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Best House Remodels to Increase Your Home's Value

Best House Remodels to Increase Your Home's Value - Proline Range Hoods

The biggest reason people renovate their home is to increase their value before a sale or just to keep the house marketable. But many times, either because of a limited budget or time, people can’t perform all the changes they want. So what should be reformed first?

Ultimately, it will depend a lot on the area you are in and also the current state of your home. But we created this awesome cheatsheet that will help you make the best decisions overall to your home’s kitchen.

Biggest Impact on Home Value

The biggest impact on the increase will come from two places: the kitchen and the bathroom. Besides that, Anything that improves the aesthetics of your home will increase its price exponentially. We want to first focus on your kitchen.


White Bathroom
  1. Cabinets – Easy to start, and won’t break the bank. You can either hire or do it yourself and it will improve the kitchen quality exponentially. We highly suggest you change the cabinets even if they are too old.
  2. Counters – If you do decide to change your counters, make sure your budget is prepared because it is expansive to pick good materials but not in all the cases. If you are lucky, cheaper materials may look great in your kitchen.
  3. Backsplash – If you don’t have one yet, this becomes your PRIORITY, since it not only looks good but also protects your wall against burn damage.

And if you have a big budget... It might be a good idea to change your appliances and update the house with a smart HVAC system.

DON'Ts of the renovation process

  • Personalization - If you are looking to sell your real estate, you might be careful with personalizations. Making it as standard as possible with just a touch of your personality will increase the price of your home.
  • Stay within your neighborhood price. Otherwise, you might be wasting money into a project.

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Smaller things outside the kitchen that will make a difference

Cutting Costs – Think about small changes that can cut monthly costs to increase your home’s price exponentially.

  • HVAC costs can be diminished with simple changes like changing the type of windows to seal temperature better. Planting trees in specific places to diminish cooling costs by half can also add to the landscaping aesthetic and increase it in two ways. Another good idea is to add a smart system to save a lot of energy.
  • Energy costs can be cut, and even add some income for you by adding solar panels to your design.
  • Take a look at your plumbing and check for leaks to not only cut water waste but also potential damage.
  • Consider tankless heaters to save energy and cut water waste.

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Aesthetic – How can I make a better-looking home?

  • Keep your carpet looking new and clean (even better without carpeting).
  • One of the best ways to increase the value fast is to have a good-looking front door and front yard.
  • Keep every room as minimal as possible to have a feeling of more space as it actually has.

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