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5 Best Range Hoods For Your Mountain Home

5 Best Range Hoods For Your Mountain Home - Proline Range Hoods

Your mountain home is a sanctuary for you and your family and friends. It’s always lovely to escape the world and retreat to the mountains for some hard-earned fun or relaxation.

You can relax all you want, but you still have to eat. It’s fun to go out and get a bite to eat every once in a while, but a home-cooked meal is too good to pass up.

We’ll show you what you need to upgrade your mountain home kitchen to the next level. Check out some of our best range hoods for mountain homes complete with customer reviews, photos, and more.

Proline ProV Range Hood Insert

ProV Insert

The ProV insert is an incredibly powerful insert for your kitchen. You have three blower options from 1200 to an impressive 1700 CFM. You can choose between a 1200 CFM local blower, a 1300 CFM inline blower, or a 1700 CFM local blower. The inline blower is incredibly popular because it is much quieter than the local blower which sits inside the range hood.

The inline blower sits inside the ductwork; the further away from your hood, the quieter the blower will be.

The ProV insert also features dial knob controls that allow you to fully customize the blower speed and dim the lights. To make your job in the kitchen even easier, the baffle filters are dishwasher-safe.

Check out the ProV insert at the button below.

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Featured Kitchen with ProV Range Hood Insert

ProV Range Hood Insert - Stone Custom Hood

Now this home with a rocky range hood cover better be located in the rocky mountains of Colorado, right? How beautiful is this kitchen!

We certainly love the dark wooden elements for the cabinets, and the flooring is top tier as well. Lovely, high bar-style chairs are inviting and the lighting fixtures are simple yet elegant.

Now, onto the range hood cover: it’s simple, beautiful, and the choice of stone is rather unique! It adds some rustic elements to the kitchen and makes a statement right when guests walk in.

Take a closer look at the range hood insert below, and see for yourself how this kitchen came together!

Close Up - Stone Custom Hood
Stone Custom Hood

Customer Reviews - ProV Range Hood Insert

“Excellent Product. I recently received a Proline Model ProV58L.430 58" range hood insert with the 1200cfm local blower. It was packaged extremely well and arrived undamaged. I unboxed it and tested it. The blower was already installed in the hood. Everything worked as it should. The build quality is very good. I have not installed it yet, but I installed a similar hood at my old house and it worked great for many years. I give it 5 stars.” - R.L. S.

“The customer Service at Proline was amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful reps. I received my hood in less time than expected and the quality of not only the product but the packaging was incredible and top-notch. I will definitely be ordering again from your company for my next project.” - Cassie H.

I love my ProLine hood. It looks great, the remote blower is quiet and the lights are fantastic! Tech support representative Riley was extremely helpful in setting things up.” - Bob S.

More ProV Inserts for Your Mountain Home

Black Rustic Custom Hood
White Custom Hood
Black Tapered Custom Hood with Large Kitchen Island

Proline PLJL Range Hood Insert

PLJL Product Picture

The PLJL range hood insert is a durable insert for your kitchen. Manufactured in 430 stainless steel, this hood is built to last you for years to come. It also features dishwasher-safe baffle filters that efficiently capture grease and dirt from your kitchen air.

The PLJL insert comes with easy-to-use and unobtrusive stainless steel push buttons. There, you can control the blower speed and turn on the bright LED lights to help you see clearly in the kitchen.

You can choose between a single 900 CFM blower and a dual 1200 CFM blower to keep your kitchen air clean. Whether you’re a casual or avid cook, this insert is right for you.

Buy yours below.

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Featured Kitchens with PLJL Range Hood Insert

Modern Industrial Custom Hood

Now, this home comes with a spectacular view, don’t you think? It’s so gorgeous! The beauty doesn’t end there, though.

From the majestic dark oak-colored cabinets to the beautiful tiled backsplash that spans the walls and the gorgeous countertops, this mountain home has all of us wanting to live in such luxury. The light fixtures and faucet over the sink make this even more heart-stopping and jaw-dropping!

From there, we move on to where the food is made – the beautiful stainless steel stove and the range hood cover. Similar to the rustic mountain home we covered first, this kitchen opts for a range hood insert and gorgeous range hood cover to match the rest of this stunning kitchen.

