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11 Beautiful Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2024

11 Beautiful Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2024 - Proline Range Hoods

We’ve gathered some of our best kitchen makeover ideas for the new year! The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen design. From counters, cabinets, and floors, to new appliances, plants, and much more, you can customize your kitchen however you want.

Check out this article to keep up with the latest kitchen design trends.


You have several options to customize your kitchen cabinets. This kitchen uses a monochromatic color scheme, with all-white cabinets. If you’re going to go monochromatic, white is a beautiful option. It’s very popular in today’s kitchens.

Off-white also works well, as do light creams. Below is a relatively monochromatic kitchen with some accents brought out in the backsplash.

Raised Panel Cabinets in White Kitchen

This kitchen includes two different types of cabinets; some are wooden and some have glass. This adds some variety to the kitchen. Cabinets are a great way to show off any elegant decor.

Flat Panel Cabinets

This kitchen has more modern cabinets with concealed handles. Here, tan cabinets complement the white counters and walls.

Sometimes, too much white can be overwhelming, but not in this kitchen!

Also, notice that you’re not limited to how many different types of cabinets you can install. You can combine glass front and shaker cabinets as in the above photo, or go with flat panel cabinets instead.

Ornate Old Fashioned Cabinets with Patterns

These two designs are elegant, but you can be a bit more creative with your cabinetry too. In this photo, check out the beautiful pattern engraved into the cabinets. You can also include different sized cabinets for more variety – a design element we’ll discuss more below.

Three Toned Kitchens

One of the most popular trends in today’s kitchens is two-tone color schemes. A two-tone kitchen incorporates two different colors into the kitchen design. In the photo above, the base cabinets are white and the upper cabinets are tan, which creates a nice balance.


Quartz Countertops

Granite Countertops

Modern kitchen designs are highly sought after. So, what truly gives a kitchen a modern look? Countertops evoke a newly renovated, modern kitchen. In the photo below, the veined quartz counter works wonders with the predominantly white design.

Marble countertops are also popular; in the above kitchen, there are two different types. The white cabinets are paired with the darker counter and the black cabinets of the kitchen island are paired with the lighter marble countertop – a very creative idea!

Wooden Kitchen Island

I’ve mentioned that countertops really evoke a modern look – well, sometimes they can be used to evoke a more rustic feeling. This wooden island stands out in a heavily tan and white kitchen, along with the bright wooden floor. Talk about unique; you probably won’t see this design anywhere else!


Sleek White Kitchen

When it comes to refrigerators, stainless steel is king. Stainless steel appliances complement any colors and kitchen designs. In a central area, the refrigerator is incredibly convenient for cooks and guests.

Extra perks that are common in today’s refrigerators are ice and water dispensers. They’re handy, useful, and really low maintenance! Just replace the water filters every couple of months and you’ll have clean filtered water for the whole family and all your guests.


Open Dishwasher

You’ll almost never see a kitchen today without a dishwasher. In this photo, you can see how a dishwasher will blend in seamlessly with any kitchen. Just like a stainless steel fridge, a dishwasher is essentially a necessity for your modern kitchen this year.

If that’s not enough, most dishwashers nowadays have a delayed start – simply set it for when the sports end and wake up with clean dishes!

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is imperative to have, but it’s important to know what kind to get! There’s single bowl sinks, like apron sinks or farmhouse sinks, and some that are double bowl sinks, which most modern homes will likely install. Stainless steel sinks are pretty normal for most households, whether they have a divider or not!

In farmhouse or boho themed kitchens, farmhouse style or apron sinks are widely used, mainly for their aesthetic purposes. Their rounded shape is unique and the overhang is a common theme no matter where they're found in your home.

They’re most commonly white or cream colored, but they look beautiful in black, brown, gray, and even as stainless steel.

Here’s an example of how an apron sink can look in a farmhouse kitchen remodel!

Range Hood Insert with Apron Sink

Here’s an example of a more modern sink, with a divider in the middle for a handwashing station.

Wall Range Hood and Double Bowl Sink


One of the most important elements in a kitchen is the lighting; after all, you need to see in order to cook. But, there’s more ways to bring light to the space than installing a single light over your kitchen island.

Think creatively! Consider light placement as well as the type of light – and don’t forget you can incorporate natural light as well.

Check out the kitchen in the photo below. This design relies on natural light to brighten up the whole room. Only small inside lights are needed. With so much natural light, you’ll have great views too!

Colorful Kitchen with Great Lighting - Kitchen Makeovers 2020

Stoves and Ovens

A stove is an essential element of any kitchen. Stainless steel is your go-to option here. The most common designs are a single stove and dual stoves.

Check out some of these kitchens below. You’ll notice that in all of these photos, a stainless steel range hood works great when paired with your stove.

