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Where to Put a BBQ in Your Backyard

Where to Put a BBQ in Your Backyard - Proline Range Hoods

There is absolutely no love more sincere than one’s love for barbeque. The world has one principal place for friends to gather: the BBQ backyard grill. Any person who has the opportunity to place a live grill in his house must not waste the chance. An outdoor bbq grill is so much more rustic than a posh kitchen, yet it can harbor more memories and fun. So, if you are one of those who are pondering over the perfect place to put a barbeque, then here is all the advice that you need.

What is BBQ?

Barbeque is an age-old method of cooking that involves charring and grilling of food, especially meat. Over the years, there has been a substantial renaissance in the ways and style of Barbeque, but the outdoor adventures related to barbeque remain the same.

Which is the perfect place to put your BBQ in your backyard kitchen?

Barbeque is not only about the food and the skills that you possess. You need to consider multiple other things for placing a BBQ in a non-commercial setting like a backyard.

Let us explore the corners of your yard to find the best environment for your backyard BBQ.

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1. Safety Distance

Safety first, mainly because flames are the players in a BBQ backyard setting. It is advisable to keep the BBQ at a distance from your house. Also, make sure never to place the barbeque close to the door. This can cause potential accidents while entering or exiting. Also, be extra-careful when there are kids in your house.

2. Look Out for Smoke

Smoke is inevitable when dealing with your barbeque, and there is no way to avoid it. But what you can avoid is the smoke from entering into the house and getting on your walls and ceiling.

A few simple, witty backyard BBQ planning will make the job easy. First, learn which way the wind tends to blow in your outdoor kitchen. Then, position your grill so that the fumes do not move into your home.

3. Where can you install a range hood?

Look for a place where you can install an outdoor range hood, which will vent all of the smoke and grease out of your cooking space.

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3. Types of Grill

Grilled Sausages - Where to Put a BBQ In Your Backyard

There are multiple types of grills that you can install in a barbeque. Each of them has its pros and cons. Many people will say that open charcoal grills are the father of bbq, and we have no right to remodel because it will demolish the authenticity.

But, the infrared or gas grills have become popular lately. The latter can be controlled quickly and are designed with safety as the prime consideration. You can also infuse your desired flavors in the best backyard BBQ recipes by trying various chips.

However, the gas-operated grills need access to home gas lines. If you don’t have this option, you can also choose portable ones that can be safely stored in your house when not in use.

4. The Look

You must create a nice setup for your backyard BBQ kitchen if you are a frequent griller. In that case, you might choose to go with a permanent shade canopy.

However, don’t box yourself in, because everyone loves to see the live grilling. That is what all the fun is about.

For the ones who do not grill often, you can build your grill under a tree for your appropriate BBQ backyard spot.

Always keep in mind the accessibility of the site and couple it with the available space for your BBQ backyard.

5. The Materials

Believe it or not, BBQing in the backyard has some risk involved. To avoid probable accidents, you need to consider the material over which you place the grill.

Granite and stone have a high specific heat capacity, which prevents them from heating up fast.

When you choose to grill underneath a tree, be aware of the low hanging branches. The grilling area around the BBQ backyard should be as tidy as possible to avoid the debris catching fire.

Try not to keep any plastic or easily flammable objects around the grilling station.

Always keep a trusted fire extinguishing system at hand to ensure stringent safety for your best backyard BBQ grill. You don’t have to buy an expensive extinguisher; in fact, a bucket full of sand is a cheap alternative.

Final Verdict

Grilling Sausages on Open Grill

Barbeque centers around the essence of cooking and outdoor adventures. Barbecuing brings people together and a safe and accessible setup can make your grilling experience much more enjoyable.

With so many backyard BBQ ideas, have you decided on your perfect setup yet?

Author Bio

Malcolm Cano has been writing all about Food & Kitchen related topics for 2 years. As a dad, he really appreciates making parenting easier with his tips. Also, he has a lot of helpful home improvement ideas to share.

Malcolm specializes in plant-based diets. Besides nutrition, Malcolm is a physical exercise enthusiast who believes that diet and exercise go hand in hand for a healthy body and mind.

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