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35 Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

35 Small Patio Ideas On A Budget - Proline Range Hoods

Looking for some inspiration for your backyard makeover? Look no further, we’ve spared you some time and compiled some of the best small patio ideas for a budget-conscious backyard redesign.

The best part is since they’re affordable, you’ll be able to combine ideas and create something you and your family will enjoy.

From outdoor kitchen bars to small gardens, fire pits, and outdoor seating areas, we’re sure you’ll find some backyard ideas you’ll love here.

And, if this list isn’t enough for you, check out our Pinterest board with all sorts of backyard ideas! If that board isn’t enough for you, we have this one too...

Are you ready to check out some great small outdoor patio ideas?

1. Elongated Picnic Table with Hanging Lights

Perfect for guests, this is a super simple patio design that can easily be set up and taken down if you don’t want it as a permanent fixture! Ladder chandelier optional – but it’s a beautiful addition to the outdoor space, don’t you think?

Here’s another beautiful patio complete with furniture and hanging lights.

Elongated Patio with Hanging Lights - Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

If you can’t do this...

2. Picnic Table with Single Lights

...then THIS is the option for you! A different take on hanging lights will set the mood in your small patio for whatever company you have! This is one of our most budget-friendly patio options!

Try out these outdoor hanging lights from Amazon.

3. Welcome to the Cantina

Cue the cantina scene from Star Wars! This small beach themed cantina is the perfect size for a small patio. It’s sure to strike summer into the hearts of whoever grabs a drink.

4. Fire Pit with Reclined Chairs

Ahh, everyone loves sitting around a fire pit during summer, and there isn’t a place where better stories materialize! This one is easy to add to your small patio.

5. Wooden Pallet Deck

DIY at its finest, you can make this deck with wooden pallets. The catch? Nothing! It’s a perfect addition to your small patio.

But if you’re wanting to move something big later on, you’ve already got wooden pallets at your disposal.

6. Hang a Happy Little Garden

Let’s channel our inner Bob Ross...maybe this plant wants a friend here...and here too!

A vertical garden is super easy to put together; all you need are some potted plants and a pallet, which makes this one of our best backyard ideas on a budget. You could also hang your plants on the wall too.

Keep reading for more great landscaping ideas that add some personality to your backyard patio!

3 Sets of Potted Plants Outdoors

7. Walk-Up Bar and Grill

Ever wanted to own a bar and grill? Well, now you can, on your own backyard patio. With a simple L-shaped island, you can be the barbecue king you’ve always wanted to be and serve your guests as a bartender. One mimosa, please!

8. Outdoor Paradise Living Room

This deck takes advantage of the small space! It looks extravagant, but it’s truly all in the plants! Suited best for warm weather climates, this couch on a deck is perfect for anyone wanting to feel like they’re in paradise!

Don’t forget to add the throw pillows to make the patio nice and cozy.

9. Large Covered Outdoor Bar

Patio idea number nine is a small structure sure to make a big impact on your friends and your home. This permanent outdoor bar is ideal if you have guests over often. Maybe make some room in the back designated for the clean-up crew as well.

10. Covered Picnic Dining Area

This covered picnic area is a great addition next to your backyard patio. This permanent shelter protects from the sun wonderfully. It allows for a comfortable outdoor eating experience during the hottest times of the year.

11. Lemonade Stand - Adult Edition

It’s like lemonade except it’s for adults: browse the selection of beers, wines, hard ciders, liquor, and more! Everytime someone orders here, they’ll think they’re in heaven...

12. Bar Shed. Yes, It’s Real!

This is one of our most unique decorating ideas: turn your shed into a bar! No, we’re not kidding, it’s actually a trend! An easy shed makeover gives your outdoor space much-needed style. And, the best part is, sheds are pretty cheap, too.

13. Bar Shed, Sports Ready Edition!

Complete with a TV, this seems like the perfect way to watch the big game without going out. Just walk from your back steps and enjoy the bar life! Touchdown!

14. Farmhouse Barbecue Bar

I know we’ve been discussing backyard patios, but you can bring this bar to your front yard, too! It has wheels! Yeah, this guy wins.

15. Brick Oven Pizza

Ever had Bertucci’s? Now, make your own fire-cooked pizza with this Bertucci's lookalike. You’ll be happy to have the best pizza on the block! Build a small bar along with it and you can serve your guests right from your patio!

16. The Barbecue Table.

This one is so cool. You can prepare a great meal for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. Bring your meat and grill it! Make everyone’s day a good one with this sweet centerpiece for your patio!

17. The Simple Bar

For the guy who just wants one or two drinks, this will deliver for you. A simple design to add to your backyard patio or deck and you can upgrade it however you like. This is a great starting point for patio design!

18. The Sheet Metal Bar

Pretty simple in design, this patio bar is made of wood beams and sheet metal. Lights on the ceiling will be more expensive, but they will be useful during night time gatherings.

19. Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve got a deck already, you may want to upgrade and add a small barbecue station to your patio. We love this idea, and we’re sure your friends and neighbors will love it too. Bring back block parties!

