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Enjoy our Super Sale! For a limited time get an extra 20-25% off on checkout on 42" range hoods or larger!


Black Friday Deals Are Here - Range Hood Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Deals Are Here - Range Hood Black Friday Sale! - Proline Range Hoods

The best time to buy your hood is our range hood Black Friday sale! And Black Friday pricing is already available! We are offering up to 60% off all our range hoods and additional discounts on select hoods on this page.

Check out these once-a-year discounts here!

Buy Black Friday Deals Now

When do Proline's Black Friday deals start?

Proline's Black Friday range hood deals are available right now! Our prices are already the best deals in the industry, and this year, we’re giving deeper discounts on select models during our Black Friday sale. Check this page for the hoods with the deepest discounts.

What are the best range hood Black Friday sale deals?

You can get the best Black Friday deals on a brand new range hood on this page. We are offering several specific discounts on all the hoods on that page. Check them out. Our prices are the best in the industry for commercial-grade residential range hoods all year long, but during Black Friday we are at our deepest discounts of the year!

We have hoods in the following styles on sale:

  • Wall mounted range hoods
  • Island range hoods
  • Under cabinet range hoods
  • Outdoor hoods
  • Range hood inserts and liners for custom hoods
  • ...and more!

So click here and select a new hood for your kitchen during our Black Friday sale NOW!

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