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Do Countertops Or Appliances Go First In A Remodel? (Read Before You Start)

Do Countertops Or Appliances Go First In A Remodel? (Read Before You Start) - Proline Range Hoods

Remodeling your kitchen is simultaneously exciting and stressful. You are excited to see your shiny new appliances and smart new countertops, but first you have to get through the installation process.

So you might be wondering do countertops or appliances go first in a remodel? Well, we’re going to take a look at what the norm is and if it always applies.

Do Countertops Or Appliances Go In First?

Well like most things when it comes to remodeling, it depends on what you have planned for your new kitchen.

Typically countertops are installed first, but the appliances that are going to be fitted need to be in your home so that accurate measurements can be taken, including your range hood.

This is important because if the countertops are cut to the wrong size that is an expensive thing to put right. There are some appliances that may need to be installed before the countertops being fitted.

These include over-sized refrigerators or a range that is smaller or bigger than a standard model.

Dishwashers should typically be fitted before countertops as they need to be attached to a dishwasher bracket to stop it tipping forward when you open the door.

Every remodel will be different and the type of appliances and kinds of countertops will vary, so it really does depend on the individual job.

Make A Kitchen Plan

It is a good idea to make a kitchen plan when you are remodeling your kitchen.

This is especially important if you are installing any new appliances that don’t currently exist in your kitchen. Or if you are replacing your current appliances with bigger ones.

For example if you are going to invest in a drop in cook top or an extra large refrigerator you should work out exactly how these will work with your countertops.

These measurements will need to be considered when installing the countertops to ensure there is enough space.

This is why it is important to have all your appliances purchased before having your countertops measured so that you know everything has been accounted for accurately.

The last thing you want is your countertop overlapping the gap where your refrigerator is going.

A plan will allow you to decide if any of your new appliances will need to be installed prior to the countertops or if you can go ahead and fit your countertops first.

Other considerations are whether you are having under-counter appliances such as trash compactors fitted.

Countertop Planning

The type of countertop that you are having installed will have an impact on how it is installed. For example if you are having a pour concrete countertop it will need framed block outs for the sink or a range.

In the majority of cases the countertops will need to be in place before the appliances are installed.

Obviously in the case of a drop in cook top or anything else that is being built into the countertop a ‘rough in’ measurement should be used for cutouts.

These measurements are typically provided by the appliance manufacturer. It is always better to double-check all measurements before cutting out countertops.

Stick to the ‘measure twice, cut once’ rule to avoid making expensive mistakes.

Other types of countertops such as laminate, butcher block and ceramic tile are relatively easy to cut out but granite, quartz and marble will be much harder and need a professional to cut them out.

Fixtures & Appliances

Fixtures & Appliances

So when it comes to your appliances the most common approach is to fit and set the countertops first and then install the appliances.

But as we have mentioned, the appliances need to be available in the home to be measured.

If you are having a regular size refrigerator then this can be installed after the countertops.

Having it in place first risks the appliance getting damaged as the countertops are being fitted. As long as it is accurately measured, it will fit just fine.

A normal sized stove can be installed after the countertops but again needs to be available by the contractor so that it can be measured.

It is never a good idea to take the size of your stove, or any appliance, from an ad or a website as a gauge for cutting your countertops.

Dishwashers benefit from being installed prior to fitting the countertops. This is because it will need to be plumbed and wired in which is easier to do before installing the countertops.

It is also one of the first appliances to be fitted as most other appliances are typically installed after the countertop.

Your kitchen sink should be in your home so that your contractor can take accurate measurements before cutting out the countertop. More often than not a template of the sink is used for this purpose.

Tips For Installing Countertops

The countertops will be installed after the kitchen's cabinetry is in place.

Depending on the type of material that the countertop is made from, it can either be placed directly on top of the cabinets or it may need a layer of plywood or concrete boards.

When installing countertops it is a good idea to have the doors to other parts of the house sealed up with plastic sheeting.

This is to stop the dust from cutting the countertops and other work during the remodel spreading to other parts of the home.

You should also cover up any vents but don’t forget to uncover them afterward. It is advisable to remove any artwork from the walls and remove any furniture from the kitchen installers' path.

They will be carrying large items such as your countertops which are difficult to maneuver so better to move things out of the way rather than risk breakages and damage.

Keep the area from the front door to the kitchen clear of any obstacles or anything that you don’t want to get damaged as a result of the remodel.

Possible Issues When Installing Countertops

One of the biggest problems that arise when installing countertops and appliances as part of a kitchen remodel is inaccurate measurements.

It is important to double and triple check any measurements of your kitchen, countertops and appliances before anything is purchased, cut or moved.

Make absolutely sure of all your measurements prior to any work being done or appliances and materials are bought.

The best way to make sure that your kitchen remodel goes smoothly is to hire a professional to design and fit your new kitchen.

If you don’t want to hire someone to design your kitchen then you could always use an online design tool, many of which are in 3D.

However you should check with a professional installer before ordering anything based on these tools and double check all the measurements.

Final Thoughts

When planning your remodel consider the kind of appliances you want to include and if they are standard sizes. This should allow you to determine if they need to be installed before your countertops.

Remember to have all your appliances on hand so that they can be accurately measured before fitting.

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