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Kitchen Island Ideas Worth Trying In Your Own Home

Kitchen Island Ideas Worth Trying In Your Own Home - Proline Range Hoods

Kitchen Island Ideas Worth Trying In Your Own Home

Needing some kitchen island ideas? Look no further because here we are sharing swoon-worthy kitchen island inspiration with you.

Build In Extra Kitchen Island Storage

What good is a kitchen island if has little storage? Make your island both beautiful and useful by ensuring you have decent storage space. This beautiful white kitchen has two additional shelves for convenient storage. You’ll be able to streamline your cooking process and clean up your home with this added storage.

Paint Your Kitchen Island

Painting your kitchen island can give your kitchen a refreshing pop of color. If you do paint your island a different color than the rest of your cabinets, make sure to include that color somewhere else in the kitchen to create balance.

Install an Oversized Sink

Oversized sinks are a great feature to add to any kitchen island. Why? Because they allow you to easily wash bulky pots and pans, fill your flower vases with fresh water, or even wash your dog in. Large sinks make a powerful design statement.

This homeowner opted to go for a wide sink to complement the style of the bathtub and accentuate its modern look.

Use Reclaimed Wood

Kitchen Island with Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood for your kitchen island is a great way to add character and a feeling of history in your kitchen space. With reclaimed wood, you can create a variety of different styles. From industrial to farmhouse, the design possibilities are endless. The above reclaimed wood kitchen island gives this kitchen a rustic feel.

Wooden Kitchen Island with Open Shelving in the Background

This symmetrical island complements the wood floor and shelves to create an inviting kitchen.

Bring in Elements of Nature

Use natural wood, stone, and other materials to build your kitchen island to bring the outdoors inside. Using natural materials is a great way to bring a feeling of nature and good energy into your kitchen space.

White Kitchen with Wall Mounted Range Hood

The above photo uses flowers and vegetables with eye-popping colors, making this kitchen more attractive.

White Brick Kitchen

In a predominantly white kitchen, without the natural touch, there’s not much that catches your eye in this room. Yet the added elements of nature here is the perfect solution for this kitchen.

Roll Out the Barrels

Have some old wine barrels? Use the barrels as your kitchen island base, then install a slab on top. Once completed, you will have yourself a beautiful island with a classic old-world feel.

Kitchen Island With Barrels for the Base

Repurpose an Antique

Do you have a classic antique dresser that has been passed down in the family? Or maybe you are great at finding old furniture pieces that need a little work, but have great potential.

Start by finding an antique dresser in decent condition. Next, add some paint, and install a cool slab to put on top. Finish by adding some awesome hardware. Once you are finished you will find that the old outdated piece that had potential is now the focal point of your kitchen. The light green in the design below combined with the antique feel really make this island stand out as the centerpiece of this kitchen.

Repurposed Antique Kitchen Island with Green Base

Bring in Playful Patterns

You can bring in playful patterns with color or with the materials your use. Find a pretty tile design or use a pretty wallpaper design to cover the base. However, if you use wallpaper make sure to cover it with a sheet of clear acrylic to prevent it from being ruined.

Playful patterns are a great opportunity to personalize your kitchen and make it stand out. Sit down and brainstorm some of your favorite patterns, or maybe even pull out your sketchbook. Draw a few designs and narrow down your choices, then decide on the color and where you want the pattern. After this, you’ll be good to go.

The following kitchen uses an intricate flower pattern under the polished island.

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Pinterest Playful Patterns on Kitchen Island in White Kitchen

Invest in a Beautiful Island Range Hood

A kitchen island range hood is the icing on the cake to finish off your beautiful island. Designers have been calling the range hood the “trophy piece of the kitchen” and we couldn’t agree more – and an island hood has even more potential to stand out.

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We hope you enjoyed these kitchen island tips! Are you looking for more kitchen inspiration? Check out this article as well!

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