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Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - Where to Start

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - Where to Start - Proline Range Hoods

Your kitchen is a big part of your home. Actually, it really is your home and it can take a long time to figure out how exactly you want to start your farmhouse kitchen remodel.

Don’t worry – we’ve compiled some of the best tips and trends for 2020 to upgrade your kitchen to a modern farmhouse kitchen.

If you’re wondering what farmhouse design is, click here! Then, keep reading to learn how to start your farmhouse kitchen remodel!

We’ll show you how to upgrade your cabinets, color scheme, sink, and much more.

Things to Consider As You Begin Your Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Wall Range Hood

First and foremost, a farmhouse style is dependent on color. What colors you use for your kitchen will depend on what kind of look and overall tone you’re trying to achieve.

Neutral colors, like whites, creams, and tans will set the tone for your kitchen and provide for light to bounce off the walls. This way, even in spaces with less natural light, your modern farmhouse kitchen will still appear bright!

Check out the photo above - there doesn’t appear to be too much natural light in this farmhouse style kitchen.

The only window visible to us is on the left-hand side of the photo, but the kitchen is mostly white. It reflects the light, creating a brighter kitchen without the use of too many lights!

Also notice the other farmhouse elements like the wooden cutting board, open shelving, and apron sink!

Custom Hood in Modern Kitchen

Dark colors such as forest greens, navy blues, browns, and blacks are best used as accent colors in farmhouse kitchens. These should be used to complement other pieces in your room, such as kitchen appliances, your cabinets, flooring, or your kitchen island if you have one!

Part of the charm of farmhouse design is to have a feeling of comfort through rustic pieces. Earthy elements like weathered wood, rope, or twine and potted plants will give the home a comfortable farmhouse feeling.

A natural light hardwood floor, cabinets, or exposed wooden beams on the ceiling are great examples of rustic pieces. Keep reading; we’ll discuss these more later.

Antique items from Grandma’s home or flea markets are good buys, too – and they’re cheap!

One final point is that farmhouse design is practical – there is no wasted space!

So, make sure that most items in your kitchen can serve dual purposes; they should contribute to a rustic, old-fashioned look and be practical too! Open shelving, knife racks, utensil holders, spice racks, and other miscellaneous items will look great!

Now, let’s get into some specifics.

We’ll discuss some low hanging fruit to evoke a farmhouse style. Then we’ll go over more time-consuming projects that will guarantee you end up with a beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!!

Please, take us to outer space!

That kind of beam is in the, we’re talking about wooden beams on the ceiling for your farmhouse kitchen!

Range Hood Insert in Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Adding these to your kitchen is a big adjustment and a major renovation project. If you’re going to be adding these, you’ll be dedicated to the farmhouse style! They scream vintage to anyone who walks into your kitchen.

These work for both types of ceilings, too! If you have slanted ceilings or flat ceilings, you can install beams – the only thing that may vary is the thickness of the beams.

Check out some of these pins below for more creative farmhouse kitchen ideas.

And here’s some for flat ceilings!

They can be in any color, as long as the wood is stained, but most farmhouse beams turn toward a darker wood stain. This brings out accents in your kitchen.

The darker stain allows you to bring darker colors into your kitchen without seeming overbearing. They will complement the predominantly lighter elements that are characteristic of the farmhouse style, too.

Country Girl, Shake it Shaker Style!

We’re talking about cabinets, of course! Adding some lovely shaker style cabinets to your farmhouse kitchen will really up your game. It’s a common trend in farmhouse design mainly because of the minimalism it evokes.

Remember, out on the open plains, you don’t have a lot of material to work with.

Luckily for us, shaker cabinets remained a popular trend! These are going to be pretty timeless in any farmhouse style kitchen, as they’re a mainstay for most homes.

White is generally the preferred color of choice for cabinets but light gray or light tan can be used as well. Light or medium natural wood is also popular; you’ll see dark wood in some farmhouse kitchen remodels, but it’s not the norm.

ProV Range Hood Insert

The overall feel of your kitchen will be dominated by what color you choose for your cabinets, so make sure you like the look. If you can’t decide, go with white as a safe bet.

We talked about minimalism, and what’s more minimalist than not even having cabinets at all? Check out how the above kitchen uses open shelving for their storage.

A less common alternative to cabinets are built-in shelves, but they’re a great way to conserve space if you have the time and money.

