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13 DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen

13 DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen - Boho chic can bring lightness and fun to any space no matter what size it is. There are so many ways to bring a hint of boho to your kitchen, however, many of these ways can be very expensive.

Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY options to help get that boho look in your kitchen. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best DIY boho ideas for your kitchen.

Naked Wooden Shelving

Naked wooden shelving is a great way to bring a little bit of boho to your kitchen, and it is so easy to achieve on a DIY budget.

There are so many options for the type of wood that you use, the important thing is that it is free of any paint and the unique features and flaws of the wood can be seen and appreciated.

In fact, the more flaws there are in the wood, the more boho they will look. A wood stain can help to bring out the details of the wood.

If you live near the ocean it could be possible to use driftwood for shelves, just make sure that they are strong enough to hold whatever you plan to store on them.

Mismatched Crockery And Mugs

Mismatched crockery and mugs are a wonderfully cheap but effective way to bring a little bit of boho chic to your kitchen.

The visual effect of mismatched plates and mugs is the perfect way to represent the unconventional nature of boho design.

This DIY idea can be achieved by visiting your local goodwill and thrift shops. Simply find old, incomplete sets of crockery and mugs to create your own unique set.

If you want to be a bit more purposeful with your collection and spend a little more money, you can build up a collection of crockery and mugs that you have purchased from different places you have visited.

Souvenir plates and mugs give a great boho feel.

Terracotta Accents

Terracotta accents such as pots, dishes, and wall decorations are some of the easiest ways to bring the earthy tones of boho into your kitchen.

The best thing about using terracotta accents is that not only are they beautiful and very natural looking, but they are also functional.

You can cook and serve food in terracotta pots and dishes as well as use them for decoration.

There is also scope to bring out the creativity of true boho style by decorating plain terracotta pots yourself.

Retro Tiles

Retro kitchen tiles are a great way to bring a bit of boho color to your kitchen. The best thing about boho design and style is that it brings together both natural hues and bright colors.

The beauty of retro tiles is that the patterns and colors used on them are so creative and fun and unlike many patterns that are commonly used with modern tiles.

You can find new tiles that are decorated in a retro style, or genuine retro tiles from second-hand sellers online.

Reclaimed Wood Island

If your kitchen is big enough to allow space for an island, it can be a great way to introduce some boho style to the room.

Using reclaimed wood, you can create a beautiful, worn, unique island that is solid and will last for many years to come.

This DIY project will require a little bit of carpentry know-how, but with the right techniques, you can make a gorgeous boho centerpiece for your kitchen.

If creating a whole island is too complex, you can use thinner planks of wood to cover your current island. A mix of naked and worn painted wood can create a stunning boho effect.

Bright Rugs

When you think of kitchen decor, you perhaps don’t immediately think of rugs. For the same reason that it is uncommon for a kitchen to be carpeted, it is uncommon to find a rug in a kitchen, however, it isn’t impossible.

A brightly colored rug can be the perfect way to add a splash of color to a sea of natural boho hues.

It is also possible to purchase colorful rugs that are made from recycled plastic which will make them easier to clean should something be dropped or spilled on them.

How bright and loud a pattern you choose is completely up to you and your tastes.

You could even take a course that teaches you how to make your own rag rug for an authentic boho feel.

Vintage Teapots

Vintage teapots can be a great way to decorate your kitchen with a hint of boho.

Vintage or antique teapots are often decorated with floral or natural designs that bring a flash of color and a nod to part of nature that inspire a significant amount of boho style.

You can also enjoy a cup of loose-leaf tea with friends in true boho style with one of these gorgeous teapots.

You can find vintage teapots at almost any goodwill or thrift store for a few bucks, just make sure that there are no cracks in them if you are planning to use them as more than just decoration.

Handmade Compartment Curtain

If you are handy with a sewing machine, a handmade curtain to cover any compartments, pigeonholes, or cubbies in your kitchen is a brilliant way to bring a sense of boho style to your kitchen.

You can get really creative with the material that you use for the curtain and the style in which you sew the curtain.

Not only will this help to bring some boho style to your kitchen, but it will also allow you to genuinely participate in the true nature of what boho means and indulge your creative side.

House Plants

Not only are house plants incredibly good for your overall health and well-being, but they are also a great way to incorporate some boho style into your kitchen.

Although it may feel strange to bring soil into the area where you cook, it can be done without any soil touching your food prep surfaces.

There are so many types of plants that work well in a kitchen including herbs that you can use straight from the plant in your cooking.

You can also be creative with the ways that you display the plants in your kitchen with some in pots and some suspended from the ceiling. Plants that drape can also create a beautiful effect.

Hand Painted Vases And Pots

Hand-painted vases, pots, and jugs can be a fun way to indulge your boho creative side and create beautiful utensil holders, vases, and containers.

The handmade nature of these items brings a truly authentic boho vibe to your kitchen and means that you have things in your home that are truly unique.

If you are not confident in your painting skills, you can always find hand-painted ceramics at goodwill or craft markets.

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper can be a quick and easy way to bring some boho color and character to your kitchen. The more retro the pattern and color scheme the more boho the final look will feel.

Where you place the wallpaper in your kitchen is important as if it is too close to the heat generated by your cooker, it is likely to begin peeling off the wall in a short amount of time.

A feature wall can be really effective rather than covering the whole kitchen in wallpaper.

Exposed Beams

If the construction of your house allows it, exposed beams can bring a cute, farmhouse, boho feel to your kitchen.

If you have beams that are covered with drywall, exposing them might take a bit of messy work, but once it is done, the effect can be worth it.

Alternatively, if your beams are currently painted to help them blend in with the rest of the ceiling, you can create a shabby-chic look by sanding most of the paint off of them.

Vintage Lampshades

Vintage lampshades are a really fun, quick, and easy way to bring some boho style into your kitchen. A particularly good choice of vintage lampshades are ones that are made with colored glass.

The colors in the glass can cast a beautiful hue over your kitchen in the evening or early morning which is much more relaxing than a bright white light.

What is boho kitchen decor?

Creating a look that is vibrant and full of color, Boho kitchen décor creates an inviting atmosphere rich in color and texture. It adds a pop of personality to the space, giving the home something extra. Boho kitchen décor contrasts with the sleek minimalist look that is found in so many modern homes, bringing a touch of personality to the home.

What is a boho-style kitchen?

A boho kitchen style features vintage pieces and collections, patterns, and plants in wallpaper and tile that are infused with personality and idiosyncrasy, along with vintage elements and collections. In addition to open shelving and natural materials like wood and tile, you will likely find eclectic designs and global influences that are more determined by taste than trends.

Final Thoughts - DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen

There are so many DIY ways to bring some boho vibes to your kitchen.

Some are as simple as purchasing some second-hand, pre-loved crockery, some require a bit more creativity, and others require full renovation techniques.

Whatever your level of skill, your budget, and your time, there are plenty of ways to achieve a boho look in your kitchen space.

Try implementing one or two of these ideas into your home and see how creative and bohemian they make you feel.
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