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15 Beach House Decor Ideas For The Whole House

15 Beach House Decor Ideas For The Whole House - Proline Range Hoods

Beach houses are a place of escape, relaxation, vacations with family or friends, and of course, ocean fun. There are countless decor themes you can try whether you’re into swimming, collecting shells, deep-sea diving, fishing, or surf sports.

Beach houses across the United States may look vastly different to each other. From cozy coastal cottages on Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the old pirate-filled lore of the shores in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Don’t forget about the cliff-lined shores of Malibu, California, too.

We’ll give you some ideas for every main room in the house in each of these areas. Here are 15 beautiful beach house decor ideas to take your getaway beach house to the next level.

Choose a beach house decor style.

White Couch - Beach House Decor Ideas

Beach house decor ideas vary across the U.S based on the local culture and popular activities of that area.

Northeastern US

In the northeastern United States, fishing off of piers and jetties are super popular, as is deep-sea fishing.

Since the northeast was one of the first popular shipping routes between the New World and Europe back in the 1600s and 1700s, there are lighthouses galore!

This trend carries on down to North Carolina and beyond on the east coast. But on the West Coast, lighthouses aren’t as common!

North Carolina

In North Carolina, pirate lore and history is alive and well! One of the most infamous pirates, Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, made numerous stops to the Outer Banks, and, eventually, was killed there off the shores by British forces in 1718.

There are several history museums and other pirate stories to explore when visiting – and plenty of inspiration for your beach houses!


Moving westward to California, it’s all about the surfing, palm trees, and the waves. While surfing is prominent in both the northeast and North Carolina, the California surf culture embraces a more laid back beach style.

Surfboards, waves, paintings of popular beaches, and breathtaking sunsets become the main focus if you’re going after the beach style.

Prepare to embark, mateys! Grab your compass and set sail, full speed ahead!

The Kitchen

No matter where you are, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a gathering space for delicious meals, hours of long conversations around food and drink, and special family moments.

Let’s see how the different regions decorate their kitchens!

New England

Lobster (or Lobstah, as the locals would say)! If you don’t have at least one photo or drawing of a lobster in your kitchen, you’re doing it wrong in New England!

If not, you can definitely pick up a photo near your local store near the harbah (harbor) to give your beach house kitchen a modern coastal look. Parking is only a quartah (quarter)!

North Carolina

Make sure you keep colors bright and light! In this North Carolina kitchen at Nag’s Head, light wood cabinetry and flooring perfectly complement the rest of the white, creamy kitchen. Spy some wicker and wood in the corner here! See another look if it right here.

Navy blue bowls and vases on the countertop bring more colors into the kitchen.

California Coast

There’s nothing like spicing up a large kitchen with a couple of palms, yeah? This kitchen perfectly nails it! They also include a framed illustration above one of the palms, which further adds to the modern coastal style of the kitchen. Add more and you’ve got a beautiful beach kitchen themed perfectly for a Malibu or Laguna Beach house.

Living Room

Ah, your living room: the place to relax after a long day at the beach, after crushing serious barrels in the surf or chilling after a day fishing at sea. From colors in the room to the best plant picks and wall decorations, the living room is special.

New England

Sailboats are a huge calling in New England beach house decor! Perhaps this relates to the early days in New America, but it sure is a staple of New England decor. What better place to show off the art than in your living room.

This coastal living room has it all. Check out the gorgeous illustration of a sailboat, coupled with candles, shells collected from the beach, and a tall snake plant. These elements help bring this beach house living room to life.

North Carolina

This living room in North Carolina is an absolute beauty! The color combinations make for a very relaxed feel, and the look of the ceiling and chairs give off a driftwood-like feel. The coastal living room look is popular along the east coast, especially down by the Carolinas!

Top this look off with some family photos or beach decorations like glass bottles of sand and seashells and you’ve got a golden living room. Here’s another look!

California Coast

In California and on the West Coast, surf reigns supreme. Depending on where you are on the California coast, you may experience different local beach style decor ideas.

Wall art is a great way to add the finishing touch to your coastal living room.

The giant cliffs that divide the beach from the Pacific Coast Highway spread from Laguna Beach to Malibu and Big Sur. Photos or illustrations detailing these giant cliffs are popular living room decor ideas on the Cali coast. Add in some surf pictures and coastal style signs and you’re all set.

The Bathroom

Even the toughest surfer or sailor needs a place to answer the call of the wild. Bathrooms are no exception here and can be a small space for spot-on signage and refreshing pictures of days spent seaside.

