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15 Small Kitchen Paint Colors to Bring Your Kitchen to Life

15 Small Kitchen Paint Colors to Bring Your Kitchen to Life - Proline Range Hoods

Are you ready to give your kitchen a makeover? You can make a big change without much hassle with the right paint colors. There are a lot of different options for small kitchen paint colors and the sheer amount of colors available gives you great flexibility.

We’ll go over 15 small kitchen paint colors that work beautifully in today’s kitchens. You’ll be inspired to give your kitchen the upgrade you’ve always wanted.

Blue Gray

Blue gray is a subtle, elegant choice for your small kitchen. It’s not quite as playful as pastels and not as bold as bright colors or black. But with the right contrasting colors, it’s the perfect fit.

This kitchen features a white marble countertop and patterned tile backsplash. The great under cabinet lighting highlights the contrast so beautifully! The stainless steel vent hood and stove blend in nicely with the tile backsplash too.

Did you notice the accent color? Check out the yellow plate and teapot – and the banana too. It adds yet another dimension to this well-designed small kitchen.

This shade of gray is a little different. It has a little more green but is nice and subtle like the blue gray above.

Here, the gray cabinets are just on the bottom and the island, while the top cabinets are a much brighter white. This adds a nice punch of color to a kitchen that would’ve otherwise been all white. Well, that’s just one option, but you’ll see white kitchens everywhere in farmhouse homes.

It comes down to your personal preference. Do you like bright whites, neutral colors, darker tones, or a combination?

Pastel Yellow

Yellow probably isn’t the first color that comes to your mind when designing your small kitchen. But in small doses, it can be the perfect finishing touch!

For many, the shade of yellow matters too. Mustard yellow is often shelved in favor of a pastel yellow. It has more white than mustard yellow making it a little brighter. At the same time, it’s not as bright as standard yellow which can be quite jarring. Try this color in your kitchen and you’re sure to get a few people talking!

Maybe mustard yellow still has its uses! Rather than embrace today’s trends, this kitchen gravitated toward the vintage look. The vintage stove is a nice touch too – looks like something right out of the 1950s!

So, are you one for old-fashioned designs or do you prefer to keep up with modern trends? The choice is yours.

Bright Blue

Are you looking for a wow factor? Do you want people to walk in and immediately talk about your paint choices? Then go with a bright blue! Remember that this strategy only works if the rest of your kitchen is quite tame. By that, I mean muddled or neutral colors that don’t grab your attention.

This small kitchen features granite countertops, a stone backsplash, and soft gray walls. All of these elements are pretty neutral, so they complement the bright blue well. The hardwood floor is a little bright but it doesn’t compete with the blue island, cabinets, or curtains. Is this bold look for you?

Pastel Green

Pastel green is a soft, cute color that can blend well in almost any kitchen. You can pair it with fun decor like plants, dishes, and other knick-knacks to evoke a homey vibe. This is a great way to spice up your white shaker cabinets. If you want to add a splash of color, pastels keep the room bright and don’t compromise the farmhouse look.

Here’s an example of pastel green cabinets in a non-farmhouse setting. If this is too much color for you, you can just paint the bottom or top cabinets too. Normally pastel colors are pretty muted. But in this case, since there are so many, the color stands out! Keep that in mind as you pick colors for your small kitchen.

Light Gray

Light gray is a popular neutral color in small kitchens. Even though the color itself is not bright, you can design a lively kitchen with the right setup. A galley kitchen with ample natural light is the perfect fit for this color scheme. Yes, it’s monochromatic, but looks modern rather than dull or boring. Of course, that’s a matter of opinion.

Neutral tones like light gray are relatively risk-free – they will look great in virtually any kitchen.


If you prefer a darker color, but don’t want to make too much of a statement, gray is the way to go. It complements the stainless steel hood and stove quite well in the photo above. This kitchen features an elegant two-tone look thanks to the hardwood and gray elements.


If you want to follow today’s trends, white is just for you. White cabinets, drawers, counters, walls, white everything! This is a popular trend in modern farmhouse homes and it works well in small kitchens too.

This small kitchen features one of our smallest range hoods, the 24” PLFW 520. It’s a cute addition to the space, don’t you think?

Black on White For Strong Accents

You might think that there’s not much space in a small kitchen for heavy contrast. But actually, contrast can work great in a small kitchen. It can draw attention to a focal point or simply make the space unique. If you want to get people’s attention, contrast is one effective way to do it.

A perfect example of this is the photo above. The tile backsplash and countertops boldly contrast with the black matte range hood. The two surrounding doors reinforce that contrast – it becomes the theme of this small kitchen space.

There are many ways you can give your small kitchen some strong contrast. You could paint the chimney, for example. If the goal was to get my attention, it definitely worked! This black chimney is beautifully painted and calls attention to the stainless steel hood, the focal point of this kitchen.

Lime Green


Are you feeling adventurous? Try a fun creative color like this bright lime green! OK, it’s not for everyone. But if you love wacky or silly designs, give this a shot! Just keep in mind that you may need to repaint before you sell your home.

No matter, though. I’m sure you’ll have made plenty of conversations over the years. People will ask all about your inspiration for the colors you chose. If you do have those conversations, tell people about this article and maybe they can find inspiration for their space.

Pastel Blue and Offwhite

Pastels are more popular than you might think. But did you know that you don’t always have to customize your kitchen cabinets? The backsplash can be a fun way to give your kitchen some life. In the photo above, the pastel blue is a gentle addition that reminds me of the beach. This homeowner added some plants to involve a variety of colors – they are a nice finishing touch!


As one of the more bold colors, red is not widely used in small kitchens. Or in homes in general. But for those who live for a strong focal point in their kitchen, this is the color for you. As you can see from the photo above, red goes pretty well with black, white, and stainless steel.

Typically bold colors blend well with neutral tones. You won’t want to mix a bright red and blue for example. You might be able to do that in small doses, but be careful!

Olive Green

Greens are one of the most popular colors for small kitchens. Why? Well, there are so many attractive shades of green. One of the best is olive green! Olive green is the perfect balance of boldness and subtlety. It’s a muted color that still gets the attention of your guests. Pair it with a brighter color like this soft pink and you’ve got an elegant space!

This looks like a farmhouse space turned olive green. We’ve got a slightly lighter shade, almost pastel color, to give the space an airy, light feel. It’s easy on the eyes, not as bright as white nor as bold as red or blue.

Green & Gray

This small kitchen is a bold two-toned kitchen with style. It’s pretty busy but the colors complement each other well. With gray base cabinets and green walls, there’s a nice contrast that draws my eye.

If you count the white counters, you actually have a three-tone kitchen: white counters, green wall and backsplash, and gray cabinets. The backsplash is a little more adventurous with multi-colored tiles, but they all fit the forest-green theme.

Dark Blue

This deep blue is bold but not bright, a happy medium for many homeowners. It evokes a strong feeling of luxury and modernity. If you’re not one for the bright, fun pastel colors, you might like a more “sophisticated” look like the photo above.

Pastel Pink

Now we’ll take a total shift from sophisticated luxury to fun, bright, and cute color options. Pastel pink is the perfect fit for those looking to up the cute factor in their kitchen. Now, you might have to do some leg work to convince your significant other. But maybe not!

Hopefully you found inspiration in these 15 small kitchen paint colors. We covered just about everything from neutral to bold colors.

If you’re still looking for some design ideas, check out the articles below!

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