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20 Different Types Of Hand Tools For Your Kitchen Renovation

20 Different Types Of Hand Tools For Your Kitchen Renovation - Proline Range Hoods

Different Types Of Hand Tools For Your Kitchen Renovation - Remodeling or renovating your kitchen can be pretty costly but a great way to cut back on those costs is to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of the work yourself.

However, a lot of DIY beginners find themselves using the wrong hand tools for the wrong jobs - so what tools will you need and for what jobs?

Here is an easy to follow guide to all of the different types of hand tools which comes in handy for kitchen renovations.

Check them out below to see which hand tools you should consider using for your own kitchen renovation!

1. Demolition Bars

One of the first jobs that comes with kitchen renovation is taking out all of the old stuff. This includes cabinets, counters, appliances, tiles, and more - and for this kind of job, you are going to need a demolition bar.

Demolition bars will help you pry away these objects from where they are nailed down. This means you can easily remove all of the furniture and decor around your kitchen which you want to replace and update.

So, a demolition bar is definitely a hand tool you should use when the time comes to empty out your kitchen!

2. Pliers

Whenever you need to grip, turn or clip something, you will probably be using a pair of pliers to do so. As a result, pliers are a common addition to any DIY enthusiasts’ toolbox, and are used in all kinds of electrical and maintenance work.

Although we would recommend getting a professional to do the wiring in your kitchen, pliers can help you do the little stuff all by yourself so you can save a bit of cash.

3. Long Level

Levels are super useful for making sure everything you install is level and flat. This means that when it comes to putting up your kitchen cabinets on the walls or installing shelves, you are going to need a long level to make sure the surfaces are perfectly flat.

After all, if you try installing shelves at a slant, then things will just slip and slide right off!

4. Tile Cutter

A lot of kitchens use tiles in their decor, and so a tile cutter is another common tool used in kitchen renovations. They are the best tools to use to cut tiles into the shape you need safely.

You can use wet tile saws too but they are more costly, heftier, and used for much larger projects although they do offer fast cutting and more precision. So, for a few basic tiles for your kitchen, we’d recommend sticking to a tile cutter.

5. Quick Grip Clamps

These tools are super handy to use when installing fixings or demolition features that are already there. As a result, they’re used in a lot of projects to help with accurate fittings - especially if it’s a one man job!

6. Drywall Trowel

Drywall trowels are tools used to tape, bed, and finish drywalls so if you are fixing up the walls in your kitchen during your renovation, you are definitely going to need one of these to help you out.

7. Miter Saw

Miter saws are stationary saws that help you make super precise cuts even at awkward angles. So, if you come across a really awkward cut you need to make, a miter saw is a saw you will want to use.

You might not need one, but they’re super handy to have just in case and allow you to get more creative with your kitchen layout and design.

8. Impact Driver

Impact drivers are a type of drill that is used on much tougher objects such as nuts and some types of driving screws.

You will probably need one when it comes to fixing your kitchen cabinets to your walls to help make sure they are securely attached.

It’s especially handy because renovating your kitchen will require a lot of screws and hard materials - which an impact driver is perfect for!

9. Grout Rake

If you are planning on changing the tiles in your kitchen, then a grout rake is perfect for helping you remove tiles by removing the grout between them.

It works on floors and walls, and if you make a mistake when re-tiling your kitchen, just whip out your grout rake to remove the tile again!

10. Claw Hammer

One of the most easily iconic hand tools is the claw hammer. They’re multi-functional and are used for striking objects (usually nails) into place.

The claw side of the hammer is also used to pull things out and is designed to reduce surface damage while fixing any mistakes.

So, claw hammers can be used for demolition and emptying your kitchen, and for nailing your new fixings into place. As a result, you will almost definitely need this tool during your kitchen renovation.

11. Screwdriver

Another easily iconic hand tool is the screwdriver. It’s used in almost all projects imaginable - so you will most likely need to use one while renovating your kitchen.

Anything to do with screws, whether it’s tightening or loosening to remove something, you will need a screwdriver.

