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19 Captivating Boho Bedroom Ideas

19 Captivating Boho Bedroom Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

So, you want a boho themed bedroom? This is a fun and exciting time for you because bohemian interior design is in and it’s fashionable. Find some inspiration here with our 19 boho bedroom ideas!

There are so many different ways to create your unique bedroom, and the best ways are the ones that personalize your room to you. We want your bedroom to be a sanctuary – a place where you can destress and escape from your daily routine.

We’ll go over some of our favorite ideas in this article, but not before giving you a quick refresher on bohemian design.

What is boho chic decor?

Part of the charm of boho chic decor is the variety of decorations, furniture, and random pieces you find across all stores. Antique and vintage stores are some of the best to consider when trying to find old pieces to include in your bedroom. Amazon can be a best friend, too! String lights like these ones from Amazon are a super popular bohemian decoration. They are a practical way to keep light in your room after hours, too.

For a full brush-up on bohemian themed interior design, visit our article on bohemian design.

Boho design combines elements of new and old furniture, loud and bright colors, lots of air plants, potted plants, and other bohemian decorations. These include antiques, funky wallpaper, and vintage wood and wicker elements – sometimes all in the same room!

Focus on the colors, warm and cool: bright yellows, oranges, reds, tans, browns, and splashes of purples, blues, and greens, mostly in the form of plants.

Overlapping rugs, throw pillows, bean bags, tossed blankets, and dream catchers are a few other chic bedroom decor ideas you can try.

You can include all of these in your room or go for more subdued styles. If you’re looking to style your home beyond the bohemian bedroom, check out our article on stylish bohemian living room ideas here.

Keep in mind that you need to stay relatively within the 60-30-10 color rule, but your colors can be dazzling and vintage at the same time!

Make sure you include plants, whether you have a few or you have many. Some of the easiest boho chic designs to include in your bedroom are pots with fun colors, designs, and textures.

Hopefully now you have what you need to get started. Stay with us as we’re about to share with you some inspirational bedroom ideas.

The Country Western Theme

Get a taste of country western in this bedroom! Morrocan rugs, cowboy hats, and guitars on the walls speak to the Wild West and the 1800s.

The Two-Toned Bedroom

This two-toned bohemian style bedroom is a perfect example of how bringing together common colors works so well! It’s the perfect combination of oranges and tans, along with several different shades of each of these. Unfortunately, the dog is not included.

Here’s a more muted version of this bedroom!

The Rustic Look

This look thrives in bohemian style home decor, especially in bedrooms! Including rust colors in your color palette is a wonderful way to bring in both color and style.

Usually, these types of bedrooms are topped off with some beautiful plants: floor palm trees or air plants of hanging ivy! Browse 1000+ creative bohemian decor ideas on our Pinterest board.

The Modern Urban Boho Bedroom


This bedroom is tamer and toned down. It’s clean, it’s neat, it’s chic, but it has reminders of boho design incorporated into it. This is a perfect starting place for those people who don’t know if they want to go with an all-out bohemian style – or for the person who wants to keep a clean, neat look!

Here’s a pin of this style; this boho chic bedroom is nice and cozy.

The Boho Mountain Man

While this boho chic bedroom is subdued like our modern, urban boho friend above, this style works beautifully in incorporating a tame color scheme. Its charm resides in its unfinished wood furniture, including the wooden palettes the bed is resting on, the bench at the foot of the bed, and the literal firewood resting by the bedside. S’mores, anyone?

The Lofted Bedroom

The lofted boho chic bedroom is simply beautiful. It’s a great place to try hanging accessories, and generally is a very beautiful place to grow plants, too! This lofted boho bedroom is seriously out of a dream. The whites make it look angelic! And that air plant? Perfect.

The Three Color Boho Bedroom

Want more colors? Say no more. Keeping your bedroom looking fancy and a lovely color palette has never been easier than it is now. Blues, tans, browns, yellows, and oranges will all go fantastic together. It’s just a matter of making it all happen!

