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30 Gorgeous Small Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

30 Gorgeous Small Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

It’s the summer now and remodels and renovations are in full effect! Kitchens may be one of the trickier rooms in the house to remodel, but farmhouse kitchens are gaining popularity in recent years. In this article, we’ll go over 30 small farmhouse kitchen ideas.

In small kitchens, you’ll have limited space to work with. Luckily, farmhouse design thrives on small spaces. Certain aspects of farmhouse style almost require them. For example, open cabinetry is a popular farmhouse trend and it’s a great option in tiny kitchens.

Open cabinetry means that more of the kitchen is actually visible, so your space feels bigger! Of course, you can apply this to large kitchens and have similar effects, but it’s more noticeable in smaller kitchens!

Real quickly, we’ll recap farmhouse style for those of you who want a refresher on the subject.

First and foremost, farmhouse style is built on a color rule, as most designs are. The 60-30-10 color rule applies to most rooms in farmhouse homes and the kitchen is no different. Light, airy, warm colors are used the most. They brighten the farmhouse kitchen substantially.

Pick a white or cream as your base, and then perhaps a shade of blue or yellow, which is a great combination for farmhouse kitchens. From there, choose a final accent color to take up the remaining ten percent of your room.

Some of the more common and charming aspects to farmhouse design, and especially in farmhouse kitchens, are shaker style cabinets, undermount sinks, apron sinks, and unfinished wood decor. Others include plants in wicker baskets, wooden beams on the ceiling, and hand towels with homey sayings. All of these are reminiscent of older times and often add a sense of coziness to whoever walks into the room, family or friends!

For a more complete breakdown of farmhouse style, click here.

Now, let’s get into some rapid fire small farmhouse kitchen ideas!

Shaker Style Cabinets

As we stated above, white shaker style cabinets are the staple farmhouse kitchen cabinets. If you have a slightly larger kitchen, these are a great addition. If you’re worried about it feeling cramped, you can always use glass or plastic fronts. These give the illusion of having more space, as shown above.

The Cottage in the Woods

This kitchen nearly has it all. The stools, open and closed cabinetry, and decor items all contribute to the life of the kitchen; the 60-30-10 color rule is completely spot-on, too. The color of the stools nearly matches the stainless steel appliances!

Open Shelves and Sink Curtains

Something not seen very often in photos are sink curtains – many people prefer actual doors underneath their sink. Open shelves complement the rest of this beautiful corner farmhouse kitchen!

The Range Hood Cover

This rustic country farmhouse kitchen uses textured wood beautifully. A staple in kitchens of today, range hoods offer some much-needed filtration! Using a range hood insert will make sure your modern farmhouse kitchen doesn’t get too hot when cooking! And, you can decorate it any way you want. That’s a huge plus!

Brick Backsplash

This two-toned kitchen has a beautiful brick backsplash that isn’t noticeable at first. That’s because it’s the same color as the cabinets and walls! It’s a subtle but effective callback to more vintage styles of modern farmhouse kitchens. Do you recognize the white cabinets?

The Farmhouse Go-Getter

There are so many aspects of this kitchen that scream farmhouse. From the drawers and cabinets to the range hood cover and the lights over the sink, this is one of our favorite kitchens! The faded, chipping paint adds a lot of depth to your kitchen.

Rolling Cart Island

One of the perks of having a kitchen island on wheels is it can easily be moved to accommodate, say, a temporary table for guests! It’s a sweet addition to your farmhouse kitchen. Topping it off with a beautiful table spread is a great idea!

The Black Apron Sink

One of the most common types of farmhouse sinks is apron sinks. They’re most commonly a crisp white, but when darker colors are included in your farmhouse kitchen, black can be quite beautiful! White is also one of the most popular paint colors for your custom hood, but other neutral colors like beige look great as well.

Black accents the darker tones in your kitchen, too! Here, the sink stands out nicely.

Apart from white cabinets, open shelving is a popular modern addition, as you can see in this farmhouse kitchen.

Bright, Light, and Airy

One of the reasons this white modern kitchen is so bright is it’s complemented by those windows in the back. Along with ceiling lights, natural light plays a huge part in bringing life to your farmhouse kitchen!

With marble countertops and tile flooring, this isn’t the typical traditional farmhouse kitchen. But sometimes all it takes is cabinets and a few plants to send the modern look home. With a large island and rustic stools, your guests, friends and family can all enjoy a comfortable kitchen dining experience.

Farmer’s Market & Home

The easiest decor item you can add to farmhouse kitchens is a friendly sign. Here, ‘farmer’s market’ is perfect. It offers charm, a vintage, rustic look, and blends in with the other colors of the kitchen nicely. There’s not a maximum amount of signs you can add to your country kitchen, so go nuts!

Bright Pots and Pans

One way to add color to your small kitchen is through pots and pans. Your farmhouse kitchen is molded to you, so it’s best to include your personality as much as you can! Dishware can be put on open shelves to keep the color radiant when you’re not cooking.

Organization is Key

Having a well organized kitchen in a smaller space is helpful – and it’s even more helpful when you can see where things are! One of the benefits to open shelves is just that. It offers decor by using the dishes and tableware you already use every day.

“Extend” Your Space

This kitchen looks deceivingly big, but that’s because the table on the left acts as an extension of counter space into the living room. If you have the space, this may be a nice fit for your farmhouse kitchen and make it feel larger than it is.

Stack Your Appliances!

If you’re in a pinch, stack your appliances! You may need an over-the-range microwave to accommodate for space. Or, buy a range with an oven underneath! Maximizing your space is key and this is an easy way to do so.

Traditional white cabinets and the dark hardwood floor send the farmhouse look home in this white kitchen.

