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Proline Customer Creations | Episode 2

Proline Customer Creations | Episode 2 - Proline Range Hoods

We're back with the second episode of our kitchen showcase series featuring stunning spaces with Proline Range Hoods! If you missed the first post, we're taking you inside beautiful customer kitchens that were submitted to our recent photo contest.

You can check out more about our photo contest at here.

You can see our more than 300+ range hoods here to grab your own.

In each installment, we'll feature a few beautiful customer kitchens along with backstories and creative bits and details from the homeowners. You'll get design inspiration and clever tips for upgrading your own space.

Today we'll give you an exclusive sneak peek at Edannoir, Stuart, Priya, Brad, and Stacy's stunning kitchen projects featuring our range hoods.

Edannoir completely renovated his outdated 1989 home himself over 3 months. After waiting patiently for his hood to come back in stock, he says it was well worth the wait!

Stuart and his wife worked on their kitchen remodel over 3 years during the pandemic. They chose their hood for its sleek lines and dishwasher-safe filters.

Priya has a contemporary dream kitchen with a massive island where she loves cooking Asian dishes. Her hood expertly clears away their spicey aromas.

Brad built an outdoor covered kitchen and entertaining area with multiple Proline range hoods integrated seamlessly along the ceiling.

Stacy struggled to find reasonable remodel bids, so she sourced everything herself. She says her space-saving Proline hood was the perfect finisher.

Grab a snack and get comfy as we take you on a virtual tour of these fun kitchens.

Edannoir A.

Range hood: ProV48W.430

“I did a full reno of my home. My house was built in 1989 and was super outdated. It had some upgrades from the previous owner but the build was very poor. I do my own builds and this area took me 3 months to build by myself from electrical, plumbing, walls, cabinets, paint etc.

I really wanted a big cooking space to make my wife happy, I was able to find a decent cooktop. The Proline hood was out of stock when I 1st purchased it, so I had to wait a couple of months before it became available, and boy I'm glad I waited! I also installed an inline vent so this works really quiet inside our home.

I also want to share the great customer service of Proline when the motor stopped working after a few months due to a relay short, they sent me a relay replacement and I was able to fix it super quick.

In summary, if I had to build my kitchen again, the vent hood is the one that I will never change 😊❤️” - Edannoir

Stuart C.

Range hood: PLJW 185.36

“Our kitchen remodel odyssey started in March 2020 with the onset of the pandemic. With a tired but well maintained but definitely 1960’s kitchen, its time had come. Over the course of the next 3 years, doing everything ourselves, my wife and I gutted the kitchen to the studs in a piecemeal way because not having a working kitchen, no matter how torn up, was not an option. Because in store shopping was challenging and thanks to the web, we found Proline.

My wife wanted a hood with dishwasher cleanable filters and a clean, stylish look. Hoods with covers became really popular in this time, but the clean, sleek lines of the Proline matches our other appliances beautifully making the choice easy.

Looking at what we built, you’d think all our appliances were from the same manufacturer. We enjoy showing off our efforts now that we can and that includes our hood.” - Stuart

Priya V.

Range hood: PLJW 101.48

“We love our stark contemporary home with a modern kitchen remodeling that was done during the covid lockdown! We absolutely love our sleek, powerful yet quiet Proline range hood that matches perfectly with the 48” Wolf gas range. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, where we entertain friends and family on a 15 feet massive island.

The cabinets are cascading to create drama and go all the way up to the ceiling for utmost storage! We love cooking foods from various parts of the Asian continent, and the Proline hood does a fantastic job of lifting the fragrance of the heavy spices. Bon appetite from our kitchen!” - Priya

Brad A.

Range hood: Hurricane PLJL INS.58.21D

“Last year, we decided to build a covered kitchen and outdoor space. Back in the late winter of 2023 we began our journey to remove our existing screened-in porch from our 3rd generation family home. We wanted to create a gathering place for our family and friends and scratch the itch for smoking meats. Our space has an offset cooker, charcoal, and pellet grill, along with a griddle top.

We have 4 Hurricane PLJL INS.58.21D hoods built into the structure for a clean look along the bulkhead that exhausts through the roof. We have created a fully functioning kitchen with sink, fridges and dishwasher. In addition to the covered space we have a gas fire pit for late night time around the fire.” - Brad

Stacy R.

Range hood: PLFW UC 200

“Our kitchen remodel almost didn't happen. It was a major struggle finding bids that weren't outrageous. We weren't adding on an entire new addition just remodeling the kitchen.

Most of the bids included the kitchen and a brand new car! We ended up having to be our own general contractor and sourcing everything ourselves. In the end the space became much brighter and even seems a little bigger.

The Proline range hood is unique while being sleek and at the same time eye catching. It is perfect for the space! We are very happy with the end result!” - Stacy

Until Next Time...

That concludes our second episode touring gorgeous kitchens featuring Proline range hoods! We loved getting a sneak peek into Edannoir, Stuart, Priya, Brad, and Stacy's amazing spaces.

It's incredible to see the creativity and personalization each homeowner put into their kitchen projects. From full renovations to custom outdoor cooking areas, these kitchens definitely stand out with Proline range hoods as the crowning touch.

Stay tuned for more stunning kitchen inspiration in our next episode of the Proline showcase series. We look forward to virtually visiting more beautiful spaces our customers have created with our range hoods.

If you're remodeling your own kitchen, we hope you found some design motivation and clever ideas from these homeowners' experiences. Be sure to explore all that Proline has to offer to make your kitchen uniquely yours.

Happy cooking in your dream space!

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