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4 Stunning Dream Kitchen Ideas

4 Stunning Dream Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Ah, we all have that dream kitchen floating around in the back of our minds.

Perhaps yours is full of all the appliances you need in your kitchen, or it’s the perfect color scheme. Maybe you want large windows with breathtaking views or your favorite furnishings to make that kitchen extra homey.

Whatever the case may be, we all have our preferences for our dream kitchen!

Today, we’re going to dive into the dreamiest of dream kitchens, both from Pinterest and our very own customer kitchens.

High Ceiling Farmhouse Kitchen

We’re starting off strong with this farmhouse beauty! High ceilings, wooden beams shaping the roof, and a variety of colors make this kitchen a farmhouse dream! A massive island has seating for six, and also plenty of extra counter space.

The island itself is stunningly gorgeous. A large wooden slab overhangs on gray wooden stilts, where bar stools can slide into the island and options for storage are still plentiful.

Getting to the cabinetry, a simple white paint was used, as well as white paint and farmhouse shaker style handles for the cabinets. The kitchen is so vast, you need a rolling ladder to reach the upper cabinets. How cool is that?

Now, moving onto the main attraction of the kitchen: the cooking area. Space was not an issue here. A large range, even larger range hood, and double oven make up the entirety of this beautiful space. The range hood cover spans over the stove and the oven. What a statement piece!

As for the size of the range hood, it’s likely a 52” or 58” range hood insert (see some quality options here). The beautiful metal hood covers the ductwork needed, and blends in well with the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

The rest of this kitchen is topped off with stunning decor pieces. A large chandelier hangs over the island, complemented by other hanging light bulbs. Windows high above the cabinets allow light to flood in.

Country Style

This country style kitchen is massive! It just seems to go on, and on! This kitchen maximizes its space with its lower ceilings, and manages to fit a large, rectangular island right in the middle. Counter space fanatics will all be satisfied here!

There are bar stools for six at the island, not to mention more seating at a table for more formal breakfasts and dinners. Let’s get into the minute details!

The ceiling is just gorgeous here. Medium tan wood invites you into this cozy country style kitchen. Large wooden beams span the ceiling, criss-crossing each other to form a beautiful layered masterpiece.

From there, puck lights are implanted in the ceiling, as well as a few hanging lights over the large kitchen island. You’ve got all the light you need to prepare your meal on the island, and a built-in sink to wash vegetables and more.

Ready to cook up a storm?

Speaking of cooking, let’s talk about appliances! A large stainless steel range with both a stove top and built-in oven fits nicely opposite the island sink amid a striking white brick backsplash.

A large CFM hood like the ProSW.54 or the PLFW 750.54 will work beautifully in this scenario.

Walk through the kitchen a little more to find a double doored refrigerator, and microwave. Along with white cabinets, these modern stainless steel appliances fit in nicely with this rustic, country kitchen look.

Finally, the extras! We already talked about the white brick backsplash, but it needs more attention. It covers the wall from window to window, and even sneaks its way under the paneled cabinets on the left.

Then, there’s intricate details in the design of the barstools, with a metal frame and wooden top. It matches the metal of the appliances and the wood of the island top! The beams on the ceiling come down around the windows framed by the same color wood and act as posts.

All in all, this kitchen is complete, gorgeous, and melds everything together seamlessly. Bravo!

Modern Mountain Home

Large Kitchen with Marble Island and Custom Hood - Dream Kitchen Ideas

Mountain home kitchens are hard to beat. From the views to the fixtures and the culture behind mountain homes, there’s a lot to unpack here.

This kitchen works in a beautiful color scheme, going with gray, brown and offwhite. It features a large island with plenty of space for preparing meals and storage. It also includes a couple of barstools for quick bites. But who wants to eat here when you’ve got a deck with a beautiful mountain view?!

Custom Hood with Stainless Steel Trim
Custom Hood over Stainless Steel Range

Here’s where the food making happens. A large stove is dwarfed by an even larger range hood cover. It helps to hide the ductwork, and offers a focal point for the kitchen.

Here, the range hood cover is a similar color to the stainless steel range above it. It really evokes an industrial look! Some great options for range hood inserts include the full customizable ProV Insert and the Hurricane Insert from Proline!

Side View - Custom Range Hood and Large Kitchen Island with View to the Outside

From here, the kitchen only expands. The tiles backsplash carries hints of the dominant colors used in the kitchen. It works in gray, black, white, and many other shades!

Expansive windows display incredible views overlooking a valley area and allow ample light to flood into the kitchen. The windows also slide, so you can open them on warm summer days!

Close up - custom hood over two stoves

Dark brown wood makes up the upper and lower cabinetry with a few glass panes at the tops of the cabinets to show off some great decor!

The trim and handles are simple on the doors and drawers, as most of the detail in this kitchen is elsewhere. Still, the color choices here give the feeling of a cozy but modern mountain home kitchen.

Large Kitchen with Hanging Chandelier lights

And now, for the extras! The two chandelier lights that hang from the ceiling invite you into this modern mountain home kitchen.

A large wardrobe type accessory hides the refrigerator and freezer doors, making for an old-school style mountain home.

The details around the large refrigerator are amazing as well! Finally, the floor is large tiles that allow light to bounce off evenly throughout the kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen in a Modern Home

White Kitchen with Hardwood Floor and Marble Insert

This kitchen is a modern masterpiece! With expansive space all around this kitchen, modern fixtures, and a neutral based color scheme, this is exactly what the modernist is asking for.

White and tan are the dominant colors, and large windows on the sides allow light to flood throughout the kitchen and the home. Let’s break this down, shall we?

Marble Insert over stainless steel ranges

Starting with some fine details regarding appliances, the first photo shows a large double doored refrigerator and freezer on the looker's left of the kitchen. That trend stays the same, detailing a large stovetop and oven built in.

On the right side of this photo, a microwave is placed on the lower level of the cabinetry. You’ve got all the space you could possibly need! The stainless steel range hood insert is covered by a beautiful range hood cover that matches the cabinets, and rest of the kitchen.

Marble insert and marble countertops

Now these cabinets are some of the best! They’re detailed very nicely and have modern handles attached to them for easy opening. A small 15-bottle wine “cellar” is built into the kitchen walls, so refilling your kitchen wine is as easy as can be!

There’s also a dishwasher sneaking its way into the right side of this photo, nearly opposite of the stove and oven. The colors all work together to provide a beautiful put together kitchen!

Marble custom hood over stainless steel range

Have you started getting more ideas for your dream kitchen yet (see also '13 DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen')? We hope we helped, even a little bit!

The fun thing about designing your big, beautiful dream kitchen is that it’s your kitchen. We can give recommendations, show you fantastic kitchens, and ignite the lightbulb in your head, but ultimately the decisions rests on your shoulders. Get to it!

If you need a little more inspiration, we’ve got loads of ideas on Pinterest. Follow our account there, and check out some of our best boards, including modern contemporary kitchens, mountain home kitchens, and farmhouse kitchens! We’ve also got articles that surround those same topics. Check out a few below!

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