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How to Design a Scandinavian Kitchen

How to Design a Scandinavian Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

Scandinavian kitchens are some of the finest kitchens in the world. From the types of material to the timeless design style, Scandinavian design is one of the oldest. It features wood, stone, brick, and other natural occurring elements.

When building a Scandinavian kitchen, you should focus on minimalism, simplicity, and function. All three of these elements must be married cohesively with each other to create a true Scandinavian kitchen.

First, minimalism. This can mean different things to different people. But, most importantly, keep your space clutter-free. Designs are often pretty subtle and look clean from a viewer’s perspective.

Second, simplicity. No over-complicated design trends, or wacky faucets, or elaborate cabinet designs. Simple edges, simple colors, and simple materials will make your kitchen feel clean!

Third, function. Both minimalism and simplicity must get melded together for function. Otherwise, your kitchen will look great, but won't be great! Your design has to look livable and be livable.

A Simple Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen with wall range hood

If you’re going for a minimalist look, then why not embrace it fully? This kitchen is a prime example.

Neutral tones flood this kitchen, rotating white and tan with dashes of silver appliances. Three textures of stainless steel, brick, and wood keep your kitchen looking clean-cut. There’s no clutter in this kitchen – a hallmark of Scandinavian design.

Simplicity is a priority. There are no ornate fixtures, but rather simple cabinets, drawers, and handles. Floating shelves by the range help add some storage space or room for small decorations.

Range hood over stove with open shelving

Everything here functions well. You don’t need to have lavish fixtures, intricate markings on your cabinets and drawers, and an expensive range hood cover. Here, the features meld together well, keeping it short, sweet, and simple.

Bright white kitchen with marble island and wall range hood

A Homey Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen with white range hood cover

Custom range hood cover in kitchen with marble island

Is this design pretty minimalist? Yeah, for the most part. The last kitchen certainly had less stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few comforts to make your kitchen feel like home.

There’s more decorations here, but that doesn’t make the kitchen feel more cluttered.

Pictures on the wall, a few vases sporting flowers and greenery, and kitchen comforts like large jars for spices, flour, sugar, and more create a serene kitchen.

The simplicity in this kitchen is pretty different from the previous one. There are a few more colors at play. Blue and green are acceptable in Scandinavian kitchens, and it’s executed very well here.

The base of the island is a deep, navy blue, taking advantage of shadows by the island overhang to appear even darker. The rest of the kitchen is pretty standard Scandinavian design: white, cream, and tan.

Finally, it’s pretty clear to see how this kitchen functions well. It feels more like a home without sacrificing budget on intricate, expensive designs. Each section of this kitchen matches up well. Raw materials like wood and marble make up the entirety of the kitchen, keeping in line with this design trend.

Custom range hood with range hood insert over stainless steel stove

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Scandinavian Kitchens

Let’s get into some quick, rapid-fire questions about Scandinavian kitchens.

How do you make a Scandinavian kitchen?

Well, if this article has given you any tips, it’s to keep it simple, minimalist, and function. Use a muted color palette composed of whites, creams, light tans, and some dark browns or blacks for accents.

What defines Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian style is defined by minimalism, simplicity, and function without sacrificing beauty for any of these three characteristics. Scandinavian kitchens steer away from ornate fixtures, expensive cabinetry, and clutter.

How do you get the Scandi look?

Combine neutral colors with simple fixtures. This includes everything from the trim on cabinets to the stainless steel appliances used and light and water fixtures. Keep everything stunningly beautiful yet simple in presentation.

White custom range hood insert with white cabinets

What are Scandinavian colors?

Scandinavian colors thrive on a muted color palette, with white, cream, tan, and brown taking center stage. However, some modern alternative colors include deep forest green and dark navy blue. These colors are used sparingly. They generally make up a small amount of your kitchen.

Wall range hood, white cabinets, and granite countertops
PLJW 109

That wraps up our Scandinavian kitchen blog! We hope you found this helpful in planning for your remodel. Scandinavian design is quite beautiful! If you’re the type of person that likes simplicity, minimalism, and a clutter-free environment, take a closer look at this style.

If you’re looking for more design trends, see our article on farmhouse kitchen design, and mountain home kitchen design. These two styles are quite different from each other, and will invoke more creativity in you as you prepare for your remodel.

If you want more ideas and inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest! We have boards dedicated to plenty of different design styles, trends, and more. Follow an individual board, or our whole Pinterest to see everything we post.

We’ll catch you on the next one!

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