Take a look at the gorgeous range hood cover and insert! It stands tall and imposing and covers the ductwork completely for a beautiful modern look.

Custom Hood with Steel Trim
Full Kitchen Shot with Elegant Custom Hood
Kitchen with Marble Island and Custom Hood - Best Range Hoods for Your Mountain Home
PLJL Insert in Rustic Kitchen

This rustic cabin in the woods has all the features of a beautiful mountain-style home, complete with unfinished wood beams, white and brown colored wood, open cabinetry, and all the comforts of home.

This certainly feels like stepping into a place out of time, and life seems to slow down here, doesn’t it?

Perched above the stovetop is a large metal cover; at first glance, you can’t see it, but take a look at our next photo: there’s a range hood in there! Our PLJL range hood is a great match for this stove. It’s certain to expel all excess grease, heat, and other fumes from cooking in the kitchen.

Plus, the opportunity to create a beautiful custom range hood cover like this is way too good to pass up!

Close Up - PLJL Insert
Rustic Kitchen

Customer Reviews - PLJL Range Hood Insert

It was a pleasure doing business with y’all and will send anyone looking for vents your way!” - Lyndie V.

Looks terrific installed, seems to be well made, nice and quiet at low speeds, and was just as described.” - Jon L.

“My wife and I are extremely happy with this product. It is sleek looking, very powerful, and was easy to install. It's a great addition to our new kitchen!” - Lucas B.

More PLJL Inserts for Your Mountain Home

White Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets
Stone Vent Hood
Stone Custom Hood over Range
Beige Range Hood Insert

Proline PLFW 755 Wall Range Hood

PLFW 755 Range Hood

The PLFW 755 is a beautiful and modern wall range hood. The beautiful black LCD control panel stands out making it a great conversation starter. Your friends and family won’t stop talking about this hood! The controls are easily accessible. You can adjust the blower speed and turn on the bright LED lights at the push of a button.

The PLFW 755 features a powerful single 900 CFM or dual 1100 CFM dual blower to improve your indoor air quality in just minutes.

Learn more about this beautiful wall hood at the button below.

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Featured Kitchen with the PLFW 755

Range Hood Over Grill

Lake life is a whole different spectrum, especially considering the advantages of being near a lake and mountains. Here in Utah, we’ve got Bear Lake, which encapsulates a lake surrounded by mountains. It certainly is quite impressive!

This outdoor barbecue setup certainly calls for a range hood, as it’s situated under a roof; it’ll get rid of all that smoke and grease and keep your ceiling looking clean as can be!

We certainly love the look of the deck as well; late summer evenings spent sitting out here, cracking some drinks with family or friends, and talking late into the evening as the sun goes down! That sounds like our ideal night by the lake. What’s yours?

Island Range Hood in Pavilion

Customer Reviews - PLFW 755

The range hood is very well constructed, made with good quality stainless steel, and sturdy. The fan itself is very powerful and the design is sleek and contemporary. I’ve owned it now for two months and I couldn’t be happier with the overall quality. I would recommend this brand to my friends and family.” - Ignacio P.

This hood is beautiful and looks great. Great lighting as well.” - Michelle D.

I love this hood. I bought two hoods for my outdoor kitchen. They’re perfect for what I want. I have passed on to my friends your web address for future purchases.” - Chaz B.

More PLFW 755 Wall Range Hoods for Your Mountain Home

Range Hood with Ducting
PLFW 755 Wall Hood
Range Hood Over Open Fire

Proline PLJW 109 Wall Range Hood

PLJW 109 Wall Hood

The PLJW 109 is a sleek minimalist range hood that accommodates any cooking style. At 30” and 36”, it comes with a 1000 CFM blower. You won’t be left wanting more power. For our avid cooks, we sell this hood with two 1000 CFM blowers at 42” and above. This amount of power is truly unprecedented – no matter what you cook, your kitchen will be grease and grime-free!

The 109 wall hood features stainless steel push buttons under the front of the hood where you can adjust the blower speed and LED lights. This hood also includes lamp sockets in the back. You can add LED lights or heat lamps to warm your food before serving.

Before you wrap things up in the kitchen, toss the stainless steel baffle filters in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Does it sound like this hood is right for you? If so, check it out!

