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17 Mountain Home Kitchen Decor Ideas

17 Mountain Home Kitchen Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Your mountain home is your sanctuary. It’s your home away from home, your vacation spot, and your perfect getaway from the fast-paced life you live.

Why would you cut corners when it comes to decor options for your kitchen? You probably spend a lot of time here at least during the morning and at night, cooking delicious meals for family or friends. So, deck it out with some splendid decor!

In this post, we’re going to run through 17 fantastic kitchen decor options from chandeliers to artwork and range hood covers to color schemes.

Keep in mind: when it comes to your kitchen, remember to add your personal touches. That’s what makes a house a home!

Runner For The Ages

Just like the pin says, talk about versatility!

This fancy runner rug adds the perfect color to this neutral kitchen, giving a splash of color to the kitchen. This particular runner almost seems to match the streaks and rivers of the marble and granite in the home.

Perhaps the best part about this runner is that it can be changed! Keep one runner for summer and swap it out for a different one in winter! An ever-changing flow of runners helps you decorate your kitchen throughout the year.

Antler Chandelier with Candles

Mountain Home Kitchen Decor - Chandelier over Island

Time to get crafty! Reminiscent of an older time sometimes forgotten these days, a real or faux chandelier made from deer, elk, or even moose antlers can set the scene for the rest of the home.

It may be overshadowed by the statement range hood cover, but when taking in the whole home, it certainly adds that personal touch I discussed earlier. And, in the photo below, it certainly is on par with the wall of decor options from open shelving.

Large Rustic Kitchen with Custom Hood

Deer On The Hood

Sticking with our deer theme, how about a faux deer head on a range hood cover? This unique idea can work easily with any farm-styled home tucked away in the mountains or for hunters who want that little extra flair in their kitchen while cooking up some game meat.

It also matches the rough wooden ceiling beams and even the hanging lights above the island.

Plant Life Galore!

Island Range Hood

While this kitchen already has many fundamentals of mountain-style kitchens, like light wooden cabinets and wooden floors. The hanging chandelier and plants give the kitchen some life, too!

Get creative with the potholders for these plants, too. Be on the lookout!

An Abundance of Life

Now, this is a lived-in mountain home!

The runner carpet matches the red pot on the stove with red knobs and adds some color. Then, the metal range hood cover pairs nicely with other stainless steel in the kitchen.

Two farmhouse-style sinks make battles for sink space nonexistent, and if you have a crowd, dishes can be done in two places!

Double Island, Double Decor!

Double Kitchen Islands

This double island kitchen is a beauty to behold! This architect certainly knew what to do. One island matches the beautiful range hood cover, and the other island matches the cabinetry. How cool is that?

Hanging lamps with candles in them bring rustic feels to a kitchen that thrives on modern and mid-century looks.

Black Custom Hood in Farmhouse Kitchen

High Ceilings, High Decor!

Check out these ceiling lamps - high ceilings allow for ample light, and, of course, hanging lamps! This mountain home has wood detailing around the stove and range hood, a large beautiful island, and even a spot for a TV in the kitchen.

Add some memorabilia from trips like pinecones, garlands, illustrations, photos, and crafted artwork. It will make this space feel more like home.

What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s!

Wall Range Hood in Mountain Home Cabin

Calories never count when visiting grandparents, right?

Signage like this makes for an inviting atmosphere. Add on to that the rug and fridge decor and you won’t want to leave.

Cabinets with metal latches and the tile backsplash evoke a rustic look that completes this kitchen beautifully.

Bald Eagle Glory

Need to make your Montana mountain home a little more American? How about a giant framed photo of a bald eagle?

While this particular frame doesn’t leave much room for other wall decorations, it sure is a statement piece for the kitchen.=

Add some smaller photos or illustrations of mountains nearby, and your Big Sky country-style kitchen will be complete.

Flowery Range Hood Decor

Range Hood Insert with Brick Backsplash
Close Up - Range Hood Insert

What’s the state flower where you’re from? In Utah, it’s the sego lily; neighboring states have some beautiful options, too! Idaho has the syringa, Wyoming harbors the Wyoming Indian paintbrush, and Colorado is known for the blue columbine.

This range hood cover sports a beautiful illustration of a white flower with a small frame. There are also cutting boards, a small potted plant, and a decorative cookie jar. Beautiful and complete!

To Each Their Own

We saw the cookie jar from the last kitchen, and now, we can complete the set!

Jars for individual items like tea, coffee, sugar, and flour will help bring some added beauty to your kitchen. They’re also incredibly practical for storage.

Set them on the counter near your stove and you’re all set!

Pool in the Mountains!

Okay, it’s not really a pool in the mountains, but it sure is a fun piece to include near the kitchen! While it’s for entertainment, this billiards table is not traditional.

Instead, we have a sleeker, more refined finish with the intricately carved wooden frame. It fits right into this beautiful mountain home — and it’s right by the kitchen.

Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

Wall Range Hood Over Grill in Cabin Kitchen

Some mountain homes call for outdoor kitchens and we absolutely love the vibe of this one.

With wooden walls, a range hood above the barbecue, a cover, and a big-screen TV, this kitchen is complete.

A large round wall clock and a sign on the wall complete the decor.

Chicken Kitchen

Talk about a mountain home kitchen! This home has it all. Beautiful wooden cabinets and ceiling, hanging lamps over a large kitchen island, and stone detailing around the stove.

Above the stove on a little overhang are some chickens! This is common in French-style architecture kitchens, and the idea was brought to America and alive and well in many New England homes.

Rocky Mountains, Rocky Range Hood Cover!

Stone Range Hood Cover - Mountain Home Kitchen

If you’re somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, this is the perfect option for a range hood cover! We’re certainly big fans of the cover, being from Utah ourselves. We look up at the Wasatch Mountains every single day, and it’s beautiful!

From here, add some more memorabilia from the surrounding areas or trips. Add a jar of pinecones and fresh greens and your alpine mountain home kitchen will feel like you’ve just made camp in the middle of nowhere.

Bring out the marshmallows and start roasting!

Stone Custom Hood

Check out another rock-covered range hood cover below! This one also features a unique backsplash and closed cabinetry instead of open shelving like the kitchen above.

Stone Hood with Range Hood Insert

Stone Chimney Range Hood

Keeping with the stone range hood covers, this mountain home goes a little bit beyond! Rock decor covers far more of the kitchen than just the range hood, creating a wood-fired pizza look right in their own kitchen!

There’s even a wooden lip right above the stove, perfect for seasonal decor options! Wooden beams on the ceiling give that extra cowboy, Western feel to this kitchen and the entire home.

We hope you enjoyed this post and are feeling inspired to deck out your mountain home kitchen.

If you liked this blog and need more ideas, head on over to our Pinterest page! We have an entire board dedicated strictly to mountain homes, with different looks including A-frames, and several other parts of the home.

Give us a follow - we update our boards daily with fresh content and new pictures!

And, if you haven’t already, check out our other blogs on mountain homes, including one featuring six different mountain home kitchens.

Read it now and get even more ideas for your own home. And, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, check out the five best range hoods for your mountain home right here.

We hope to see you soon - have a fantastic day!

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