Brick by Brick, Stone by Stone

Brick in a farmhouse kitchen is beautiful. This photo speaks for itself. The brick backsplash adds so much character and charm. Charm not enough for you? Add some wooden shelves and tell us how you really feel after! You’ll see brick all over farmhouse homes, but it’s especially beautiful here.

Lighting, Decor and Backsplashes

This modern farmhouse kitchen makes the best of its small space! The shelves present some decor items, lights on either side of the range hood offer more light, and the backsplash finishes off this farmhouse look. Not to mention all the other decorative pieces on the countertop!

Also, shaker style cabinets are often combined with subway tile to brighten up the room. Of course, natural light helps as well!

Here’s a closer look!

It’s All In the Details

Similar to the blue pots and pans we mentioned above, having plants, vases, and other decor around your farmhouse kitchen keeps it feeling warm and cozy. Consider finding some nice vases for your kitchen! Plants will always brighten your kitchen, too. Add in some leafy ones if you have the space!

Seamless Stainless Steel Integration

Stainless steel is a staple in kitchens nowadays, and when done properly, it blends right in with the rest of the kitchen. The gray cabinets work very well to camouflage these appliances.

Tiny Island!

If you still want an island in your kitchen but it is smaller, try going this route, as pictured above! A small island is better than no island and offers extended counter space, but may decrease some mobility in your kitchen.

This kitchen uses the popular subway tile and shaker cabinet combination but adds some color and texture with the multi-color gray backsplash.

Did you notice the farmhouse sink as well? Apron front sinks are the most common design ideas in your white farmhouse kitchen.

Creative Backsplash? Yes Please!

If you’re looking for a way to cheer your kitchen up, a creative, eccentric backsplash may be the trick! This kitchen is also loaded with signs, assorted decor items, and open shelving. The colors bring the kitchen to life!

As you can see in this photo, you have countless decorating ideas: wall art, shelving, farmhouse signs, and more.

Beams on the Ceiling

One of the trademarks of farmhouse style is beams on your ceiling. This can work on slanted ceilings or flat ceilings, but if you do this, you’re committing to the farmhouse look!

Combine white and wooden elements as in this photo and you’re 90% on your way to creating a beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

Floor Gang

One of the best features of a farmhouse kitchen is the flooring. Having nice, brighter wood for your kitchen floor helps to sell the farmhouse look even better! White cabinets and walls further add to the modern look.

Bursting With Color

Sometimes, you need a little extra flair of color in your kitchen and what better way to do so than by adding a bright carpet? It includes colors seen in the kitchen, so it doesn’t appear too jarring to the eye! A bright boho rug is also popular in a boho farmhouse living room.

This country kitchen features exposed wooden beams on the ceiling to evoke a rustic look.

70s Boho Farmhouse Look

If you want to add a bit more vintage to your house, a curved, hippie style fridge is a wonderful addition and gets you more style into your kitchen.

Learn more about boho farmhouse style and check out some design inspiration here.

Island Seating

When space is an issue in your new kitchen, it’s helpful to be able to use countertops and seating interchangeably. Island seating may be convenient for you, too! Plus, you can extend some of your island “outside” of your farmhouse kitchen into the dining room, making it feel a little bit bigger!

Small Farmhouse Kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen embodies some of the most beautiful features of the farmhouse style. It includes curtains under an apron sink, open shelving, a vintage fridge from the 60s or 70s, and a color palette to soothe the soul. Need anything else?

Use the Counters!

Talk about the best of both worlds. This room is a beautiful combination of a modern farmhouse kitchen and a rustic kitchen.

If you’re lacking shelf or cabinet space, using the kitchen countertops to house extra storage isn’t a bad solution. Things like smaller appliances, such as toaster ovens, panini makers and more, can be put away when not in use, but your more frequently used items, like, say, a coffee maker or microwave, are best to keep out.

Apron Up!

One of the trademarks of farmhouse kitchen decor is farmhouse sinks. They’re beautiful, practical, and offer a vintage feel to a different part of your kitchen! They come in different colors, like brown, copper, gray, and black, but most apron sinks are white or cream colored!

Tones On Tones

The best farmhouse kitchens know how to do tones right. Here, white is the primary color, green is the secondary, and brown is the accent color. You might not notice how subtile it is, but all of these colors brought together truly make the living space so much cozier!

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Before you start your kitchen remodel, think about kitchen cabinet design. Having two tones for your kitchen cabinets can offer quite a beautiful look. It doesn’t necessarily matter which color is on top or bottom, but generally, lighter colors like creams and whites are on top to reflect sunlight coming in from windows while darker colors aren’t as influential on the bottom.

For smaller kitchens, there are so many options when it comes to farmhouse kitchen design. To give your kitchen a modern upgrade, stainless steel appliances like range hoods are a beautiful addition.

At Proline Range Hoods, we have range hoods over 600 CFM which is more than enough power to vent heavy cooking exhaust from your small kitchen. Take a look at our professional hoods here.

To recap, for farmhouse design, a white kitchen is the norm. Open shelving and a wide-open floor plan will help the space to feel less cluttered as you move about in your farmhouse kitchen. Remember that islands can make the kitchen feel smaller, but in turn, they offer you more counter space. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of mobility, install an island!

We hope you found this article helpful and inspiring! If you are wanting more inspiration for modern farmhouse kitchen remodels, we have an entire farmhouse themed board on Pinterest dedicated to all things farmhouse! We even have a section dedicated to farmhouse kitchens where you can find all of your kitchen inspiration in one place.

If you don’t know a lot about modern farmhouse design, it may be worth checking out our other boards to learn more and make a plan for your farmhouse kitchen makeover. Hopefully you find design ideas that you can implement in your own home.

There are several other kitchen designs beyond farmhouse style, as well. Check them out below:

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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