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Best 2000 CFM Outdoor Range Hoods

Best 2000 CFM Outdoor Range Hoods - Proline Range Hoods

Are you looking for an absolute powerhouse for your kitchen? We manufacture some of the most durable and powerful outdoor vent hoods on the market and we’re here to help you pick among the best 2000 CFM outdoor range hoods.

These exceptionally powerful hoods will have no problem venting heavy amounts of grease and smoke from your outdoor area fast.

If you’re looking for a professional-grade outdoor range hood and you don’t need 2000 CFM, check out this article where we reviewed four of our best outdoor hoods.

A 2000 CFM range hood is hard to find. And, one that is outdoor rated with that kind of power is even more difficult to spot. But, we have not one but two great options for you to choose from if you’re looking for a robust outdoor vent hood for your patio. Let’s jump right into the details. And stick around till the end for some tips on buying your 2000 CFM outdoor vent hood.

PLJW 109 304 SS

Best 2000 CFM Outdoor Range Hoods -PLJW 109 304 SS Product Photo - Proline Range Hoods -

The PLJW 109 304 SS is a durable outdoor vent hood that packs a punch. It features a powerful 2000 CFM dual blower that can be adjusted to four different speeds for incredible flexibility. Three LED lights will brighten your cooktop for years to come. Not only that, but the stainless steel baffle filters are one of the most efficient filters on the market. The baffles capture grease with incredible efficiency as the dirty air passes through your hood and into your ductwork.

The baffle filters are also dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning simple and easy. The long grease tray behind the filters can also be placed in your dishwasher.

Is your food ready to serve? Toss it under the two heat lamps in the back of the hood to keep your food warm.

The 42” model is a great fit for your 30” grill.

Range hood in outdoor kitchen. PLJW 109 304 SS Product Photo - Proline Range Hoods -

Or, you will love the 48” model if you own a 36” grill or smaller.

PLJW 105 304 SS

PLJW 105 304 SS Product Picture - Proline Range Hoods -

The PLJW 105 is one of our newest range hoods! It combines the sleek exterior look of the ProV with the efficient motors of our PLJW 109. This powerful range hood is a beautiful addition to your outdoor kitchen. It features long-lasting LED lights to help you see everything in the kitchen. You’ll also enjoy dishwasher-safe grease filters. Instead of spending several minutes scrubbing them, you can focus on preparing your food!

Controlling the hood is easy, thanks to the user-friendly stainless steel push buttons. You can adjust the LED lights, main power, and blower speed. The four-speed blower runs at an ultra-quiet seven sones. Our PLJW 105 is one of the quietest 2000 CFM range hoods on the market!

PLJW 105 Product Picture - Bottom - Proline Range Hoods -

Our outdoor-rated PLJW 105 comes in 304 SS in 48”, 54”, and 60” sizes. 60” outdoor hoods offer tremendous coverage of your cooktop and they can even span two ranges or grills.

Sleek range hood in an outdoor kitchen PLJW 105 304 SS - Proline Range Hoods -

Tips to Consider When Buying a 2000 CFM Outdoor Range Hood


To make the best use of your 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow capacity, get a hood that is 6 to 12 inches wider than your grill or cooking surface. this will ensure the effective capture area is adequate for your outdoor kitchen.

Duct Size

Minimum range hood duct size from  - Proline Range Hoods -

Check the recommended duct size for the range hood. It is best for a 2000 CFM unit to use 10-inch duct for optimal performance and proper venting.

Noise Level

High-CFM range hoods can be noisy. Look for noise ratings (measured in sones) and choose a model with a lower noise level if you prefer quieter operation.

Mounting Height

Follow the manufacturer's recommended mounting height above the cooktop. Our hoods should be mounted 36 to 42 inches above your outdoor BBQ or cooktop.

Capture Area

Consider the capture area of the range hood, which is the width and depth of the air space under it that it effectively covers. It should be wider than your cooktop for optimal performance.


Look for range hoods with high-quality filters, such as baffle or mesh filters, which are easier to clean and more efficient at capturing grease and smoke.


Adequate lighting is essential for cooking and esspecially in outdoor cooking environments. Check for range hoods with built-in LED lights or halogen lights for better visibility.

Venting Options

Ensure that the range hood can be properly vented to the outside through a wall or roof. If you cannot vent it outside, consider tweaking your plans so you can properly run ductwork and vent your hood. We don't recommend the use of recirculating hoods for outdoor kitchens.

Brand and Warranty

Choose a reputable brand known for quality range hoods and consider the warranty coverage for added peace of mind. At Proline, we cover our customers with a 3-year limited warranty and will help over the phone and email during and after that if they ever have any issues or questions and want to talk with an expert.

Style and Finish

While functionality is crucial, also consider the style and finish of the range hood to complement your kitchen's overall design aesthetic.

A 2000 CFM range hood is a significant investment, so take the time to research and compare different models to find the one that best suits your needs and kitchen layout. For outdoor living spaces, our vent hoods are designed to withstand the elements and provide powerful smoke intake and extraction for your outdoor BBQ grill or cooking surface compared to standard depth vent hoods.

If you can step down a little in your CFM needs we have even more outdoor use options available to you for you with a variety of speed settings to manage smoke efficiently. You can see them all here.

Our sleek designs will complement your cooking area and prevent grease buildup in your grilling area. As experts in outdoor products, we know how to meet your needs and make grilling day an enjoyable one for all your guests.

If you need any further assistance, call us and we will walk you through it.

Be sure to check out other great outdoor vent hood resources in the list below. After you’ve checked out those articles, if you have any questions about purchasing an outdoor hood, call us at (877) 901 - 5530. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Good luck with your project!

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