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Bringing the Outdoors Indoors: 6 Ways to Incorporate Indoor House Plants

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors: 6 Ways to Incorporate Indoor House Plants - Proline Range Hoods

Right now people are missing the freedom of being able to go outdoors and be outside. So, why not bring the outdoors indoors with some indoor plants!

You don’t need to start building a greenhouse in your home or roof windows or skylights to give the plants some indirect light. Your indoor plants don’t need to be relegated to the sunroom, either.

While replacing some roofing with ceiling windows could be pretty cool, that’s not what this article is about!

Small Potted Plants on Wooden Shelves
Indoor House Plants on a Dresser

Which plants are best for indoors?

Potted Plant

One of the best plants for indoors is the one that started it all: the traditional potted plant.

This is a great first step to bring some green into your indoor space. Buying a few potted plants is one of the easiest ways to inject some life into your kitchen.

Keeping some plants by your kitchen sink will ensure your greenery is seen by anyone who uses the space. Plus, most kitchen sinks are by a window, which means your plant will have great access to light! You can water it easily too.

Large Indoor House Plant
Indoor House Plant by a Window Covered by a Curtain

For those of you who fancy larger plants, adding in small palms or other indoor plants of that nature are perfect, especially if you’ve got larger ceilings.

Several Indoor House Plants Next to a Window

But, these larger plants will need a lot of light and water! Indirect light coming in from the roof likely won’t be enough.

It’s best to keep them near large windows or sliding doors to the outdoors. Otherwise, they’ll definitely perish before your neighborhood block party…

Ceramic pots aren’t required. You can get creative! Maybe try a woven basket or some other unique piece.

Small House Plant in Woven Basket

One Indoor Plant If By Land, Two If By...Air!

Air plants are trending right now!

Air Plant
Air Plants and Floor Plants in White Home

Sure, plants of floors, tables and other surfaces are a lovely addition, but if you have air plants, people will be talking about them for days.

If you are into interior decorating, these are the perfect plants to include in your house.

Most commonly, you won’t find these in your kitchen or playroom – there’s too many people who use these spaces all the time! Unless you live alone, your bedroom or a quiet corner is the best place for these indoor plants.

It’s also the perfect place for your personality to shine through. Maybe hang your air plants with strong rope or twine. Make sure your colors line up with the color palette of your room, too!

Hanging Air Plant - Close Up
Two Small Indoor Plants in Bedroom

Also, make sure these plants are closer to the window to ensure they receive enough light.

If you have large windows or a skylight, position your indoor plant close to them. Otherwise, you may need to take it down occasionally and bring it to a window to grow.

This isn’t all bad though – you can buy two plants of the same size and alternate which plant is in the air and which is on the windowsill.

Shower Plants

Imagine sharing your shower...with a shower plant!

Bringing an ivy plant that handles hot and humid climates into your shower will make you feel like you’re bathing in nature!

Shower with Greenery

Looking to give your shower some personality with an indoor plant? Here are a few more ideas.

I’m going to give a little hometown shoutout – the Boston Fern does well in bathrooms. They thrive in lower light and high humidity, just like how they grow in Massachusetts.

They aren’t too much work either. In fact, they’ll thrive in the humidity!

The next plant, the aloe vera plant, is a two-in-one if you burn easily. Besides it being known for its ability to soothe sunburns and cuts, it will thrive in the bathroom.

It’s also relatively hard to kill; just don’t overwater it and you’ll be golden. If you start getting new shoots, you can transfer them to another pot to help the plant grow.

Aloe Vera Plant

Finally, here’s a plant that you’ll be able to take care of while showering: the snake plant!

Known for its many names, including the “ladyfinger’s plant” or “mother-in-law's tongue,” it’s an easy plant to keep. It’s wider leaves allow it to suck in the moisture given off in the shower and it doesn’t require too much attention other than that.

