What is the Proline Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

Our Satisfaction guaranteed includes a series of policies and processes that we put in place to make sure that we can provide the best products, at the best price, and the best customer experience!

Save Big with PROLINE

Other range hood manufacturers sell through a number of distributors, who each need to make a profit before you buy your range hood from them.
We are the manufacturer and distributor of our Proline Range Hoods, and buying from us allows you to receive the product for a fraction of the price you will pay anywhere else.

Customer Experience

Our customer support is trained to provide the best service, and being a small company we have the advantage of being able to keep our customers happy with an adaptable policy that exceeds many expectations. Our 14 days no questions asked return policy is also one of the strongest points of our customer experience, after that there are still many other manufacturing warranties that we provide. If you want to learn more about our return policy CLICK HERE. And if you want to learn more about our warranty policy CLICK HERE.

Same Experience On All Platforms

We are featured and sell in many other websites including Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz, Walmart, and many others. To assure the best experience we try to convey people that purchase on these platforms to contact us directly and ask us any questions or requests straight to us since it is very likely that our policy is better than what you will find in any other marketplace.