New England

Does it get more New Englander than lobster wallpaper!? I think not! If wallpaper is your jam, but lobsters aren’t the biggest appeal, other looks include sailboats, anchors, lighthouses, fishes or fishing images, and of course, seashells.

There’s plenty of options here to choose from! Wallpaper is probably one of the most go-to options for bathrooms in New England, especially on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island!

North Carolina

Colors shine through here in this bathroom! Blues reminiscent of the sky and water shine through, creating a warm environment. Adding in some signage signaling the region of North Carolina would be perfect!

How about adding some decorative mason jars? Check that out below! Also, old maps are plentiful in any beach house in the central to the southern part of the east coast. An old-timey map of the region might just be the cherry on top!

California Coast

California tends to have a higher class when it comes to its furnishings. Perhaps it’s the region, but in nicer parts of the coast, like Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Malibu, it’s all about the sleek and smooth.

This bathroom offers a splendid view of the beach. It could not be better placed in the house! Adding a little flair for your bath mat might be the best way to go about decorating your bathroom. A couple of surf illustrations might just do the trick!

The Bedroom

Bedrooms may be the toughest area to get just right since they can appeal to wide age ranges and be personalized to each member of the family. They might include family photos from vacations past, or more generic memorabilia, and more. Here, we will take a look at some of the generic decor, but remember to include personal aspects here and everywhere in your beach home!

New England

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best, right? This airy white beach house bedroom brings some Pirates of the Caribbean vibes our way. While that didn’t take place in New England, it can certainly fit in.

Curtains on the bed frame are reminiscent of the early days in New England and are certainly a callback to the beginning stages of European life in America. This style is very common throughout the northeastern states.

North Carolina

Time slows down on the beach, doesn’t it? This isn’t exactly North Carolina, but perhaps tropical East Coast beach houses are a better, all-encompassing term. From the palm plants and the light-colored wood to the beautiful woven carpet flooring, this bedroom is a beauty.

California Coast

You just have to add a surfboard when you’re in California! This breathtaking take of a surf-themed bedroom has it all. This designer went all out.

From the spread on the wall to the creative hanging lamp, the colors of the bed and pillows, and the nightstands, this bedroom is fully stacked.

Here’s another look at a different bedroom!

The Porch, Deck, and Exterior

Is your house on stilts or on the side of a cliff? Depending on which part of the country you’re in, you may have a deck, wrap-around porch, or both a deck and a patio!

Perhaps you even have an outdoor shower. The exterior of the house isn’t a place to skimp on decor. In fact, it can make the house more appealing as a whole!

New England

Old rocking chairs besides grand pillars on a covered porch, Old Glory waving in the wind, and a rhododendron. That’s basically Massachusetts in a nutshell!

These people have added some hanging plants in between the pillars, adding a nice personal touch. Shutters on the windows bring a blast to the past. From here, you can add some outdoor fishing or anchor themed wall decorations.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, you may notice something here you’ve never seen before: 1) houses are built on stilts, and 2) wraparound porches are all the rage.

The reason houses are built on stilts is because of the constant threat of flooding from hurricanes (the Carolina Hurricanes have their name for a reason!)

On these large wraparound porches, the barbecue is the quintessential item to include. While it isn't decor related, sweet ‘n’ smoky Carolina barbecue sauce got its name somewhere. I’ll bet you it was right here on one of these decks!

Add some barbecue themed decor, and just the right amount of tropical pieces, and you’re all set here.

California Coast

The deck of California beach houses is quite simple: set up some wood planks, put out the reclining chairs, and watch the sun slowly fade out and set over the beautiful waves crashing onto the shore. A firepit may be in order as well, or tiki-style torches!

Umbrellas are a must; the sun is hot in California! See a whole lineup of decks right here.

That about wraps up our beach home decor ideas! Regional tastes differ all over the United States. It’s fun to visit each of these places and see the beautiful decor each of these special locations have.

Some of my greatest memories were with me vacationing with my family in a little cottage on Martha’s Vineyard, renting a house on stilts two hundred feet from the water in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and being cooped up in a small beach house in Santa Barbara. All of these suggestions come from years of personal experience!

If you liked what you saw here, head on over to our Pinterest and explore our board dedicated to beach house decor and ideas. You’ll find something you like here, and maybe get into the spirit of remodeling or redecorating one of the rooms in your house.

We update our Pinterest with new content daily, so be sure to follow our account of any specific board you like; we’d love to have you follow along!

If you liked this article, check out more interior design inspiration below!

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