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December Photo Contest Winners

December Photo Contest Winners - Proline Range Hoods

Check Out Our December Winners

Thank you for entering your beautiful kitchens this December!

The following photos will receive cash prizes and are now entered to compete for the grand prize of $10,000 next year.

First place and $500 goes to Todd R., who sent in several beautiful photos of our ProVW in his vibrant kitchen. Congratulations, Todd!

And $250 goes to each of the following 4 runners-up for their pictures.

Congratulations to all our winners!

If you haven't entered yet, you should!

This month, one of our past winners in August, Tory V., was selected as a runner-up for December. If you submitted photos but didn't win, you can't submit the same photos again, but you can take new photos and submit a new entry each month – even if you won in the past!

On the tenth of each month, we post all the winning photos at That is also the best place to go if you need a bit of inspiration or a quick refresh of the rules or tips and information on what we are looking for.

We will also be posting other great customer kitchen photos on this page.

1st Place - $500

December Photo Contest Winners

Todd R. - Model: ProV Wall

Runners Up

December Photo Contest Runner Up

Chris C. - Model: PLFI 750

December Photo Contest Winners

Tory V. - Model: PLFW 520

December Photo Contest Runner Up

Kean S. - Model: Hurricane

December Photo Contest Runner Up

Eric G. - Model: PLJW 120

Keep an eye on our social media channels and website in the coming weeks to see other winners and photos that have been submitted.

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