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How to Increase the Fan Speed of An Outdoor Vent Hood

How to Increase the Fan Speed of An Outdoor Vent Hood - Proline Range Hoods

Is your outdoor hood giving you the power you need? If not, we may have a solution for you.

Most outdoor vent hoods are variable speed, meaning you can change the setting or turn a knob to increase the power. They either have + or - buttons to control the speed or knobs that allow for more specific adjustments. Once you hit the max setting, you can’t get more power out of your hood. So it’s important to choose the right CFM.

If your hood isn’t giving you the power you need at max speed, you can do a few things before settling for a replacement.

Clean the filters.

Over time, grease builds up in your range hood filters. They require cleaning about every two to three months. If they aren’t cleaned frequently, grease buildup can block airflow inside your range hood. Try cleaning your filters and see if that makes a difference in the performance of your hood.

Here are a few deep cleaning methods you can try.

Clean the inside of your range hood.

Next, you can use a kitchen degreaser to clean the inside of your range hood. Avoid spraying the hood directly; instead, just spray on a towel and wipe the hood clean. Here are a few different techniques to clean your hood.

If you clean your filters regularly, that’ll keep the inside of your range hood clean too.

Clean and inspect the motor. You may need a replacement.

Grease can also get inside the motor if your hood is not maintained properly. It’s pretty quick and easy to remove and clean your motor. Here’s a quick video explaining that process.

After cleaning, if your hood still is not working efficiently, you might need a replacement motor. Call the manufacturer and they can help you troubleshoot your hood.

Inspect your range hood duct.

If you go several months without cleaning your hood or filters, your duct might get quite greasy. Cleaning it can be expensive, but for some, it may be your only option. Cleaning your duct is the last resort, so try the other tips on this list first!

How much CFM do I need for my outdoor range hood?

Minimum Range Hood Duct Size

We recommend at least 1200 CFM for your outdoor hood. If you cook every day in your outdoor kitchen, consider a 1700+ CFM range hood. For those who can’t get enough of outdoor cooking, check out our 2000 CFM range hoods!

If you know the total BTUs of your grill, divide that number by 100 to get the minimum CFM you need for your range hood. For example, if your grill is 160,000 BTUs, you’ll want a 1600+ CFM range hood.

Hopefully we helped you get the most out of your outdoor vent hood. Thanks for reading!

Do I need a vent for an outdoor kitchen?

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Why do I need an outdoor range hood?

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