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How do I wire a Vex Air range hood blower for the Proline ProV?

How do I wire a Vex Air range hood blower for the Proline ProV? - Proline Range Hoods

The Vex Air variable-speed blower is an inline blower that’s unique to our ProV series range hoods. An inline blower sits inside your ductwork, away from your cooking area. Inline blowers, which sit inside your ductwork, are much quieter than local blowers, which sit inside the range hood.

The Vexair inline blower for our ProV range hoods is a 1300 CFM blower.

Here’re a couple of helpful videos showing you exactly how to wire the Vexair blower for your ProV range hood.

The range hood plugs into the wall with a three-pronged plug, and the variable-speed blower plugs into the back of the hood.

Once you plug in the hood and the variable speed blower, you can control the fan speed by flipping the fan switch to on and adjusting the dial knob on the control panel.

Follow these steps to successfully wire your Vexair inline blower.

1. Inspect the color of the wires on your plug.

You’ll notice that the colors of the wires on the plug and the colors of the wires on the blower do not correspond to each other.

So, don’t just match wires of the same color. We’ll show you how the wires match later.

2. Use a screwdriver to open the electrical box on your variable-speed blower.

3. Take out the schematic inside the cover.

4. Identify three wires: yellow-green (ground), black (neutral), and blue (for the high-speed setting).

5. On the blower wires, the first wire is yellow-green or ground. The fourth wire is black, which is the neutral wire. The fifth wire down is blue, which powers the high-speed setting.

6. Feed the plug into the electrical box and tighten the cap.

7. Secure the plug inside the box with plastic brackets using screws.

8. Connect the light green wire on the plug to the yellow-green wire on the blower.

This is your ground connection.

9. Connect the white neutral wire on the plug to the black neutral wire on the blower.

This is one of your neutral wires.

10. Connect the black wire on the plug to the blue wire on the blower.

11. Tighten the screws.

12. Attach the cover.

13. Test the blower by plugging it into the wall or the back of your hood.

Be sure to watch the video that will walk you through this entire process step-by-step. Thanks for reading!

We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please create a ticket, email us at or call our support line at (877) 901-5530 to talk to a live representative.

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