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Proline’s $10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner (2021)

Proline’s $10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner (2021) - Proline Range Hoods

The second year of our photo contest was even better than the first! We received thousands of fantastic entries!

There were so many impressive images of your different kitchens and creations that we decided to let you choose the grand prize winner! So we opened it up to a vote.

After tallying your votes, we have a winner!

And the $10,000 grand prize winner is…

$10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner - Kelly V. – Model: PLJW 129.30

We are proud to present our $10,000 grand prize to Kelly V. Congratulations, Kelly!

Sometimes, less is more, and you mastered that with this photo! The white backsplash, cabinets, and countertops look sharp. Your range hood is a beautiful focal point of the kitchen and it really pops. We absolutely love this shot!

Kelly submitted three beautiful photos last month when they won $250. This amazing photo features our 30" PLJW 129.

This concludes our photo contest. Thank you all so much for participating!

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated! You all made it so hard for us to choose winners every single month, and we were impressed by the quality of your photos as well as the creative and beautiful ways you have used your Proline range hoods.

We really enjoyed seeing your beautiful kitchens.

You made this contest a blast!

If you would like to revisit our winners, click here. Or, check out our honorable mentions on this page.

If you enjoyed the contest, check out more articles on our blog!

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