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How Range Hood Shopping is Just Like Online Dating

How Range Hood Shopping is Just Like Online Dating - Proline Range Hoods

Range hood shopping is a lot like dating someone online. Has that thought ever occurred to you? There are many similarities between the two. Let’s take a look at six online dating guidelines that can also be applied to range hood shopping.

You don't ask someone to marry you after the first impression.

Wedding Ring

One romantic virtual emoticon kiss or a single Skype date is not enough when picking a companion to spend your life with. Goodness gracious, we hope no one is going out to buy the rings just yet.

You would be surprised, some people will buy a range hood in much the same way. Just because one picture of a vent hood might look quite nice in a beautiful kitchen, they might think it is just the right hood for them. But then they’ll probably be confused when it doesn’t make their kitchen look the same as the one in the picture.

Someone you just met online could easily entice you that they were the whole package really quickly too. However, remember, at least as far as range hoods go, first impressions can be deceiving. Unless you have done your research, checked the reviews, and educated yourself beforehand, you very well could find yourself stuck with a no-good appliance that will make you want to rip your hair out.

The annoying cost of appliance repairs will end up costing you more than you would have if you invested in choosing a quality vent hood in the first place. What is our best advice? Do your homework, and while you are at it, check out these points to get you started in the right direction.

They lie about their height.

A man and woman's shoes and part of their jeans

Have you ever met somebody online for the first time and they ended up being three feet shorter than what their dating profile said they were? You may not have anything against dating a shorty, you just assumed you were meeting a Michael Jordan and in turn you found a darling Danny Devito. They could very well sweep you off your feet; however, we can't help but assume that if you caught them lying this soon in the relationship, there will be plenty more lies to come.

Unfortunately, a little bit of photoshop and stretching the truth is common when it comes to online range hood shopping too. Our best advice is to just look at real customer reviews. Even ask to see real customer kitchen photos before sealing the deal, especially when considering a rather large investment like a range hood.

No need to waste time at the club.

Partying at the Club

No need to put on an expensive fragrance or even brush your hair before you leave to go meet people at the club. You can sit back and relax, knowing that there are plenty of people to choose from online. Why would you put in that much extra effort when you can relax in your favorite comfy PJs and fuzzy socks and have 10 times the selection of the bar, club or mix and mingle event? Meeting people online certainly has its advantages.

Online range hood shopping is exactly the same way: you can do it from the comfort of your home. So take your time, relax, and don't feel rushed into making any choice too soon. With online range hood shopping, you have 24/7 availability and plenty of options, as well as more time to educate yourself before making any quick decisions.

You get to play the field.

Person Putting Feet Up on Their Desk with Mac Computer in the Background

Okay, hold your horses! Please don't go breaking any hearts just yet. However, you have to admit how nice is it that with online dating you get to "play the field." You can take a good look at all of your options and evaluate the qualities of each person before making any serious decisions to settle down.

We consider dating a serious investment. This is because once you get to the point of considering a life-long partner, you will be investing not only your money, but also your time, emotions, and energy into this relationship. With this much investment, it might not be a bad idea to thoroughly compare your options before saying "I do."

When buying a range hood you get a similar comparison and opportunity to evaluate your eventual investment. You can measure the power, price, aesthetics, and functionalities of each vent hood before settling with just any stove hood appliance. We recommend that you check out reviews and instructional videos on YouTube, read informative articles online, and read customer reviews all before buying!

Just like a relationship, you should probably make sure that you're making the best decision before committing too soon.

Person Displaying Dating App on Their Phone

Why buy roses & chocolate when you can join an online dating website for much cheaper?


It is common in traditional dating, that many will spend extra money on roses and chocolates for every person that they date, in hopes of there being a love connection as they try to find "the one." Yes, once you find your soulmate you better keep going that extra mile. Your significant other will always appreciate those sweet gestures. However, that is one of the conveniences of online dating. You will save a significant amount of money on all of the extra things that you would have spent on all of the wrong people.

To add the cherry on top, you even found yourself a coupon code for joining a popular online dating website! So why wouldn't you take advantage of an opportunity where you get to save money and find love at an additional discount?

This is much like online range hood shopping in the way that you may commonly find good online deals and promotions. You may find savings that you most likely will not find with most other brick and mortar appliance stores.


No need to waste extra time, or fuel.

Several Drinks - Water, Juices, Tea

Traditional dating can feel pretty overwhelming and often draining. The cause of this exhaustion is twofold.

Firstly, with traditional dating, you will spend so much of your time trying to come up with new dating ideas and spending even more time going on these dates. Finding extra time outside of your demanding schedule is not always the most convenient.

Secondly, you can be sure that your gas bill will skyrocket as you fill up your gas tank more times than you would like from all that travel. With online dating, you can relax and feel good knowing that you will be saving your precious time and energy.

Online range hood shopping is similar as you also get to keep your car in park while still managing to find "the one." Online range hood shopping saves time, fuel and energy. The only thing we suggest you bring on your shopping date is your fabulous self, possibly a little snack, and have access to some good internet connection.

As you can see, online range hood shopping is in many ways very similar to online dating. So keep your chin up, because just like you have a good shot to find your soul mate in the online dating scene, you can strike gold when range hood shopping online too.

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