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24 Awe-Inspiring Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

24 Awe-Inspiring Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Boho farmhouse design is a newer trend, and it’s beautiful. It adds some additional flair to traditional farmhouse decor while toning down some aspects of bohemian design. In this article we’ll help you find inspiration to create your own boho farmhouse bathroom.

So, what is the boho farmhouse style? In short, it’s a mix of bohemian and farmhouse elements, but it’s not a perfect 50-50 split between the two. Depending on the person, these two styles will lean more one way than the other, perhaps a 60-40 split, 70-30, or greater! You can create your own look and personalize it to your liking.

Bohemian Farmhouse Design - Recap

So, boho farmhouse design sounds a little complex, but it’s not. In fact, these two styles share a lot of similarities, including the color palette of white, cream, tan and brown, unfinished wood, old trinkets, and some flashes of color. Both thrive on open furniture, and although there isn’t much furniture in a bathroom, they share similar styles.

And the differences? Well, bohemian design is more eccentric, more colorful, and all-around bolder. Where a farmhouse bathroom has shiplap walls, bohemian goes with a wacky laminate pattern. Where a farmhouse bathroom uses muted colors, bohemian style uses bright colors. It all comes down to preference.

If you would like a more in-depth understanding of this style, we wrote a complete article here!

Without further delay, here are 24 of our favorite boho farmhouse bathrooms!

Shower and Bath Plants? Yup.

One of the most common trends in bohemian farmhouse bathrooms is adding plants of all kinds. There’s not a limit as to how many, but there are certain types of plants that will thrive in your boho bathroom, provided you have light. Check those plants out here!

If it doesn’t have windows, fake plants will do the trick.

Ship Shape for Shiplap

Shiplap is a big aspect of modern farmhouse bathrooms, but this one has some older, vintage faucets that are reminiscent of boho design. Also, the floor mat brings out some colors and gives the room some personality!

A Gypsy Dream

This bathroom is beautiful. The pattern of the shower curtain and the eccentric floor mat bring your attention to detail up a few notches. Then, plants big and small and of all shapes and sizes decorate the rest of the room. The tiled floor and walls of the shower will have you wondering if you’re still in your own home.

That Bathtub Tray

Ever seen that bathtub tray circulating around social media and Pinterest? There’s all sorts of them, some with different sections for different items. Well, the good news is, this is a popular staple in modern farmhouse and bohemian styles! Here’s another look at the bathtub tray:

Air Plants and Brick Walls

Bring on the air plants and brick style walls. This is a wonderful find, and a beautiful way to bring your bathroom lots of character! Looking at this bathroom, we can’t figure out how much more boho farmhouse it can get!

Stripes Like a Pirate

Stripes are more of a boho design concept, but again, not all bathrooms will be a perfect split. These wide stripes allow for multiple colors to show through, with the base color setting the tone for the rest of the room.

The Hanging Ivy Plant

Need to get rid of some space in your bathroom? An ivy plant is an excellent addition. They rely on humid environments, so bathrooms are a good place for them! Make sure you have lots of sunlight in your space – ivy plants need a good amount!

Curtains Under Ceiling Beams

A much more dramatic master bathroom, this one leans towards farmhouse style, but with the right touches, it can combine those two styles effectively! Just trade those one-toned curtains for something a little brighter and this can become a bohemian dream bathroom. Finally, add a plant or two to complete the look.

Bricks and Floating Shelves

This bathroom is amazing. Brick patterned walls and plants in the bathroom are nice touches, but this one goes a step further with floating shelves. This isn’t commonly seen in bathrooms, since they usually already have some installed directly into the shower or tub, but the creativity here is stunning!

Morrocan Dreams in the Modern World

Morrican rugs aren’t just for your bedroom, family room, or kitchen. Morrocan runner rugs are good additions to bathrooms, too! Your bathroom will look that much brighter and rugs are a great way to incorporate your personality. Plus, a touch of culture never hurts!

Apple Picking Ladders

One of the easiest ways to add low impact storage to your space is by adding an apple picking ladder. Best suited by or over your toilet, it provides some extra storage space for you without taking up more space in your bathroom. Some versions of this even have four legs so it can stand freely!