The thing is that there are lots of types of screwdrivers out there with different fasteners depending on the heads of the screws you have used.

So, you may want to get a set of different screwdrivers so you will always have the right one to hand.

12. Cordless Drill

If you want the job of a screwdriver done quickly, then a cordless drill is the ideal hand tool to use. While screwdrivers are great for getting the finishing touches tone, cordless drills can help make repetitive tasks easier and quicker, saving you a lot of time.

There are tons of drills out there but we’d recommend getting a cordless drill as they are safer and work well enough for easy tasks involved in a kitchen renovation.

13. Worktop Jig

Trying to cut complex holes and shapes into your kitchen worktop can feel nearly impossible but a great tool to use is the worktop jig.

Worktop jigs are pretty big (barely making it into the ‘hand’ tool category) but are such a handy tool to use for kitchen renovations that we had to bring them up.

They can help you cut accurately placed holes, sections, and joints for wiring and plumbing with ease so it’s definitely worth checking them out!

14. Hand Saw

The hand saw is a trusty tool that has been used for decades but really only has one purpose - cutting up materials.

Most hand saws can make their way through anything from wood, plasterboard, resins, MDF, and more - making them great for cutting down materials you plan on using in your kitchen renovation.

15. Jigsaw

Another popular type of saw often used in kitchen renovations is the jigsaw.

Jigsaws allow for tighter, smoother cuts than a hand saw and they also work fast, so it seems like this tool is an obvious choice.

However, power jigsaws are more cost-effective than a hand saw but do offer more advantages, including straight cross cuts and the ability to cut curves.

16. Adjustable Wrench

Wrenches are handy tools used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, and are usually linked more to machinery than kitchen cabinets. Despite this, it’s likely that you may need to use a wrench at some point during your kitchen renovation.

Specifically, wrenches are also used in plumbing so you will probably need one or two to set up your kitchen sink and its pipes.

Alongside an adjustable wrench (which is useful to keep around due to its versatility) a basin wrench is also recommended to use when installing sinks and plumbing.

17. Utility Knife

Another all-rounder that you will most likely use at some point during your kitchen renovation is a utility knife.

They are used for menial tasks such as opening boxes or sharpening pencils, but utility knives can also be used to quickly score plasterboard.

Having a retractable blade like this makes it super easy to cut off small bits and edges, and they are the safer option compared to having an open blade lying around your kitchen.

As a result, a versatile and strong utility knife is always a recommended tool that everyone should keep around during their DIY projects - just in case you need it for small odd jobs.

18. Tape Measure

A tape measure is a vital tool used by all kinds of DIY enthusiasts and carpenters as it helps them accurately measure their materials and work out how much they need to cut off in order to fit in furniture and fixings. This makes it a tool used for all kinds of projects - including kitchen renovation.

So, you won’t get far without one of these tools!

19. Flashlight

Renovating your kitchen will mean that you will be getting up close and personal with a lot of dark corners, holes, and cracks.

Visibility will be low at times and using a proper flashlight will help you be able to see clearly as you wrap up some of the finishing touches of your kitchen.

We would recommend that you get a small but bright flashlight specifically designed for DIY use. This will make it easier to hold your flashlight while working on other things during your kitchen renovation.

20. Pencil

You might be thinking - does a pencil really count as a tool?

Well, we’d love to see you try and renovate a kitchen without one! Pencils (specifically carpenter’s pencils) are found in every DIY enthusiast’s tool kit and are super handy for marking or noting down measurements.

We’d especially recommend that you get a carpenter’s pencil rather than just a normal one because these are bigger and with stronger lead, plus they have flat sides which stop them from rolling away if you set them down.

So, although a lot of people probably wouldn’t class a pencil as a ‘tool’ - it’s definitely vital when it comes to kitchen renovations.

So, There Are Some Of The Different Types Of Hand Tools For Your Kitchen Renovation

So, those were 20 hand tools you will need for your kitchen renovation. Check them out, and make sure to grab what you don’t already have before you get started!

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