PLFW 750 Wall Range Hood
PLFW 750 Range Hood
Wall Range Hood with Small Kitchen Range

There’s other options for stoves and ovens, too. Sometimes they’re separated, with the ovens in a different part of the kitchen than the stove. It’s common to have two ovens stacked on top of each other.

Sometimes you may see two different ovens: one convection oven and one regular oven. If you don’t need two ovens or don’t have the capacity for two ovens, it’s commonplace to stack a large microwave on top of an oven.

See the ideas below for different ways to set up your stove and oven!

If you want your stove to have a beautiful shine, check out our review of 11 of the best stove top cleaners on the market here.

Double Stove Top with Wooden Cabinets
Small Wall Range Hood with Marble Kitchen Island
Wall Range Hood with Kitchen Island and Shaker Cabinets

Range Hood

Consider purchasing a stainless steel range hood. Range hoods provide both beauty and function. Between wall mounted range hoods, island range hoods, range hood inserts, and under cabinet range hoods, you have several options at your disposal.

A range hood is an elegant appliance for any kitchen. Not to mention it streamlines the cooking process and keeps your kitchen air clean. Check out an island range hood, wall range hood, and range hood insert below.

Browse the different styles at the banner below and purchase one today!

Island Range Hood
White Kitchen With Wall Range Hood and Cement Tile Backsplash
ProV Insert

Optimize Your Storage

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean is to keep everything off of the floors and countertops. Do you find yourself not having enough room for all your things? If so, it’s time to think about optimizing your storage.

In other words, think beyond base cabinets and upper cabinets. Where else can you store things in the kitchen?

Check out this unique kitchen below with many different cabinets and shelves.

In the focal point of the kitchen is a beautiful blue island range hood with fun little symmetrical cabinets for some extra storage.

This kitchen also includes small cubbies above the upper cabinets – and there’s enough space above them for some elegant vases! They also hang above the window frame, and provide some color to the room.

The storage doesn’t end there; on the back wall, there’s a tall glass cabinet for dishware or other items.

Open Kitchen with Turquoise Island and Under Cabinet Range Hood
PLJW 109

The kitchen above is more subtle in optimizing its storage. In addition to the base and upper cabinets, one of the kitchen islands has space for two baskets where you can store literally anything! Not to mention the baskets complement the white and wooden design combo.

In addition to storage, there are several ways to decorate your kitchen island. In the left-hand photo, take a look at the large vase with the plant. Next to it, a fruit bowl adds some bright color to the room. This combination injects some life into the kitchen.

Another great addition to your kitchen island is an organic produce box. These boxes include fresh produce that is delivered right to your door!

Small Kitchen Remodel

In a small kitchen, space is even more important. Following the above step and optimizing your storage is a great idea. Kitchen islands are still possible, although they should be small so that it’s still easy to get around. It’ll give you another counter to put dishes on and prepare your cooking. But some people prefer to keep an open kitchen, too.

Over the Range Microwave

Besides space, not much is different in your small kitchen remodel compared to an average-sized kitchen. You have a lot of freedom to customize the design how you like.

For a complete guide on how to remodel your small kitchen smoothly, check out our article here.

Kitchen Floor Remodel

To keep up with this year's trends, go with a quartz or porcelain floor. These floors are both durable and beautiful. Stone and tile are two other durable options, with tile being more popular in today’s kitchens.

If you’re not going for a modern look, try a wooden floor to give your kitchen a more rustic and old-fashioned feel.

PLFI 520

Extra features (decor, shelves, etc.)

PLFI 544

A kitchen is not only about the appliances, floors, cabinets, and countertops. Chances are that someone else has tried your same design, even if you went out of your way to make it unique. Compared to how many people are redesigning their kitchens, there are only so many unique ways you can go about it.

To really personalize the space, try adding plants, centerpieces or other fun knick-knacks – things that are unique to you. You can choose to either blend these in with your kitchen’s colors or make these pieces stand out.

Some of the best decor items to include in your home are items that personalize your kitchen to your family. Signs uniquely made for your kitchen or picked up at thrift or craft stores are great additions.

You can also add indoor house plants, small sculptures, or curtains to make your kitchen stand out.

Holiday or seasonal decorations like your tablecloth or centerpiece are great options to rotate in your kitchen!

Check out the photos below for some more inspiration!

Range Hood Insert with Wreath
Small Dining Table

There are many different ways to makeover your kitchen, and it’s best when done all at once.

Find some more design inspiration by heading to our Pinterest page! You can check out our other boards on farmhouse style, British colonial design, Spanish colonial style, modern and sleek design, boho design, beach house style, and much more!

We hope you enjoyed this article on beautiful kitchen makeovers for this year. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog!

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