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8 Mountain Home Interior Design and Decor Ideas

8 Mountain Home Interior Design and Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

There’s nothing quite like escaping to the mountains for a weeklong vacation or even for an extended weekend.

The smell of fresh air, pine trees wafting the wind are too hard to resist for some people. From cold winter snowstorms to warm summer dips in a lake, anyone can find what they’re looking for in the mountains.

Elevate your getaway with eight mountain home interior design ideas.

Whether you’re in the high, aspen-filled mountains of Colorado, the river-rich ranges of Idaho, or shoreside in Lake Tahoe, these ideas are just for you.

The Kitchen

We’ll start with the heart of the home, the kitchen. You’ll likely spend a good amount of time here, so it’s important to deck it out with as much decor as possible.

You may think you’re limited in the kitchen, since most things, like the countertops, cabinets, and appliances need to be functional.

But there’s plenty of ways to bring the mountains right into your kitchen.

A Stone Wall And Wooden Cabinets

Now, you don’t need to have an actual stone wall, but it’s pretty, isn’t it?

Instead of legitimate stones and rocks, stone detailing is a good alternative here. It provides quite a beautiful backsplash.

The cow skull over the sink further adds to this rustic home vibe!

Pick something you love to put above the sink - this can be fake evergreens, pinecones, or even a graphic or photo of mountains!

Don’t forget about the unfinished wooden cabinets. They’re quite beautiful and keep the cabin cozy and rustic!

The added open shelving units offer more space in the kitchen. This keeps the walls further away and makes the kitchen feel bigger.

Vaulted Ceilings To Three Toned Kitchen

Why not include tones and more in your kitchen? Three-toned kitchens are hard to pull off, but this house does it perfectly.

Perhaps the vaulted ceilings help separate the colors a bit, but dark floors, white and creamy cabinets, and wooden ceilings give the room some life. Plus, the ceiling wood is light, reddish-brown, like you might see in a cabin.

The Family Room

After a long day in the mountains, you want to come home to a cozy family room. So, make it home!

From dreamy mountain color palettes to soft blankets and rough wooden walls, you can truly create the family room of your dreams, right in your own mountain home.

Make sure to stoke the fireplace and keep those coals warm. It’ll make those long nights playing games or your time with family even more enjoyable.

Smoky Mountain Tranquility

What do you think of this family room? It lives up to its “Smoky Mountain” name!

A small balcony overlooking the family room with leather couches, a large area rug, and unfinished wood create this beautiful gathering space for family and friends.

Brick Fireplace Galore

Stand Alone Fireplace below Deer Head

Nothing is quite better than coming home to a fireplace after a cold day outside. Enjoy a cozy afternoon warming up in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate and blankets as you watch the snow fall.

But you don’t simply need a basic fireplace. You can enjoy luxury with a gorgeous stone fireplace, tall windows, and even a hanging reindeer. Just don’t tell Rudolph!

The Bathroom

Bathrooms might be the easiest place to decorate in your home. Usually, they’re the smallest rooms in the house!

Give each bathroom in your mountain cabin a slightly different look and its own personality.

Put skiing signs and pictures of your favorite mountains in one bathroom. Deck another out with bears, wolves, deer, and other wildlife. Send the mountain atmosphere home with pinecones, spruce limbs, and much more.

The Bathroom That Will Keep You Grounded

Brick Bathroom with Wood Counter and Floor

What’s not to love about this bathroom?

First, we have beautiful colors in brown, tan, and red. Beyond the colors, there are so many textures working so well together!

Check out the brick surrounding the window, the smooth wall behind the sink, and the freestanding sink on top of a rough wooden box. Don’t forget about the dark smooth wooden flooring. And, to top it off, an unfinished wooden frame surrounds the mirror.

This bathroom is meant for the mountains!

Montana Mountain Bathroom

Looking at this bathroom makes me want to jump through the screen! This bathroom feels rougher than the one above. It’s more fitting for the wood-chopping mountain man!

The logs on the ceiling are both practical and beautiful, The stone walls surrounding the freestanding tub are stunning too.

A standup shower with modern, sleek tiling looks beautiful and inviting, and the whole bathroom is topped off with a beautiful hanging ceiling lamp.

If you want to see another mountain-style bathroom, check out this one! If you liked the one above, you’ll love it!

The Bedroom

Where would we be if we didn’t have the coziest place to sleep after a long, hard day of exploring?

This is the one room where you can go completely creative. Add all the decor options you could ever want! The bedroom is yours to personalize.

Among Alpine Slopes

Bedroom with Hanging Lights

Now, this is a place I would want to sleep for a week or two straight!

From the wooden doors on the left side to the large windows on the right, and the warm orange, yellow, and green color scheme, this bedroom delivers in more ways than one.

A deer on the pillow and a small tree by the brick wall sends all of the best vibes straight from the room to you.

Hanging Lights in Wooden Bedroom

The Buddy Loft

Bunk Beds in Cabin Home - Mountain Home Interior Design

Whether it’s a man’s best friend or your partner, this loft sure is the place to be!

This bedroom has space for multiple people, thanks to a ladder leading to a loft space above one bed.

A wood-burning fireplace heats this room well and the tall windows allow for ample light, as well as a beautiful scene!

Imagine being snowed in while staying here; what a fun couple of days those could be!

Whether it’s the summer, fall, winter, or spring, mountain homes offer a wide variety of uses to recreate outdoors or in your favorite small town.

From Lake Tahoe, California to Alta, Utah, and beyond, mountain homes are a staple in many places across the United States!

We hope you found this post helpful. If you did, head on over to our Pinterest! We have an entire board dedicated to alpine homes, A-frame houses, and mountain cabins, and all things interior design.

We update all of our boards daily, so there is always fresh content at the top of our boards. We hope to see you follow along!

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