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10 Best Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

10 Best Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for remodeling a kitchen. They are durable, require minimal maintenance and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

All that choice can be a bit overwhelming however, so we have found the 10 best granite kitchen countertop ideas to spruce up your kitchen to help you make a choice.

Let’s examine what your new kitchen could look like and how you can achieve it.

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As one of the most popular choices for countertops granite is available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. We will take a look at some of the most popular granite countertops that are available today, so you can choose which one is right for your kitchen.

Patterned Granite Countertop

Patterned granite countertops are ideal for a large kitchen where the pattern will not make the room feel small.

The color of the granite will have an impact on how much the pattern stands out and whether it lightens the kitchen or gives it a more cozy feeling.


  • Creates a bold statement
  • Works well in a large kitchen
  • Light colored, patterned granite gives a sense of space


  • Patterns can shrink a small kitchen

Speckled Granite Countertop

A speckled granite countertop gives a sense of texture as well as adding color to your kitchen. It works well against simple kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

On the other hand, for a bold look, pick out a color from the granite countertop to paint your cabinets.


  • Adds color and texture
  • Provides a dramatic accent to a plain kitchen
  • Works well with light or dark colors


  • May be overwhelming in a small space

Marbled Granite Countertop

A marbled granite countertop has veins of color running through it which contrast with the main portion of the granite. These veins and wider streaks create a sense of movement and texture in the countertop.

Depending on the color the effect can be subtle or dramatic.


  • Adds texture to the kitchen
  • Mimics marble countertops
  • Darker tones create a dramatic effect


  • Expensive

Glossy Granite Countertop

For a small kitchen a highly polished glossy granite countertop will reflect light and give the room a feeling of space. It also has the effect of making the room feel more welcoming.

Cleaning a glossy granite countertop is easier than its matte counterpart. This is a practical but elegant choice for a busy kitchen.


  • Glossy surface reflects light
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes small rooms feel bigger


  • May feel dated

Honed Granite Countertop

A popular choice look for granite countertops recently is a honed finish. This means that the surface of the countertop is matte rather than glossy and as such is more muted.

It works well if you want the durability of granite countertops but the look of something else, such as soapstone.


  • More natural appearance
  • Can be used in modern or traditional kitchens
  • Adds texture


  • Shows up marks on the surface more easily

Tile Granite Countertop

A continuous slab of granite without few joins can be expensive both in terms of material and labor, as it is such a heavy and costly material.

Consider granite tiles for your kitchen for a more budget friendly option. They are cheaper to buy, lightweight and simpler to install.


  • Benefit of granite with lower costs
  • Possible to install as a DIY job
  • Creates a more textured finish


  • Each tile needs to be fixed and grouted

Granite & Other Countertops

Mixing granite countertops with other materials can cut your costs by limiting the amount of granite needed and also provide an interesting look to your kitchen.

Use the granite countertops in the areas that get the most use as they are the most durable. A granite topped island is both practical and looks great.


  • Saves money by limiting amount of granite
  • Mix and match effect
  • Busiest area of kitchen gets most durable countertop


  • Different types of countertops may be obvious

Curved Granite Countertop

Not all granite countertops have to be rectangular with straight edges. Some kitchens benefit from having curved granite countertops. A half moon shaped island with a cooker top or seating area will look good in a large kitchen.

This also has the effect of softening the harsh angular lines of the kitchen and makes a more comfortable area to work and gather in.


  • Softens harsh, angular edges
  • Comfortable for cooks and guests
  • Adds interest to the kitchen


  • Can be costly

Traditional Granite Countertop

For a traditional kitchen the classic cabinetry is well matched with a granite countertop. A dark granite with speckled pattern works well with glass fronted cabinets to achieve a cozy look.

Rounded edges to the granite countertop adds to the elegant look of a classic kitchen.


  • Granite countertops complement traditional cabinetry
  • Rounded or bullnose edging adds to the look
  • Many styles and colors to choose from


  • Dark or patterns can be overwhelming in small traditional kitchens

Modern Granite Countertop

A modern kitchen can be beautifully complemented with the right granite countertop.

Stainless steel appliances and contemporary cabinets will match wonderfully with simple colors and minimal patterns in the granite.


  • Strong, sleek surface suits a modern kitchen
  • Contrasts well with contemporary materials
  • Works with splashes of color


  • Getting the right combination of color and pattern can be tricky

Buyer’s Guide

Not all granite countertops are created equal and there are many variations, styles, colors and patterns to choose from. This can make deciding on a granite countertop difficult, so we have put together a buyer’s guide to make the process a little easier for you.

There are a number of things to consider before choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen.

The size of the room is important and will influence the pattern you choose. How much lighting is in the room and whether it is natural or artificial will also play a part.

The color of the granite countertop is also important and needs to work with the rest of your kitchen. Finally, the type of finish that you choose will depend on the preceding factors of size, light and color.

Size Of Kitchen

The size of your kitchen will have a major influence on the color and pattern of your granite countertop.

A small kitchen will benefit from a light colored countertop as it gives a feeling of space. Dark colors are dramatic in the right space where there is plenty of light.

The pattern will also depend on the size of the room as a busy pattern can make a small room feel enclosed but works really well in a large open kitchen. For a small kitchen a minimal pattern will work better and give the illusion of space.


The light in your kitchen has a bearing on the granite countertop that you choose. If there is not a lot of natural light then white countertops are a good choice.

Of course, you can add more lighting to your kitchen but artificial lighting doesn’t have the same effect as natural light. Colors can look different when in natural or artificial light so try a sample in both before making your purchase.

If there is a lot of light in your kitchen then dark granite with light colored veins can look elegant and luxurious.

Color Of Countertop

For a complete remodel of your kitchen when you are starting from scratch you can choose the color of your countertop first and match the cabinetry to it.

If on the other hand you are just replacing the countertop you will need to consider the color of the cabinets unless you intend to repaint them.

Many stores or showrooms will let you have a sample so that you can see how it looks in your kitchen before ordering.

Take into consideration the amount of light in the kitchen and whether it is natural or artificial light before choosing your countertop color.


There are three finishes of granite countertops, a glossy finish, a matte or honed finish and a leather finish. The glossy finish reflects light while the matte finish tends to absorb light and gives no reflection.

A leather finish has a soft sheen and a textured finish which is achieved by running diamond tipped brushes on top of a honed granite countertop.

This creates a dimple like texture on the surface which has the appearance of leather, hence this finish’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Color For Granite Countertops?

The most popular colors for granite worktops remain white, black, and blue. These are all available in various shades with either a speckled, marbled or plain pattern.

Is Granite Out Of Style Now?

Some people consider granite to be outdated with more environmentally friendly and sustainable options available for countertops.

Materials such as reclaimed wood and paper stone countertops are becoming a more green alternative to standard countertops.
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