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9 Amazing Backyard Kitchen Ideas

9 Amazing Backyard Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Everyone dreams of having a backyard barbecue. A permanent grill station you can fire up on the weekends without worry of needing to move it back and forth or out of inclement weather.

That dream can now become a reality. Check out some of our favorite customer backyard kitchens and some inspiration from Pinterest. From kitchens on a backyard deck to covered patio and even gazebo kitchens, we have beautiful backyard kitchen ideas for everyone.

Backyard Barbecue with Pool

Pool, Lounge Chairs and Range Hood - Backyard Kitchen Ideas

If you’ve ever wanted to have your perfect paradise in the backyard, this is the way to do it. From the gorgeous pool and back of the house to the awesome reclining lounge chairs, this paradise is just getting started.

The couches by the grillmaster station adds a relaxing complex to this already beautiful backyard. The grill station itself is perfect, with lots of counter space to go around for preparing meals and a powerful range hood to get rid of any excess smoke or grease given off by intense heat and cooking.

Night Time Outdoor Kitchen Area with Pool

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Gorgeous Gazebo Barbecue with Fireplace and Chimney

If you’ve got a gazebo in your backyard, or you want to put one in your backyard, consider a gazebo barbecue! They’re pretty, useful, and they can have many different functions!

With a fireplace and TV above the fireplace, island seating and a barbecue, this outdoor kitchen is one for the ages. The lights add some extra beauty during the evening and nighttime, and they help you see clearly while setting the table too.

Two Is Better Than One

Why have one range hood when you can have two!? This permanent outdoor barbecue nested underneath their home is the perfect place to shield the food and your guests from any inclement weather.

It’s a pretty simple design: a horseshoe shaped island with two range hoods overseeing barbecues, grill pits, and more. The sink is easily accessible and there’s plenty of counter space to go around for all the meal preparations you might need!

A table and chairs hide just out of frame in this first image, but permanent furniture in your backyard barbecue setup is a huge draw!

Not having to shuffle tables and chairs back and forth creates a better environment for your family and guests. Not only that, but it allows you to spend more time on the cooking and less time worrying about your guests.

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Patio Barbecue by the House

Talk about luxury at its finest! This gorgeous outdoor barbecue space allows for maximum comfort among functionality. The slick walls with refined wooden texture and a modern couch and chairs on top of an area rug create the ultimate sanctuary for anyone who wants a little extra beauty for their barbecue.

Featuring a barbecue with a ProSW range hood from Proline, a mini fridge nestled into the cabinetry and a big flat screen TV, this place may be the best spot for an afternoon cookout and an early fall football game.

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Indoor Grilling Station with TV

Permanent Covered Kitchen

Imagine having this in your backyard! The stone detailing on the island and the whole bar and kitchen is utterly gorgeous!

It’s a wonderful covered outdoor kitchen that’s built to perfection. The lights will ensure you can barbecue late into the evening on those long summer nights!

Gazebo Barbecue

Turning your gazebo into a backyard barbecue is no easy feat, but these folks managed to hit the nail right on the head! A beautiful L-shaped space gives plenty of room for both counter space and meal preparation and bar-style seating.

There's plenty of room to go around in this open air kitchen. From the looks of the cactus in the corner, it may never see a snowy day!

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous countertops and light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Prepare for long nights of barbecuing way past the sun goes down. Everything you need to entertain your family or friends is right here.

Bring on the late nights of fun and laughter when the whole crew is together!

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Outdoor Hood Over Barbecue
Range Hood in Outdoor Kitchen

Professional Outdoor Barbecue

This outdoor kitchen is so breathtaking; from the color palette of gray and brown to the sleek, modern edges of this kitchen, it is one professional outdoor kitchen.

Glamorous lights hang down in a high-end restaurant-like style, giving this kitchen even more of an expensive feel. A barbecue pit and range hood insert top off this kitchen and bring the heart of the home to just outside of the home!

The BBQ Pro Kitchen

BBQ Pro Range Hood over Stainless Steel Grill

Just look at this gorgeous outdoor barbecue! It’s literally a kitchen in the outdoors and it’s done to perfection.

From the granite countertops to brick layers for both the island and the base of the countertops, this kitchen is gorgeous inside and out. It features a grill with a range hood, a mini fridge on the end and several vats for frying.

It also features a table and chairs with an immaculate view of the flat screen TV for big game day viewings.

Outdoor Kitchen with Medium Hardwood Walls

Plus, the wood details above the range and behind the TV give this beautiful home a certain rustic vibe reminiscent of mountain homes or long lost cowboy days. It’s utterly beautiful!

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Close Up - Barbecue Pro Range Hood

The Porch Barbecue

Range Hood Over Open Fire
Side View - PLFW 755 Range Hood

The porch barbecue is a beautiful setup perched just outside the home! It’s not a full kitchen, as there’s no mini fridge outside, but there’s plenty of counter space in this L-shaped kitchen. A wood-fire grill ensures some smoky meats are coming off this beautiful barbecue!

A range hood stands over the grill, imposing and powerful; it’s able to get rid of the smokiest of barbecues!

Since it is right outside the home, this backyard kitchen makes bringing food in and outside super easy! Sit out here for a night of burgers or steaks to enjoy a wonderful summer evening!

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Note: We don’t recommend mounting your range hood over an open fire; learn more here.

Large Modern Range Hood in Outdoor Kitchen

Permanent barbecues are a way of life for some people. They’re just too important to ignore! We hope you found some inspiration in this article.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration on your backyard barbecue build, check out some of our other articles below and follow us on Pinterest! We have boards entirely dedicated to outdoor kitchens, barbecues and more.

See our stunning outdoor kitchens board and our gorgeous backyard living spaces board! We update our Pinterest boards daily with new content, so be sure to stick around for more inspiration!

See you next time!

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