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Featured Kitchen with PLJW 109

PLJW 109 Wall Hood

This kitchen bears all the likeness of home, including a vast and open floor plan! We love how much room is available here. And, there is certainly no lack of counter space, either!

With a kitchen island that includes a sink and another bar-style island that also includes a sink, there are places galore to prepare food and wash your hands. You could even have a race to see who’s the faster meal prepper!

Beyond that, the dark brown countertops give off mountain-esque vibes, and the coloring of the granite (or is it marble?) is beautiful. The range hood, PLJW 109 from Proline, has the power and the efficiency to ensure that whoever cooks the food does so comfortably in a grease-free house!

PLJW 109 Wall Hood with Marble Island

Customer Reviews - PLJW 109

Very easy to install, quiet and cost-effective for its application.” - Otis E.

I have had my hood for about 2 years and love it. The hood is well constructed and works as advertised. I had Proline rotate the blower for back discharge and all came as ordered. I had one small warranty claim for a light/blower switch that quit working. When I called to request the part a person actually answered and told me exactly what to do to get the needed part. I followed her instructions and within a couple of hours, I got an email that my part was on its way. Received the part within 4 days. Installed and works perfectly. Great customer service. Would def purchase again.” - Jason H.

We love this range hood - the design is very classy and it is easy to use and clean. We received amazing customer service during the ordering process along with any questions we had, and are very happy we purchased from Proline.” - Linda J.

More PLJW 109 Wall Range Hoods for Your Mountain Home

Wall Hood with Shaker Cabinets
Under Cabinet Hood with Tile Backsplash
Wall Hood with Marble Backsplash

Proline ProV Island Range Hood

ProVI Product Picture

The ProVI is our most versatile island range hood. It features dial knobs that allow you to customize the blower speed and brightness of the lights to your liking. With three different blower options, you’ll definitely find one that works best for you.

Choose between a 1300 CFM inline blower, a 1200 CFM local blower, or a 1700 CFM local blower. 1700 CFM is a great option for those who love to do a lot of frying, searing, Asian cooking, and similar cooking styles.

If blower noise bothers you, consider the inline blower that sits inside your ductwork. It can reduce the blower noise to a whisper!

The ProVI comes with dishwasher-safe baffle filters so you can focus on making delicious food instead of scrubbing tough grease from your filters. This island hood will make your job easier in the kitchen.

Check out more details on the ProVI by clicking here.

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Featured Kitchen with the ProV Island Range Hood

Outdoor Range Hood

Who says mountain homes can’t be in the high desert with some palm trees? Somewhere like the Sierras in California, the desert in Arizona, or even just outside of Las Vegas in southern Nevada.

Mountains come dry and sandy, grassy and hilly, and tall and snowy. So, here’s our desert edition mountain home kitchen, with a pool and a view!

This outdoor kitchen bar has plenty of counter space to prepare some delicious barbecue and has some of the amenities you would want in an indoor kitchen, including a sink and a small refrigerator.

On top of that, the ProV island range hood from Proline ensures that smoky days are behind you. All you need to do is enjoy the barbecue and splash in the pool!

Customer Reviews - ProVI

We love our Proline range hood. It is good looking and it is massive and powerful. We love how it sucks out the gross cooking fumes .......and is NOT noisy.....We love our lighting! It makes our kitchen be a PREMIER Kitchen and we receive many compliments! A very good powerful hood at a good reasonable price. Quality. Great customer service and built well. THANKS, Proline” - Karen H.

We love our great-looking 8 light hood. Very well made. Very quiet but powerful and great lighting. It is the ‘center piece' of our kitchen and gets many compliments! We had a great purchasing experience with your company and totally would buy from you again but this is our forever home ~ Thank you for quality in product and quality customer service!!” - Robert H.

More ProV Island Range Hoods for Your Mountain Home

Range Hood for a Mountain Home - Outdoor Hood Over Grill
Double Range Hood Setup
Outdoor Hood Over Grill

That wraps up our article on the best range hoods for your mountain home. What are you waiting for? It’s time to give your getaway home the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

If you want more inspiration to get your head churning with different ideas give us a follow on Pinterest! We have an entire board dedicated to mountain homes and A-frame style houses, as well as kitchen remodeling boards and style-specific boards, including our popular farmhouse design and Spanish colonial style boards. Check them out!

Good luck with the renovation!

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