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6 Breathtaking Ways to Design Mountain Home Kitchens

6 Breathtaking Ways to Design Mountain Home Kitchens - Proline Range Hoods

Escaping to the mountains is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s for a weekend or a day trip, it’s always refreshing to venture out to the mountains.

Imagine a home in the mountains, secluded from the fast-paced world. How would you decorate it?

We’ll help you find some inspiration. Today, we’re going to look at six of the best mountain home and A-frame kitchen decor ideas.

Whether you’re looking to do a full scale remodel or give your home a small upgrade, these mountain home kitchen ideas are just for you.

Large and Spacious Mountain Home

This mountain home kitchen has enough space for an island in the middle. Generally, when it comes to cabins in the mountains, there is no separation between the kitchen and the family room. This opens up the space nicely so you don’t feel cramped.

The vaulted ceiling of the A-frame also makes the house feel much more spacious. Large windows allow for ample natural light so you’re not burning through electricity in the evening. The lighting fixtures over the countertop also bring a modern touch to this rustic interior.

Here’s another look at this stunning kitchen. That gorgeous view makes it all worthwhile!

A Gorgeous Cozy Cabin Retreat

This cozy little mountain home up in Washington features a bright and beautiful kitchen with more space than it appears. It has a curved design, making the space a little tighter, but open shelving helps the space feel larger. No cabin fever here!

The L-shaped countertop helps open up more space for preparing meals in the kitchen and a full sized fridge allows for ample food storage.

Check out the rest of this cabin right here! You can even book it as an AirBnB if you want to!

Deep In The Woods

Mountain Home Kitchens - Spacious Room with Rustic Custom Hood

Perhaps one of our favorite cabins to date, this cabin features a large kitchen and a big floorplan. A large island separates the kitchen from the main room, as seen in the second photo. There’s plenty of space in the rest of the room to seat a large crowd.

The stove and range hood are quite clever, too. Instead of getting a traditional range hood, these folks opted for a range hood insert and a custom hood to really give the sense of a mountain home cabin. It disguises the range hood insert quite well and blends right in with the rest of the kitchen. See this range hood right here!

Large Wooden Kitchen with Custom Hood
Range Hood Insert

Rustic and Cozy

This kitchen has all the vibes of your classic three-toned kitchen. It’s larger than normal for a cabin kitchen. A mix of white cabinets on top and green cabinets below make for an eye-pleasing design. This color palette perfectly mimics snow covered trees on a cold, winter day.

As for the kitchen, it doesn’t lack appliances by any means. A full refrigerator begins sitting opposite of a stove top on an L-shaped counter. And, there’s a coffee maker squeaked into the corner.

Coffee just hits better on vacation, doesn’t it? The glorious A-frame design of this home makes the space feel bigger and certainly opens up this smaller kitchen!

Log Home Cabin

A good log cabin is always in order, don’t you think? Check out this remodel of this gorgeous log cabin. There’s so much to love about it! The design is spacious in both the floor plan and the vaulted ceilings.

A large multi-layer kitchen island sits between the cooking area and the bar-like setup. The uneven, rough wooden countertop for the bar setup adds touches of the woodland and Western cowboy style to this mountain home.

Light wooden cabinets and a wooden ceiling help reflect light from the large windows. Also, the countertops are finished with granite, giving this mountain home a residential feel. Top it off with an unfinished wooden chandelier and restaurant style lighting, and this kitchen is complete.

Imagine making dinner to the view outside - we wouldn't have it any other way!

Lake Tahoe Mountain Sanctuary

Tahoe life is a different realm altogether, isn’t it? This Lake Tahoe mountain home has all the luxurious comforts of home and combines it into a modern but breathtaking design. Featuring smooth finishes on the cabinets and countertops, this is where the luxury lifestyle is at. It doesn’t dare sacrifice any kitchen appliances or features, and comes fully stacked with everything you need to make you and your family feel at home.

Plus, regarding the rest of the house, the modern touches never stop. See for yourself on how the kitchen seamlessly connects with the family room, bringing cozy comfort to Tahoe.

Small and Compact Mountain Home

Mountain homes are often smaller than your main home. That means your kitchen will be smaller, too! This home works in their tiny kitchen perfectly.

By building in storage space into the staircase leading to a lofted bed, they’ve maximised efficiency in the tiny space. We absolutely love this home! There’s even a mini-fridge wedged in the corner.

This space is best used for short weekend getaways to the mountains. It would work great for a ski trip or a short vacation.

You’ll notice there aren’t many appliances in this kitchen. You could tuck away some smaller ones like a toaster, but this kitchen is ideal for a minimalist who wants a space to cook some easy meals.

To get more out of the small space, you might consider adding a barbecue pit or installing an outdoor grill.

Mountain Home Cabin
Mountain Home with A Frame
A Frame Mountain Home

Vacations at your mountain home are some of the most beautiful and serene out there! There’s nothing quite like getting out of the city or town you reside in and resetting in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re interested in more mountain home ideas, go follow our Pinterest board! We have an entire board dedicated to mountain homes, A-frame houses, and cabins in the woods. We update our Pinterest every day on weekdays with new content, so be on the lookout for more beautiful interior design for mountain cabins and homes.

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