Don’t Forget the Farmhouse Sink, Hunny!

Growing up in a big family that constantly camped, we always packed so many things to take with us. The rallying call when we were ready to leave would be something like:

“Did we remember the kitchen sink!?” or “Hunny, don’t forget the kitchen sink!”. Crazy times.

Then, about an hour later, we would actually leave for our vacation.

True story! There’s a moral here, though:

If you’re going to completely remodel your kitchen farmhouse style, you’ve got to install an apron sink!

White Kitchen with Wall Range Hood

Apron sinks are one of the most popular farmhouse sinks.

Check out the image above; tucked behind the island is an apron sink.

An apron sink is a great addition to the space. It evokes an industrial vibe to give your kitchen more character. It’s unique to farmhouse design, too; chances are high you won’t find them anywhere else!

Here are a couple of pins with fun farmhouse sinks.

Whatcha Reckon We Start Cookin’?

Oh, the beloved dinner bell...did you grow up with one of those? You always knew when my dad rang it versus my mom….dad didn’t stop until we were there!

It was even worse when little brother did it...he didn’t stop even when we were there!

Anyways, if you’re going to redo your kitchen to a modern farmhouse look, renovating your cooking space will be a huge part of it.

Now, range hoods weren’t commonplace along the great plains because...well, they weren’t invented yet! So, when inserting a range hood into a kitchen, many people want them hidden. That’s where range hood inserts come into play!

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Hurricane Range Hood Insert and Open Shelving

Hidden behind a lovely cover, range hood inserts are the perfect addition to make sure your farmhouse kitchen stays ventilated and that your kitchen air remains clean, even in the dead of winter! Manufactured in premium-grade stainless steel, they will last you years.

Custom Hood in White Kitchen

As you can see above, a really cool feature of range hood inserts is that they are concealed in custom hoods. A custom hood is the surrounding structure that holds your insert in place.

In farmhouse kitchens, blend your custom hood in with your cabinet style or counter color. Neutral colors – whites and tans – are definitely the way to go here.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with PLJL Range Hood Insert

In this expansive kitchen, you don’t have to look very hard to find the wooden elements, especially the long wooden beams on the ceiling!

Larger hoods fit in nicely in more open kitchens, so if you have a larger space, consider adding a stainless steel range hood insert.

For more information on vent hood inserts, click here.

Stainless Steel Range Hood

The above photo of a white kitchen has several rustic elements: the white shaker style cabinet drawers, brick backsplash and just the heavy amount of white in general – people love to implement it for their farmhouse kitchen remodel!

Stainless Steel Wall Vent Hood

In this photo, we again see white shaker style cabinets and also open shelving. These are great areas of your kitchen to start with if you’re planning a farmhouse kitchen remodel.

And, if you’re putting your stove on your kitchen island, you’ll definitely want an island hood! It’s certainly not as subtle and hidden as a range hood insert, but it puts the “modern” in modern farmhouse kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Island Range Hood

Today, as in the above photo, you’ll often find wooden elements and farmhouse sinks combined with modern touches like granite countertops and creative backsplashes. This homeowner went with a stainless steel sink, giving his home a more industrial look.

If you look a little closer, you’ll notice the vertical wooden beams climbing up the windows and the vaulted ceiling – a nice touch. Dark hardwood, too!

What Do You Want for Snacks?

We all need a good snack here and there, right? Decking out your pantry with baskets and labels can bring out some flairs of farmhouse decor in your kitchen. Use mason jars or other glassware to store snacks, and wire or woven baskets for larger storage!

Try to make each shelf a different theme - have glass on one shelf, wicker on another, and wire on another! Adding labels will ensure they are properly organized and will be helpful for you to organize – and for kids wanting to find snacks in a hurry!

Check out these pins!

Here are some of the most creative ways to decorate your pantry and keep it organized. Make sure you find some signs that pertain to your family to personalize it to you!

There you have it! We hope you found these farmhouse kitchen ideas useful. Now try to implement them into your own remodel or makeover project. If you need a range hood, let us know!

We have a farmhouse home decor Pinterest board that covers dozens of beautiful farmhouse trends.

We also have a section that is purely for farmhouse kitchen design and decor, so make sure you check out some of our farmhouse kitchen ideas!

If you’re looking to remodel other areas of your home in the farmhouse style, you won’t want to miss these articles!

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Good luck and happy designing!

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