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All the Services You Need for Kitchen/Home Renovation and More

All the Services You Need for Kitchen/Home Renovation and More - Proline Range Hoods

At Proline Range Hoods, we sell professional-quality range hoods to customers across America. We focus solely on residential range hoods so we can ensure that you receive the best quality product and service for your home. For commercial range hoods and other range hood parts such as ductwork, we refer customers to other companies.

We also find that, often, people aren’t just looking for a range hood. They are renovating their entire kitchen or remodeling their home. In this article, we’ll cover a variety of kitchen, design, home renovation, and construction services that we don’t offer.

Commercial Range Hoods

At Proline, we exclusively sell residential range hoods. Commercial hoods require significantly higher power, are larger, and require more safety features than residential hoods. It’s common for commercial ranges and grills to produce hundreds of thousands BTUs (see also 'What Are BTUs?'). For more information on commercial vs. residential range hoods, click here.

Some of our customers call in and ask about commercial hoods. We refer them to two companies:

East Bay Restaurant Supply - Browse their commercial hoods here.

Rochester Restaurant Supply - Contact them here for more information on purchasing your commercial hood.

Ductwork for your Home or Kitchen

Several customers also ask us about ductwork for their range hood. Our range hoods fit 6”, 7”, 8”, and 10” circular as well as 3x10” rectangular ductwork. But we don’t sell the ductwork itself; your local Home Depot should have everything you need. And a local HVAC specialist can help you get it installed properly.

Home Cleanup Dumpster Services

If you need a dumpster to keep your house in order during or after your kitchen remodel or renovation, look into a company like Bin There Dump That. This dumpster and bin rental company has been providing cleanup services to residents since 1972. Learn more about their company here.

Post-Construction Cleanup Services

Post-construction cleanup is an entirely different industry. After you’ve painted your home and installed flooring or carpets, you may want to look into these services. Fortunately, it’s easy to find the best companies for the job in your area.


These companies are general contractors which provide you with several construction and design services for your home renovation, including the integration of your new hood into your newly renovated space Click here to browse some of the best professional design-builders.

Interior Designers

Whether you need your cabinets designed, a layout for a room in your home, creative ideas for a project in your backyard, or anything else, the possibilities are endless with interior designers. Check out the best of the best here.

Make-Up Air Services

Here at Proline, we’re also asked about make-up air services. We don’t provide them, but you can take a look at HVAC companies in your area that offer this service here; most of them can install a make-up air kit in your home.

Make-up air is required if the air leaving your kitchen, home, or other space exceeds the air that enters the room. If you operate a high-CFM hood in a small kitchen, or if you cook often for long periods of time, you may need a make-up air kit in your kitchen.

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Hospitality Chain - Hospitality Chain is a great resource for you to find food and beverage suppliers, kitchen equipment, recipes, and much more.

Kitchen Appliances

PLJW 130

The Range Hood Store - On this website, you’ll find ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, sinks, and many more kitchen appliances. If you’re looking to commit to a full kitchen remodel, The Range Hood Store is a great place to start.

We hope that this list of services we don’t offer will help you complete your home project efficiently. As a nice finishing touch to your home, consider investing in an elegant stainless steel range hood from Proline Range Hoods. Good luck with your project!

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