Wicker Baskets

Decor items are big in bathrooms, and you won’t see many bathrooms without them! Wicker baskets make for great laundry baskets, especially if they have lids. They can also hold fresh towels, dirty towels and more. Consider investing in one!

Fringe Edge Shower Curtains? Yes Please!

One of the best bohemian decor options is fringe. It’s cool, it’s stylish….and….wait, it can be applied to your shower curtains?! Yes, yes it can! And, it looks fantastic from the outside, giving you that look you desire when you walk into your bathroom. The deep green towels make this even better!

The Plant Filler Bathroom

Yes, we copied the title of the pin, but it’s true – filling your bathroom with plants that love the environment in your bathroom can be a huge win for you. The rest of this bathroom looks gorgeous – white walls, touches of tan and orange; the color palette here is satisfying.

Does It Get Better In Candlelight?

Imagine this….you’re in the tub with lots of bubbles, reading a book to candlelight with coffee in your hand. An air plant keeps you company, and a purifier keeps the air smelling clean. You turn the page and take a sip of your coffee. Life is good.

All Of It

This bathroom has it all. A round mirror, freestanding tub, brick and wooden walls, baskets underneath a countertop with freestanding hits the nail on the head! Check out the towels and bath mat too!

Unfinished Business

We know what you’re thinking – that’s not boho farmhouse! While it doesn’t capture both styles in the traditional sense, the important takeaway here is the trees as supports and the use of straw roofing. While straw roofing may not be entirely practical, plenty of styles incorporate uncut trees like this one!

Bringing the Heat

This almost looks like a hotel, or a really nice hostel. Check out the round wall decor, the bench with rolled up towels, stacked perfectly and a sink resting on it. Of course, they top it off with some plants, and you’ve got a beautiful bathroom.

Hide and Seek With the Ducting

Do you have ducting in your bathroom that you can’t seem to get rid of? Well, mask it! This style encapsulates that wonderfully and neary seamlessly hides the unwanted piping and ductwork. Plants can do the trick; just keep them alive!

Circles….or Hexagons?

Meant for storage space, hexagons are a good way to keep your bathroom looking new and keeping up with the constant changing of trends. The freestanding shelf next to the tub is a great addition and it’s topped off by some plants and the bathtub tray. Wine night, anyone?

Netted For the Win!

We’re not talking basketball here. If you need a spot to store your toilet paper, this is an effective way that gets them up and out of your way, quite literally! The only downside here is little brothers playing basketball in your bathroom: “and he shoots from downtown….IN!!”

Set Coordinates to 12.5513° N, 70.0565° W

We’re thinking of taking a vacation because of this bathroom. Don’t you feel so relaxed looking at it? Imagine stepping in here to wash off the sand and sunscreen, with a fresh towel to comfort you when you’re done. Yup, that’s Paradise’s older cousin, Zion Bliss!

Hello, World!!

This shelf brings so much to the table. It’s practical, the design is fantastic, and the colors contrast each other. This and the bathtub tray add so much character already, and then an apple picking ladder and bench are added. They did pretty good.

Those Wonderful Nights

I can see it now. Lights off, candles lit, and the sweet aroma of tropical scents flowing through the bathroom. Leafy plants providing comforts of the outdoors, air plants from above, and decorations on the wall bringing it all together. Yeah, this one’s a keeper.

Well, that’s all for now. Boho farmhouse design in the bathroom is easy enough to do if you know the right decor items to include and have a strong color palette to rely on. If you’re having trouble getting started, begin with a simple color palette of white, tan, and your choice of accent color, whether it be green, blue, orange, red, or some other darker color. You’ll figure it out along the way and will be able to make the necessary adjustments!

And remember, when building your bathroom, decor pieces don’t necessarily need to be practical or useful. What we mean is, some items can be in there solely for looks! I have a seashell and an old glass bottle of sand with smaller seashells in my bathroom. Go figure!

We’d love to include more ideas, and we totally can! We have Pinterest boards specifically for boho farmhouse decor, and even have a section dedicated to bathrooms. Consider visiting those boards for more inspiration and come up with a plan to deck out your bathroom!

See you on the next one, and happy designing!

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