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What Is The Best Paint For Trim And Doors? (Explained)

What Is The Best Paint For Trim And Doors? (Explained) - Proline Range Hoods

What Is The Best Paint For Trim And Doors? - Decorating your home can be a stressful and time-consuming process with many decisions that you don’t even think about before you start.

However, the results are worth it when you have a home that is beautiful and reflects your personality perfectly.

One of the most common decisions that need to be made when redecorating your home is the type of paint that you use on different surfaces.

In this article, we will look at the different types of paint that can be used on doors and trim and how to decide which is best.

What Is The Best Paint For Trim And Doors?

For many people, the hardest part of painting your house is deciding on the color that is used. However, that decision pales in comparison to the decision of which paint finish should be used.

This is because there is a lot more than just personal preference that goes into it.

There are things that need to be considered about the trim and door that you are painting that dictate which finish will work best and achieve the desired outcome and longevity.

For A Glossy Look

Gloss and semi-gloss finishes are a great choice for many interior doors and trim. The glossy, shiny finish helps to give the door and trim more dimension without having to use certain colors or painting techniques.

It can be a much more subtle effect than other means of adding dimension to your doors. Glossy finishes can also help to brighten a door area by reflecting light and creating a much more welcoming entrance.

For A Rustic Feel

If you don’t want your doors and trim to be shiny and instead want a more classic, rustic look in your rooms, an eggshell or matte finish paint.

This finish creates a look that is much more natural and gives a casual ambiance to your rooms. This is particularly effective if you are using neutral or natural, earthy tones for your doors and trim.

This is a very popular look, particularly in cottage-style homes.

What Room Is The Door And Trim In?

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding on the finish of the paint that you use is which room the door and trim belong to.

As a general rule, any finish that you prefer can be used for doors that lead to bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and so on.

However, for rooms where there is likely to be moisture or humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms, certain finishes should be avoided.

Matte finish paint is a finish that should be avoided when painting doors and trim that lead to kitchens and bathrooms because it is susceptible to peeling when exposed to humidity and moisture.

For kitchens and main bathrooms that are used regularly, semi-gloss is the finish that stands up best to the humidity and moisture.

It is the only sensible choice for painting doors and trims in these types of rooms. However, if you have a guest room that has an en suite that is rarely used, other finishes such as satin paint may be used.

Even with irregular use, however, this finish may need touching up more regularly than other paint finishes.

Is Satin Or Semi-Gloss Better For Trim?

Is Satin Or Semi-Gloss Better For Trim?

As with many decorating decisions, the question of which paint finish is better comes down to personal preference.

That is, of course, excluding rooms that are exposed to high levels of moisture and humidity as mentioned above.

With that being said, there are a few differences between satin and semi-gloss finishes other than simply their appearance that should be taken into consideration.

Many people opt for semi-gloss for their door trim for the simple fact that it is often the more cost-effective choice.

Semi-gloss paint is noticeable more durable than satin and requires less upkeep once it has been applied. Semi-gloss paint provides a shiny, elevated appearance that helps to add dimension to the trim.

If your trim gets dirty over time, a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all it takes to clean it up and restore its appearance. This ease of cleaning is thanks to the slick surface that is achieved with the semi-gloss finish.

Another reason that people often choose semi-gloss over satin finishes is that it is incredibly versatile.

A pot of semi-gloss paint can be used on more than just door trim and can be used on window sills and other surfaces.

Semi-gloss paint’s usefulness on surfaces such as window sills is also attributed to how easily it can be cleaned, meaning that high-traffic areas such as sills can be maintained easier.

Should Crown Molding Be Painted Matte Or Semi-Gloss?

If you are planning on painting your crown molding when you redecorate your home, you may be trying to decide between a matte or semi-gloss finish.

Again, this choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, however, there are some pluses to using semi-gloss for crown molding.

Because your walls are likely to be painted in matte or flat finish paint, using semi-gloss on your crown molding is a great way to elevate the room and add dimension to your walls.

Semi-gloss is also a great way to make your crown molding stand out which can create a particularly striking effect if you have beautiful molding in your home.

While it may not be an obvious choice, crown molding can become a feature of your home with the right finish of the paint.

If you want your crown molding to blend in, however, matte finish paint will be a better choice.

Similarly, if you are getting creative with the colors in your home, you may want your walls and crown molding to be painted in contrasting colors in the same finish, therefore matte is the best choice.

What is the best type of paint to use on baseboards?

It's usually best to use water-based (latex) paint because it takes less time to dry and is less toxic. Oil-based (alkyd) paint tends to wear better over time and requires just one coat, while water-based (latex) paint tends to hold up better.

Final Thoughts - What Is The Best Paint For Trim And Doors?

The best paint for trim and doors mostly depends on which room the door belongs to. If there is no moisture present then the best paint is a matter of personal preference.

However, if the door leads to a bathroom or kitchen, semi-gloss is the best choice for durability and easy maintenance.
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