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First Things to Do After Receiving Your Hood

First Things to Do After Receiving Your Hood - Proline Range Hoods

At Proline Range Hoods, we strive to give our customers the most streamlined shipping experience possible. FedEx ships all of our range hoods and for the 15+ years we have been in business, they have been incredibly reliable, ensuring that your products arrive to you in great condition.

Here at Proline, we have put systems in place to ensure that your kitchen ventilation products look beautiful and work effectively right out of the box. All of our products are factory-tested after they are produced. Then, we hand inspect and test them again before shipping.

Yet shipping damage is still possible; once the range hood leaves the warehouse, we don’t have complete control over your hood and any damage that could possibly occur. That is why we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy. Following the steps in this article ensures you will be able to take full advantage of those policies and not leave you with any surprises when it comes time to enjoy your new kitchen fan purchase.

A part of that return policy is a 14-day no questions asked full refund window that allows you to return your hood within 14 days if it is damaged in the shipping process.

We want you to enjoy a beautiful and functional hood – inspect it thoroughly and if there’s damage, contact us before you have had your hood for 14 days to make the most of our policies.

So, what exactly do you need to do once your new range hood arrives? Before the 14-day period ends, follow these guidelines.

Inspect the Box

Some minor wear and tear is normal; however, check to make sure that there are no holes, significant tears, or openings.

Inspect Your Hood

After inspecting the box, take out your range hood. Look for any dents on the exterior of the hood. If your hood has aluminum mesh filters, ensure that they are flat and haven’t been warped. You can remove them to make sure that they are in good condition. Stainless steel baffle filters are also easily removable; repeat the same process with them.

Once you remove the filters, look inside the hood to ensure that all the wires are attached appropriately and that your blower or blowers are unscathed.

Note that some of our hoods have a protective white film.

Turn it On

What good is a great-looking hood if it doesn’t work? After you’ve determined that your hood looks to be in good condition, plug the hood in and turn it on. Double check whether air is being sucked in and moving through the hood.

You should be able to feel the air moving and hear the hood running; if you don’t, your hood was likely damaged during shipping. Also listen for any excessive rattling noises. This may indicate that your hood was dropped or that there’s a loose part within the hood’s hardware.

Feel free to run your hood as long as you like until you’re confident that it works effectively.

Test Controls

Once your hood is turned on, adjust the speeds of your hood (most range hoods at Proline have four speeds, while some have six) and ensure that the power increases and decreases accordingly. Also check that the lights turn on and off or dim properly (some models feature dimmable Halogen lights).


Thanks for reading this guide on what to do after you receive your range hood. We hope this will help you resolve any problems with your hood before your 14-day period ends.

It’s important to note that this two-week time frame is only the period that you can return your hood for a full refund. However, once it’s installed, we can still provide you with assistance. All of our range hoods come with a three-year warranty. For the first two years, we cover replacement parts and labor. In the third year, we’ll only cover replacement parts. Click on the following links for more details about our return policy or our warranty.

Note: If you purchased any chimney extensions, unfortunately, we don’t accept returns for those products.

Call us today at 877.901.5530 if you have any problems with your range hood and we’ll get it resolved as quickly as we can.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! If you have found our content helpful in any way, please leave us a review on Yelp or Google. It only takes 10 seconds!

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