A snake plant is a great addition anywhere in your house. Check out the video below on how to properly care for it.
White Bathroom With Plants

Like aloe vera, it may require transfer to a larger pot; this one can grow pretty fast!

Succulents for the Win...dows!!

Succulents are nearly impossible to kill and they thrive indoors with median temperatures. These are very easy to keep, and they can be included virtually anywhere you have a window in your house.

For your succulent, you’ll want to keep a spray bottle, spray them every few days, and find a place with adequate light.

Small Potted Succulents
Small Potted Succulents on the Wall

Where should you put your succulent? Keep these plants by kitchen windows, bedroom windows, and in the living room.

They look great alongside other succulents too; and because they’re small, your home won’t be overwhelmed.

Tiny Potted Plants Sitting Inside Rope

Succulents are some of the most widely available and are low cost. Most niche grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods will have these in stock where they keep plants. Home Depot also has these as well. And look at all these on Amazon.

Bring it Boho Style

Isn’t it funny how bohemian rhapsody isn't mentioned once in the song that shares its namesake? True story! For the love of Queen and the rest of the 70s and 80s, it would be hard not to include a section on boho, or bohemian style.

In short, it’s a rather eccentric style of interior design and decor that always reminds me of hippies from that time period.

Bright colors, extravagant patterns, mismatched furniture, and even brighter colors make up the basis of boho design. But, don’t forget the plants!

Red and Beige Hammock

Including plants in boho design is a requirement.

Think Bob Marley meets Snoop Dogg out on a prairie house on the open range in Middle America….where plants are essential - and we’re talking about garden plants, not weeds!

Large Plants
Hanging Lights and Air Plants

So, for creating a boho atmosphere, consider decorating your home with an overload of house plants.

Avid collectors may have dozens of plants in their boho-style home. It’ll make you feel like you’re living in a jungle, and no plant is too big or too small to be included. You’ll just have to be sure you can take care of all of these plants at one time.

Make sure they’re next to a large window where they can all get light. Arrange them so that the plants that require more intense direct sunlight are next to windows, and the plants that only require indirect light are close behind them.

Once you’ve moved your plants, your boho setup is complete!

Plants Sitting on Windowsill

Fake It ‘Til Ya Make It!

If you’ve tried some of these options and failed miserably, or if you think you’d fail miserably, or you want a plant in your bathroom with no windows, for example, there’s always the last resort option: fake it!

Fake plants have come a long way and at first glance, you can trick most people! You’ll be able to freshen up your home and provide some greenery.

But, not all fake plants look real enough to include - so, here’s a couple of the best indoor plants for you!

Fake Plants on Kitchen Counter

Succulents are generally the go-to for this category but other plants without flowers suffice as well.

This fake indoor plant is never going to be a statement piece of a room, let alone even eye-catching for some people. But, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They can fit right in with any style! They are great for decorating a space, rather than commanding the attention of a room.

The ivy plant is a close second here, but beware of neon green stems. Some ivy plants will fit seamlessly into your bathroom or shower, but other times, the stems the ivy look fake.

I recommend that you go to stores and buy them there versus online. You’ll be able to touch and feel the plant before making a purchase – and make sure you are getting a good deal too.

Bedroom with Decorative Indoor House Plants

Finally, cacti, snake plants, and palm trees close out our list. These are larger additions, generally for a bedroom or home office with low light, or for your family room!

These plants will require more space to ensure the room doesn’t feel crowded. They are generally very life-like, but, like ivy plants, it’s best to check them out in person at a store.

Entryway with Medium Size Plant

It’s time to make our houses feel as bountiful as the nature around us, so take these easy steps to bring the outdoors indoors! You definitely won’t regret it.

Hopefully you have all you need to know to start interior decorating with plants! If you need more inspiration, we have an indoor greenery pinterest board for you to check out!

Remember to keep your plants alive! Good luck and happy designing.


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6 Ways to Use Indoor House Plants

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