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How to Throw the Perfect Summer Soiree

How to Throw the Perfect Summer Soiree - Proline Range Hoods

Planning your summer soiree and don't know where to begin? Let us help you get started. Here we have rounded up our top tips for throwing the best summer soiree of the season.

How to Throw a Fun Summer Soiree

Let The Party Planning Begin

Start With Your Summer Soiree Guest List

In order to kick off your summer soiree right, start with a guest list. Begin by writing down who you plan to invite. This way, you can prepare your party plans specifically around who is coming and what you think your guests will appreciate.

Plan Your Menu Items

What is a summer soiree without some good food? Plan ahead and make sure you have a few delicious items to choose from. Once you figure out your menu, make a shopping list and head to your local market to start checking items off.

Need some good party food ideas? Follow our party food board on Pinterest where we have pinned some of our favorite party food recipes.

Create a Mood Board For Decoration Ideas

Sometimes it's hard to get a good visual of the party before the day of the event. Well, good thing someone invented mood boards. You can create your own mood board online for free using Canva.

Make a Sweet Summer Party Playlist

Large Sony Speaker

When beginning to create your perfect summer playlist, make sure to find songs that everyone will enjoy. Unless you know what kind of music your guests personally love, it's a good idea to just stick with the classics.

Time to Throw Your Summer Soiree

Let's get the party started

Soda Cans with a Pool in the Background

The day you have been waiting for is here! Let the summer soiree fun begin! Pull out your favorite tablecloths and beautiful dinnerware because tonight you get to be the gatherer of fun, friends and good times while you bring your party vision to life.


Nothing is worse than arriving on time to a party just to find yourself waiting for several hours for the food to be served. However, now that it's your turn to host, wake up bright and early so you can make sure that all of the food is hot and ready for your guests as they arrive.

Tip: Make what you can ahead of time the night before to reduce the workload on the day of your event.

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Balloons on Water

Once your cold food items are ready to go, make sure to give yourself enough time to decorate. Keep in mind that how you decorate will greatly affect the mood of your guests.

What mood are you wanting for your guests? On top of cleanliness and balance, the most important factor of decor is color. Bright colors are used to make a room feel lighter and bigger. You can also decorate with light colors to create an easy, carefree mood.

Decorate with darker colors to make your space feel smaller or more intimate. It is true that the colors we use to decorate may give us a certain state of mind. They can energize us, make us feel joyful, make us feel safe, calm, relaxed, and even excite us.

Tip: Don't have a tablecloth? Bed sheets and clean linens make the best tablecloths.


Beach Volleyball

As a host, it's your responsibility to gather everyone together and make sure strangers leave as friends. So do it the right way by making sure there are several activities to get the group talking and real conversations happening.

Throwing your party outside? Set up a net and play volleyball or badminton. Or pull out the old croquet set or some of your favorite card games to really get the good vibes going.


There is no such thing as a good summer party without a good dining experience. Make sure to really wow your guests with a beautifully set table and plenty of finger food to grab throughout the evening.

People Having Dinner and Making a Toast

Let The Music Play

Everyone knows that it's not a party until the music starts to play. You get to be the DJ so ask your guests what songs they love and cater to what they like.

It helps to know in advance what kind of music your guests like. Always cater to your audience and you will see that your parties will surely be a hit.

Thank Your Guests For Coming

Dog in the Water

The fun has come to an end. Don't forget to thank your guests for coming and wish them a safe trip home.

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