The soft blues in this bedroom make it feel cozy and comfortable.

The Tree Hugger

Everything about this boho chic bedroom screams a love for nature: the forest greens, the rough, unfinished wooden bedframe, the rocking chair, shelf, and hanging decorations. The funky rug is like finding two birds in a bush, or one in the hand.

Similarly, this bedroom brings home the tree hugger vibe, doesn’t it?

The Boho Desert Princess

Okay, this boho chic bedroom is just stunning. Just look at he combination of colors, desert plants, cacti, the bedframe with flowy curtains, hanging plants...the list goes on. Don’t forget the giant mirror, Morrocan style rug, and the hanging frame!

The Boho College Dorm

Do you want to hop into the boho chic bedroom design scene in college? A giant tapestry will oftentimes do the trick. It’s super easy to hang, maintain, and, best of all, it’s pretty cheap, too!

Be sure to check with college regulations, though - some colleges ban tapestries because they’re fire hazards. If you can’t buy a tapestry, simply add a few plants.

The Coveted Boho Daybed

Stuck in a small, one-bed apartment, or a studio apartment? Day beds are perhaps the best fix! They’re usually spacious, and get rid of the couch that’s crowding your small apartment. This means you have more room for furniture, plants, and other decor.

This boho chic bedroom is particularly unique - the bed is resting on a frame of wooden palettes! The colors keep this bedroom vibrant, too.

The Jungle Book Bed

This boho chic bedroom has more than the bare necessities: bright colors in the rug, the bed, and walls, and plants galore. Also, there’s plenty of paintings which effortlessly brighten and personalize this room.

The Eye of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant, anyone? Indiana Jones? Anyways, one of the best ways to create a boho chic bedroom is string lights and a wall of polaroids and other printed out pictures. Topping it off is a fancy eye – cool, right?

The Southwestern Boho Girl

Does any room scream more southwestern than this boho chic bedroom? The cow skull on the bedside table adds so much flair, as do the wall decorations and the beautiful bedspreads.

The Unfinished Boho Bedroom

Some of the best boho decor thrives on the unfinished looks – and we’re not just talking about wood! Bohemian design evolves, slowly albeit, but as it does, your room decor evolves too. This bedroom has old and new elements mixed in, creating a perfectly modern but unfinished boho chic bedroom.

The Garden Oasis Bedroom

This is a beautiful boho chic bedroom, isn’t it? We honestly love it - and it’s a pretty easy one to achieve, too! Make sure your hanging shelf is as close to the window as it can be. You may consider moving plants around so they all get adequate sunlight. It’s a pretty one, for sure!

The Au Naturale Boho

Need some new experiences but can’t get outside much? Well, bring the outside inside with this really chic boho design!

This is one of those that takes some planning, but when executed, it’s perfect! The bed on the floor only adds to the camping vibe of this room. Greens in the form of blankets and hanging plants add more character.

Check out these other bedrooms!

The Blush Boho

The colors in this boho chic bedroom are everything. It doesn’t get too much more traditional bohemian themed than this one! Bright colors, especially pinks, yellows, oranges and reds thrive in these types of rooms. Add some wall decorations and throw pillows and you’ve got it down.

The Full-On Boho

Need more consideration for a full-on boho room? This one has it all: Morrocan themes, tapestries, hanging curtains, outdoor elements, and a beautiful color palette.

The bedspread and the intricate designs for pillow covers give a fresh breath of air to this wonderful chic boho bedroom.

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Well, this concludes our bohemian themed bedroom ideas! If you’re left wanting more, head over to your bohemian themed Pinterest board, and check out our section for bedrooms specifically!

Remember, you can combine elements you see in living rooms for your bedrooms too - there’s not necessarily a wrong way to incorporate boho design.

Thanks for reading and we wish you the best of luck creating your ultimate boho chic bedroom!

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