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10 Unique Spanish Colonial Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

10 Unique Spanish Colonial Outdoor Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Spanish colonial design is a beautiful concept that dominates much of coastal Florida, coastal Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. It brings together classic stucco, vibrant, intricate artwork, hand-cut stone, and beautiful neutrals.

We’re going to take you on an inspiration-filled journey through Spanish revival design that showcases some of the best outdoor kitchens. Courtyards dominate Spanish revival so outdoor kitchens are no strangers here! If you need a refresher course on Spanish colonial design, visit our previous article here!

A Classy Malibu Spanish Colonial Revival

Our first stunning kitchen is a blast from the past. A beautiful large chite fireplace with a tall chimney is the draw of this outdoor kitchen. The wooden kitchen table sits underneath a large, tall pergola and is prepped to the max with beauty!

Wicker tall-back chairs bring in a sense of tropical vibes to the kitchen. And we just love the green scenery in the background!

Spanish Courtyard Summer Dreams

This Spanish courtyard is large and expansive. There's enough counter space to prepare your pizzas, oven-baked bread, or roasted vegetables, and a few cabinets to store those oh-so-essential kitchen items. Bring on blue skies and late nights!

Summer Evening Sunsets in Your Backyard

Speaking of late nights, what are late nights without a beautiful outdoor gathering area? This outdoor space sits next to the kitchen table and is the perfect outdoor sanctuary. Hanging lights criss-cross the modern pergola, and comfy couches and chairs await guests!

A beautiful wooden coffee table sits in the middle atop a gorgeous outdoor rug! A beautiful white, stucco wood-fired oven stands at attention with gorgeous greenery surrounding the whole backyard.

The Modern California Spanish Revival

If you’re looking for modern Spanish revival, you’ll find it here. This courtyard maximizes its small space and makes the most of the acreage. A pool sits close to the house and a large concrete and brick oven sits close by. Pop your pizza in the oven, take a dip in the pool, and in no time, dinner will be served!

Tea Time in California

Who doesn’t love a slow morning coffee outdoors or an afternoon tea time? Well, tea time could mean two different things here but we swear we aren’t golfing here! This outdoor area is a great place to sip your morning coffee or enjoy a charcuterie board and wine before dinner. The hanging lights allow you to finish the bottle off late in the evening!

Afternoons Lounging Under The Awning

Much of the southwestern United States is desert, which means there’s a lack of trees. This causes a shade shortage in many homes! A large awning is the answer to all your shade needs! A beautiful granite table is surrounded by comfy chairs. And, if you want to lounge around, an L-shaped couch with a coffee table awaits you.

Brick and Pergola

How's this for an outdoor kitchen? We totally love the brick walls and beautiful brick patio. There’s enough counter space to prepare a meal, and the lip on the right side means there’s room for barstools for smaller crowds. A large barbecue sits opposite of the serving counter with two lamps mounted on either side. And, with the addition of three hanging lamps from the pergola, this outdoor kitchen will be hosting all the late night summer gatherings.

Lush and Green

How pretty is this kitchen? With room for eight, this is the perfect kitchen for small parties. A large range sits underneath a beautiful range hood, and there's enough counter space for a few chefs in the kitchen.

Stunning hanging lamps hang overhead the island, creating a beautiful night atmosphere. A glass angular roof covers the kitchen for protection against rain but still allows the sun to shine through during the day. And, there’s a pool for all your sunbathing needs.

Taking a look at the kitchen in full view, this kitchen looks to be the real deal. A full-size refrigerator sits flush to the wall with a few floating cabinets next to the range hood. The large wooden table sits perfectly in line with the center of the kitchen as well!

And, a look down the walkway to the table from the pool is just too gorgeous to pass up. Roll the cameras, this looks to be out of a movie!

Pool Front Views

Speaking of pools, here’s another gorgeous revival style outdoor kitchen, poolside! Imagine sipping on some cool drinks while the smoker cooks your steak for eight hours. Sounds nice, right?

A gorgeous white stucco walkway leads to stairs, and beautiful bricke layering around the pool. It’s tiled nicely as well!

The Classic Spanish Colonial Courtyard

To close out our Spanish revival style comes a classic courtyard. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s awesome! Moving from left to right, a stainless steel barbecue and large pizza oven are all this kitchen needs to function properly.

A big island with storage compartments sits opposite, with low-back bar stools at the ready. A larger kitchen table sits underneath a beautiful wooden pergola. In the background, a stucco fireplace keeps everyone warm for those cold nights. The best part is that the outdoor kitchen is just steps away from inside. Bringing food in and out has never been easier!

Thanks for following along! We hope you were able to gather some information on Spanish revival design, and took some notes for your own kitchen.

If you’re looking for more, follow us along on Pinterest! We have numerous boards around outdoor kitchens, outdoor gathering spaces, and a whole board dedicated to Spanish colonial design. We update these boards regularly with new content so there will always be new ideas to crave!

See you next time!

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