You can really personalize the space with different types of outdoor furniture to suit your style too. This includes wall decor, a coffee table, a bench or two, some throw pillows to add a punch of color, and much more.

Read more about personalizing your outdoor kitchen here.

20. Tiki Shed Bar

Feeling like you want another Bahama mama? Say no more and step right up to the tiki shed. Look how comfortably it fits into such a small space on the patio!

21. Shaded Picnic Dining

For the one that burns easily, this giant umbrella ought to give you great shade and sanity too. And the wicker chairs go dynamite with the rest of the scene! The beige outdoor furniture is a nice touch; it’s an earthy tone that can blend into any small outdoor patio!

Oh, and enjoy the outdoor seating – your friends will love it!

22. The Barn Bar

This small wood barn, slightly larger than a lemonade bar, is the perfect small patio idea on a budget. It’s great for an anniversary getaway for your parents or grandparents who don’t want to go out to a bar to celebrate! And, they get to enjoy the comforts of home in their backyard. It was actually made from recycled wooden pallets.

23. The Pavilion Living Room

Love those shading techniques at the beach? Bring it home with this beautiful small patio! A pergola will have you and your guests outdoors for hours in the heat of the day or talking about anything and everything under the stars.

If you want to replicate this in your yard, check out the reviews of a pergola from Amazon here.

24. Easy DIY Fire Pit

You definitely don’t need bricks or stones leading up to your firepit – simply replace them with a nice binding gravel path! Keep your fire pit project low cost and instead only use the stones or bricks to contain the gravel and the fire. And, if you’re feeling fancy, add some wooden beams with these string lights from Amazon!

25. Hawaiian Tiki Themed Bar

You’ll want to go all-in on this one. You either commit or quit, but we suggest you commit. This patio is gorgeous and you won’t regret putting a tiki bar in your backyard….last chance!

26. Just a Simple Table and Chairs

It doesn’t get much simpler than a table and chairs. But sometimes this is enough furniture to spice up your outdoor patio space and give you and your family and friends a place to hang out.

Wooden Picnic Table with Plants as a Centerpiece

27. Outdoor Dining + Fire Pit

Transition from eating to leisure easily with this perfect outdoor arrangement. Eat dinner, bring the dishes inside, and enjoy s'mores by the fire pit. It couldn’t be easier, could it?

28. Patio Garden

Are you a gardener? If so, this might be perfect for you! Make your backyard beautiful by adding in all sorts of plants. Craft your own landscape in your small patio garden and bring the wonders of nature to your home!

Try out a beautiful hanging plant on your small patio to get your remodel started; take a look at this one from Amazon.

29. Raised Garden Bed

Do you like gardening but don’t want to deal with the hazards of mowing the lawn? Raise it! This raised garden will look fantastic on the perimeter of your yard, and you’ll love the ease of planting. You won’t have to bend over as much!

30. Outdoor Living Room

Here you’ve got your own family room on the patio! Imagine you and your family on a night like this...except you’re in your own house. Doesn’t that sound like something they would love?

31. Lounge in the Outdoors

Let’s be honest, on hot summer days, we want to lounge around, but we don’t want to be cooped up inside! Introducing the outdoor lounge, equipped with a hammock and comfy cushions. Not enough for you? No problem, we’ll cover it and add some plants and pillows. Decorating your small patio is a lot of fun and it’s the perfect way to personalize the space too.

32. Potted Plant Garden with Seating

Archway with Potted Plants - Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

So, you want a garden but you can’t build one in your backyard. Just make your own potted plant garden and add some zen while you’re at it. Bring in some palm trees to your small patio and you’ve got the perfect vacation getaway! Take out the table and chairs and relax on your patio during a nice warm day.

Something like this live palm tree from Amazon is great for summer decor!

Now for a couple of ideas that may require more planning and spending…

We hope you’ve found the small patio ideas in this article useful and we hope you’ve gathered some ideas for yourself. Mixing and matching different features of each idea above will help maximize your patio makeover.

But, we want to expand your imagination even more with some expensive renditions. These aren’t as DIY as the design ideas above, but they look amazing!

So, hang on tight and get ready to explore a couple of small luxury patios!

33. The Home Gazebo

Beautiful lighting, don’t you think? This is a luxury patio idea that provides you with a lot of shade and a nice place to relax. Buyer beware – this is not a small makeover, but it is sure to become a beautiful addition to your property!

Start off upgrading your patio with this beautiful outdoor furniture set from Amazon.

34. Welcome to El Restaurante de mi Casa!

Ever wanted to own your own restaurant but didn’t know where to start? Well, now you can start in your own backyard - this at home “bar and grill” is majestic.

35. The Easy In Bar

Complete with fancy lights, palm plants, and elaborate bar stools, this home bar is like the rest but has stepped up the game in terms of elegance.


That’s it for our backyard landscaping and luxury patio ideas. From a vertical garden to a tiki bar, you have countless ways to customize your small patio. We hope that these design ideas gave you some inspiration to plan your next remodeling project.

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