a kitchen station with wheels. You can easily move the countertop to a sheltered place and use it even when it is pouring outside.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Covered kitchens are standalone structures that accentuate the property's visual appeal. Like the last idea, this covered outdoor kitchen is a patio extension covered by shade. This is an open space, but it prevents direct sunlight from obstructing your cooking.

Due to the outdoorsy vibe, you can experiment with the furnishing, textures, and rustic decor. You can use wooden accents to complement the rustic vibe, along with slatted wooden shades and warm-tone lights. You can install a makeshift countertop and combine textures if you have a covered open space.

DIY Pergola Outdoor Kitchen

A pergola is an arched structure that is arranged in the form of columns. The roofing grid remains open, so it allows for an outdoor kitchen! The long, narrow structure gives off a Caribbean vibe and excites the outdoor cooking experience.

You can build the pergola near your cooking station or the seating area. With an open hardwood patio, outdoor dining set, and counter stools, this DIY pergola outdoor kitchen is perfect for summer evenings. You can take it up a notch by draping string lights from the pergola and adding an umbrella to block harsh sunlight during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Does Every Outdoor Kitchen Need?

This can depend on your preference. Generally, outdoor kitchen essentials require the following:

  • Proper lighting (both natural or artificial)
  • Refrigerator or an ice cooler
  • Storage shelves
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink
  • Grill
  • Countertop stove
  • Shade

These features can elevate your outdoor cooking and seating experience tenfold.

  1. Do I Require A Permit To Build An Outdoor Kitchen?

In most cases, where you own the outdoor area, you need permission to build an outdoor kitchen or any other creative space. Since an outdoor kitchen is not a permanent structure, you must devise an electrical or flooring plan considering your neighbors' interests.


An outdoor kitchen is a great way to spruce up your backyard and enliven your outdoor space. You can create a sturdy DIY outdoor kitchen with a few amenities and building skills for cozy evenings and warm mornings.

With an outdoor kitchen, you can spend more time with your family while you create mouth-watering meals against an impeccable backdrop. We hope these DIY outdoor kitchen ideas helped you choose the best cooking station for you!

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