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Responding To Global Challenges Leaves Proline Ready For A Bright Future

Responding To Global Challenges Leaves Proline Ready For A Bright Future - Proline Range Hoods

Proline has always been driven to provide the best experiences and products to every one of our customers. We have enjoyed doing that day in and day out for nearly two decades.

2020 and 2021 brought with them some unique global supply issues to many industries. We didn’t survive unscathed. Despite them, we had record-breaking sales and got to help many new customers with important home projects.

And while we weren’t able to eliminate every delay or issue, we did a lot to circumvent them where we could.

Here’s an illustration of one such challenge from Visual Capitalist:

Visual capitalist graphic - congestion at the LA port
Visual Capitalist - Congestion at the Port of Los Angeles

Recent Innovations

Here are a few of the ways we have innovated to put ourselves in a better position today and help serve our customers for years to come.

We are re-routing containers through less crowded channels and ports. In some cases, we are pulling containers from the shipyard directly and trucking them the same day rather than risk the 6-12 week rail delay.

We are expediting critical parts and supplies as needed, including express air freight in some cases.

We have expanded our supply network of qualified vendors and monitor parts delivery schedules multiple times daily.

We have reduced our “package footprint” thus reducing our inbound cubic shipping requirement by 26% This increases the volume of products we can ship and reduces the time it takes to get them to you, all while improving product quality and bringing more jobs home to the USA.

We are manufacturing more parts locally, including expanding our in-house manufacturing facilities. This includes an investment in new automated CNC cutting and bending equipment.

We are working extended weekly and weekend hours to accommodate 24/7 availability in our warehouse receiving area.

None of this would be possible without a great team of people showing up every day, working together, and solving problems.

The changes and innovations we have put in place position us to continue making the best range hoods on the market and avoid raising prices like so many companies are doing these days. They allow us to take care of our customers as they create their dreams and spaces for those they care about most.

Thank you

“We appreciate your patience and we sincerely thank all of our staff, vendors, suppliers, and most importantly our loyal customers. We are all in this together, and are working through it in a way that we’ll all be better for it.” - Mark Zuro, President and CEO, Proline Range Hoods.

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