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How to Remove Scratches From Your Range Hood

How to Remove Scratches From Your Range Hood - Proline Range Hoods

As you use your range hood, it may likely accumulate some small scratches. Some scratches may result from shipping or the installation process. If you receive your hood and it has deep scratches out of the box, return it as soon as possible. At Proline Range Hoods, we provide a friendly 14-day return policy, giving you time to ensure that your hood is in good condition before installation.

Most scratches, however, occur over time as a result of use. Even the most durable hoods will eventually show some wear and tear, but there is an effective way that you can keep your hood looking good as new. Keep reading to learn how!

These tips will also work great for other stainless steel appliances such as ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, and many others.

This guide is for light scratches only. Do you have a light scratch? Run your fingernail across the range hood; if it gets caught on the scratch, it’s too deep for this method.

All of Proline’s range hoods are manufactured with 430 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel; both are durable, great for indoor and outdoor use. Good luck cleaning!
How to Remove Scratches From Your Range Hood

What You’ll Need

  • White Scotch Brite - The white Scotch Brite is for the lightest use.
  • Gray Scotch Brite - The gray Scotch Brite is made of ultra-fine material.
  • Red Scotch Brite - The red Scotch Brite is made of slightly coarser material.
  • Wood Block or Sanding Block
  • 30 to 60 minutes

Removing Scratches from Your Range Hood

PLJW 121

Once you have gathered the materials above, you’re ready to buff scratches out of your range hood. Depending on the number of scratches on your hood, the size of your hood, and how deep of a clean you want, this may take up to an hour.

The most important thing to note when removing scratches from your hood is to move with the grain. This will give your hood the most uniform shine.

Follow these three simple steps to remove scratches from your range hood.

You can shop for your Scotch Brite pads on Amazon:

1. Wipe the hood using the light-duty white Scotch Brite pads before buffing out the scratches.

This first step is to remove any dirt or grease from your hood before you start the coarser cleaning. Depending on how long you have been using your hood – or how long it has been since you cleaned it – this may take longer.

Check out our guide on how to clean a stainless steel range hood if you want to clean your entire hood before removing scratches.

2. Use the red pads over the area of interest.

The red Scotch Brite pads will do most of the work buffing out the scratches in your range hood.

First, take your red Scotch Brite and place it up against the wood block. Hold the Scotch Brite to the sides of the wood block as you wipe across your hood.

Don’t use your fingers to clean the hood; the pressure from your fingertips will most likely damage the refinish. Then your hood won’t have a uniform clean. Also, don’t change direction when cleaning unless you first lift the wood block off of the range hood.

Otherwise, you’ll be left with a noticeable mark where you changed direction. But as long as you lift your hand when you change direction, you’ll give your hood a nice and even clean.

Continue to clean the hood with even strokes with the grain, across the full length of your hood. Be sure to clean the entire hood if you have time. If you just clean part of the hood, the cleaned portion may look noticeably different from the rest of your hood – this won’t be attractive to your guests. The goal is to have as uniform a clean as possible.

For example, if you focus on one area, you’ll see two distinct lines that divide where you scrubbed and where you didn’t. To avoid this, overlap your lines often for the most elegant finish.

3. After several back-and-forth motions, switch to the gray Scotch Brite. Wipe across your range hood for several minutes, until the scratches have disappeared.

PLJW 101

And that’s it; you’re done!

Hopefully this guide on removing scratches from your range hood has been helpful. Be sure to check out the above video to learn how to remove scratches from your range hood.

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