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9 Best Black Countertop Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

9 Best Black Countertop Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen space, you’re going to want something that is going to feel distinct from what you had before. Whether it was some boring beige setup, or this is the first countertop that you’re going to have in your kitchen, your renovation has to stand out in some way.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a stylish way to make your kitchen stand out that much more, without breaking the flow or overall style, you can do a lot worse than a good black countertop. It feels contemporary and up-to-date, but it can also be used in a variety of different kitchen setups.

Don’t believe us? Then check out the following examples that we have collected, and see for yourself just what we mean!

Contemporary Flat-Panel Black Kitchen Countertop

Starting this list with a kitchen that is going to wow any family or friends that you invite over, we have this amazing flat-panel kitchen design!

The main star of the show in this kitchen is the perfectly polished granite countertop that takes up the island. Its reflective shine is going to immediately capture the attention of anyone that enters the room!

However, even a beautifully treated and prepared countertop would not stand out this well without an equally well-designed kitchen space around it.

The paneling of both the shelves and the island itself means that there are no extraneous details that would otherwise stick out, allowing all eyes to go to one place.

Plus, it has all the functionality that a good kitchen should have, with plenty of cupboard space, as well as space to seat around said gorgeous countertop.

It’s the perfect countertop for folks that love a minimalist kitchen!

Lake|Flato Black Countertop Design

Next up on our list, we have another take on a phenomenal black countertop, this time with a slightly more rustic feel to it.

Very much like how white countertops have been in vogue for a while, black is a color/shade that goes with a lot of different designs. That being said, it takes a good eye to spot how a black countertop affects the overall ambiance of a room, being a less reflective color.

It’s something that this particular kitchen has not just accounted for, but taken full advantage of here. The exposed wooden ceiling adds a lighter, warm color that hits against the black countertop, making for a wonderful space to spend time in.

Add to that the stone, metal, and wood-like textures that are used around the kitchen from wall paneling to the metallic countertop used here.

Technically, this means that this isn’t a ‘true’ black countertop. But given how it is reflecting a largely black kitchen, the effect is still the same, and is one of the many reasons that we love this design!

Dreamy Wooden Black Kitchen

Of course, while metal paneling and features have become increasingly popular to use in kitchen designs, nothing quite beats that old feeling of a tile and wooden kitchen design.

It’s a homely feel that this particular countertop emulates beautifully, while also retaining a predominantly black feeling.

Aside from looking simply amazing (which is the first thing that drew our eye), this countertop, with its dyed, yet exposed grain, also creates a very organic flow to the whole of the kitchen, especially as the paneling wraps around the corner and on to the rest of the countertop.

At tho that a stunning granite-effect tiling around the walls of the kitchen, rises out of the countertop, and you have an effect that emulates an older style of kitchen design while bringing it into line with modern design sensibilities.

Contemporary Black Tiled Kitchen Countertop

If it hasn’t already become clear, we’re to love tiles when they’re used in a kitchen design, almost as much as we love black countertops. So we’re always looking for designs that use both features in a whole kitchen design.

But a tiled-effect black countertop design? Now we’re just being spoiled!

As you can see from the image, the white accents to the main countertop give the whole feature a sort of paneled appearance, looking very striking when you first look at it, broken only by the sink feature that has been installed here.

Plus, like any good countertop that is supposed to be eaten at, there is plenty of room to fit stools and seating underneath it. We’re kind of in awe at just how thin the paneling is for this countertop, while still maintaining a strong design that isn’t going to break anytime soon!

Dramatic Black/Green Backlash Countertop

Of course, this is a list of kitchen countertop inspirations that are supposed to be black. But sometimes, if you look outside of your wheelhouse for inspiration, you’ll find that black is often a phenomenal accent color when used with the right material and another color.

Here, it pairs amazingly with a verdant green marbling effect!

The backsplash of this kitchen design uses a beautiful porcelain green effect, which rises to cover one wall, and stretched underneath the paneled cupboard across another. It’s a design that makes your eye travel around the room, in both directions, too.

And, of course, you have the black countertop that the porcelain rises from. However, the shade of black and green are aligned very nicely with each other, as one leads into the other, making it feel like a single cohesive unit.

Of course, if you want to go with contrasting colors, be our guest. That may have a striking effect on your kitchen space!

Gilles Mendel’s New York Kitchen Black Countertop

Open-style kitchen designs are great and all, but they’re not always feasible for everyone, especially if you’re living in a city apartment complex.

In those conditions, if you’re looking to have a stunning black countertop kitchen, you’ve got to get creative with what you have. And it’s something that this next example does incredibly!

What this kitchen may not have in overall floor space, it more than makes up for by using the height of the kitchen to its advantage.

The block stone countertop is raised enough to allow plenty of storage underneath it, while the shelves that run over the sink stand out against the white and sparkling tiles' backsplash (a detail that we adore), which helps them stand out brilliantly against several black surfaces that might otherwise be overpowering for a room.

These are the perfect shelves to house pretty much everything, from your everyday plates to the finest china!

Oak Finish Massive Black Countertop Kitchen

Of course, if you do have the space to have a truly massive kitchen, then there’s nothing stopping you from flexing that floor space power and making the biggest black countertop that you possibly can.

This example from Florida is exactly what we mean when we think of designs like this. The countertop of this room has plenty of room for pretty much any kitchen activity that you could need. There’s plenty of room for a sink, storage underneath the countertop, eating, preparing food, and plenty more.

And, of course, this leaves countertops by the walls for even more storage and display. Heck, there’s so much space on the island countertop, there’s even space for furnishings and decorations, and everything else that we mentioned here!

All while having a beautiful oak finish on the main black countertop!

The only note that we would make is that such a large amount of dark or black space in a large room is going to affect the lighting, so going with lighter colors for the walls and non-countertop areas is a good call to make.

Grey Wood Black Marble Countertop Effect

Of course, the most tempting color choices for a black countertop or island usually end up being some shade or type of white or gray. And it’s not hard to see why, especially with results like these to go by!

The marbling effect of the stone on this countertop is drop-dead stunning, with the patterns rippling and giving a phenomenal mixture of all three colors that are used around the rest of the room.

Even if you’re not using a white or black piece of marble countertops, matching the color of your room to your marble/stone items can be a great way of creating a strong theme.

The different tiers of the countertop also make it clear what sort of activities is supposed to happen on the island. The higher tiers, with the thin wooden paneling and room for seating, are the dining/eating space, while the lower marble area is where the cooking magic happens!

Endless Clouds Effect With Black Countertop

One of the things we love the most in a good countertop design is when an element of the furnishing is trying to create a natural visual effect.

For this kitchen design, we adore how the marble effect of the black countertop creates a giant image of a cloud!

Final Thoughts

So, even with just one color, there are plenty of ways to add a black countertop to your modern kitchen in an amazing way!

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