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How To Decorate With A Birdcage - 7 Unique Ideas 

How To Decorate With A Birdcage - 7 Unique Ideas  - Proline Range Hoods

A birdcage is a multipurpose piece that can house your pet and add a classic touch to your home. Since the composition of birdcages are so versatile, you can seamlessly bring your creativity to any indoor and outdoor space.

Depending on the ambiance and nuances, and whether you actually have birds or not, we have illustrated several decorative birdcage ideas to redesign your home.

How Can You Decorate With A Birdcage?

Birdcages are extremely fashionable in the home decor world. While some people specifically indulge in decorative cages for lavish galleries, gardens, and even weddings, most of these repurposed ideas can be equally used for various outdoor celebrations, events, and even vintage timepieces.

With an intricate array of flowers, numerous ornaments, and decorative plants, it is quite simple to transform your birdcages into creative accessories and lighting ornaments that instantly add a classic touch to any part of your home.

7 Ways To Decorate With A Birdcage

Decorating with a birdcage is not as intimidating as it sounds. Below are some birdcage home decor ideas to embellish every nook and cranny. With these birdcage home decor ideas, you can customize the individual aspects according to your style and instantly elevate the ambiance of your home.

Paint Your Birdcage For A Vintage Feel

If you are looking for an easy DIY home decor idea that isn’t time-consuming, then painting your birdcage is the way to go! With neutral undertones and various colors at your disposal, you can revamp your birdcage into an eye-catching ornament.

To paint your birdcage, simply purchase your paint of choice. We recommend using a white or gold color which adds a vintage feel to your home. You can also use black, pink, or metallic colors, depending on the vibe you’re going for. Spray paint is easy to apply and spreads evenly across enclosed edges.

In any case, make sure that you apply a coat of primer paint before painting the outer edges. Remember to cover the spaces surrounding the birdcage to avoid staining.

Embellish With Flowers

With some floral accents, you can create a unique piece of decor. Whether you use this idea to elevate your home decor or curate a flower-themed piece for any celebration, this birdcage will turn heads!

To decorate your birdcage with flowers, follow the steps below. You will need the following materials— elegant flowers such as roses, peonies, buttercups, and hydrangeas, a sturdy birdcage, and some ivy creepers (This is optional)

  1. Decorate your birdcage with a pile of 6-7 fresh-cut flowers inside the cage or momentarily attach them to the outer edges by the stems using small twist lines.
  2. To attach the flowers by the stem, you’ll need to trim it down to 2-3 inches and fix it onto the cage.

Flowers have a calming effect that acquires center-stage in any place. It has a whimsical effect on onlookers and creates a dreamy picture scape. This is also why many people use decorated birdcages with flowers at weddings.

Insert Candles For A Rustic Lighting

Birdcages serve as perfect candle holders or decorative light fixtures. In addition to the vintage appeal of rustic candle holders, they also serve as minimalist home decor pieces.

Place candles inside the birdcage–the colors range from white to orange and blue.

Ensure the candles are in the sturdy holder, so the wax does not drip down onto the base. Use faux candles if you have a wooden birdcage, which can lead to a fire hazard.

Decorate With String Lights

You can enhance your room's lighting with a handful of string lights or twinkling lights. Attaching decorative string lights around the birdcage is a dreamy lighting option. Birdcages are also perfect for hanging Christmas lights on a raised platform or suspended to a ceiling.

To create the versatile piece, run one end of the twinkling lights across the cage–weaving through the inner corners of the cage. You can even run it through the center of the cage in a stardust design so that it compliments the birdcage design.

We recommend using string lights with intricate shapes like flowers, Edison bulbs, or lanterns. The amalgamation of the string lights with the birdcage gives it a rustic yet romantic feeling a space.

Enhance The Natural Beauty With Succulents

Succulents are decorative plants that have captured the attention of many plant lovers. With a sturdy frame and dynamic leaf drapings, it can serve as a decorative ornament inside birdcages. You can use it in your garden or let it dangle in front of your porch.

You can even alternate between ivy creepers, succulents, and overgrown plants that look extremely appealing inside a birdcage.

Use Jewelry As A Decorative Draping

Storing jewelry can be cumbersome for most hoarders. The bars are extremely functional as you can easily fasten your necklaces and bracelets onto them. Birdcages serve as robust holders for storing your jewelry.

To ensure your jewelry remains secured, use 10 to 15 strips of metal wire and twist them around a horizontal bar. To fasten the necklaces and bracelets, hang them onto the metal wire and let them dangle. You can even hang dangling earrings onto the horizontal metal wires.

Adorn With Ribbons

Just like flowers add a luxurious element, ribbons are fancy trimmings bedecked across bird cages. Adding ribbons to the birdcage is the perfect retro-inspired decoration. Use ribbons as a luxurious draping or wrap them around flowers to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the birdcage.

So, How To Decorate With A Birdcage

Birdcages are a timeless addition to every home decor creation. With a robust build and an enclosed space, it serves as an impeccable decorative piece. Use one of these ideas or create a mismatch of the two–such as using flowers and ribbons for vintage-inspired decor.

With a few embellishments and imagination, you can create the most diverse decorative cages from the comfort of your home. There are a few ideas to decorate your birdcage.

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