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20 Beautiful Front Porch Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

20 Beautiful Front Porch Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project - Proline Range Hoods

Spring is here! And it’s time to get outside, start gardening, mowing the lawn, cleaning your outdoor patio...the list is endless!

Growing up in New England, porch decor is a huge staple! Aside from American flags hanging on the front porch, planted pots are one of the most common choices for porch decor. They’re easy to maintain and it’s a fresh sight for people to see after a long, cold winter!

We’ll show you some of the best and most beautiful porch ideas ranging from decor options to flower displays and more.

Spring Is In The Air

The birds start coming out, the flowers start blooming and wonderful smells of spring air and fresh cut grass engulf your senses.

What better way to take it all in than with a beautiful outdoor furniture setup like this!

Made for comfort and style, these two armchairs are the perfect option for enjoying the fresh new senses of spring.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are common across the U.S., but I remember them being most often seen out east.

Filled with poppies and more, these colorful hanging plants brought color and warmth to the tail end of a long, cold winter.

Sneak in a bench or table and chairs on the porch and you’re ready for spring to flourish.

The Sign and The Doormat

Nothing is more welcoming to a home than an inviting entrance, right? This vertical welcome sign and a “Hello Spring” doormat ensure that anyone who visits your home feels its warmth and coziness.

Add in a wreath and some other spring decor and you’ve got yourself quite the entrance!

Large Flower Pots

If you’ve got the space and want to spend the money, large flower pots are big and beautiful. Reminiscent of New England springs, these flowers can be changed when they die or are moved to your garden.

Change it up every now and then to keep your porch gorgeous and updated.

Front Porch Chairs

A lower-key option to front porch chairs, sometimes all you need is a simple duo of chairs and a flower pot or two.

Invite a friend over for tea or coffee and catch up after a long hibernation from winter! Adding a small side or middle table won’t take up much space. It’s also a great resting place for that teacup or coffee mug!

The Porch Bench Swing

A little DIY project later and you’ve got yourself a classic, East Coast style porch swing. Deck it out with seasonal pillows, a nice floor mat, or an outdoor rug!

Enjoy those early spring days outside with your family, or invite neighbors and friends over for a refreshing glass of lemonade on the front porch swing. Finally, make sure to include those ever-important potted plants.

A Display of Plants and Life!

How about some boho-style porch decor? A garden out front may not flourish for a bit, so why not bring the garden to your front porch?

From large potted plants to smaller displays and even hanging plants, this home brings spring right to its doorstep.

They have rocking chairs on the far side of the porch and a porch swing. It can’t get much better than this!

The Farmhouse Forest Porch

Did you know that even your front porch can be made in a farmhouse style? Enter the porch swing among Boston fern plants. A beautiful display of these potted plants leads up to a door laden with a wreath and an inviting doormat.

Sit outside and sip sweet iced tea in the afternoon heat of spring and gently rock the swing as you strum some tunes. Did we just accidentally create a movie plot?

The Cozy and Comfortable Porch

They’ve got their colors down to a tee! This warm and inviting yellow and green front porch is a beautiful display of spring color.

With comfy padded benches and chairs alongside potted fruit trees, this spring setup is as gorgeous as the world around it. A friendly doormat entrance invites you to come on in!

Plain and Simple

The photos and ideas on this list have been pretty extravagant so far. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, or just want to tone down your front porch a bit, keep it simple!

This porch is small to begin with but doesn’t go over the top. It includes a spring wreath, a tall potted plant, and a simple, cursive “hello” doormat.

Sometimes you don’t need to go all out in order to have beautiful front porch decor.

Apple Crates and Potted Plants

Apple picking is a fall activity in the orchards surrounding my hometown north of Boston. But in spring and summer, you can use them a little differently!

If you have old apple crates that are no longer practical, or just need some funky decor, paint one and use it as a stand for your potted plants.

The Bench Spread

It’s like a table spread or bedspread but for a bench! Deck out your bench with some potted plants, pillows, or other trinkets you find at a thrift store or that you’ve collected over the years.

We think a nice, big, farmhouse wheel could be the perfect option to sit right behind this bench leaning on that brick wall. Or, an old-timey lantern with a plant growing inside.

The options only end with your creativity!

Doormat to Home

Need another affordable option or a step-up to a more lavish display?

Top off your front porch with a welcome doormat. As long as you have a doormat or a porch overhead, this will be ready to go for years of use!

Rustic Farmhouse Style Decor

This home is almost unfairly beautiful with its front porch decor!

The dark wooden double doors make the perfect backdrop for a lush forest scene with ferns piled around the front. The white outline helps the dark paint stand out.

The family sign on the porch and a rocking chair is both enticing and inviting to anyone who may walk in!

Farmhouse Front Porch

Large planter pots, a beautiful vertical welcome sign, and a doormat are all this home ever needed.

But, going above and beyond for front porch decor is the way to go. These homeowners threw in some rocking chairs on the side, perfect for sitting outside in the warm spring heat and sipping cold iced tea.

A Southern Style Porch

Take a close look at this front porch! There are plenty of intricate details that help make this home a wonderful home!

The rocking chairs and center console table add that sweet, southern swagger you might crave. Behind the chairs is something we haven’t seen yet: an apple-picking ladder. These are commonly seen in farmhouse bathrooms or family rooms, but why not add one outside, too?

We can see it also doubles as a hat rack. Finally, a small bench in the back holds a watering can with a large spout completes this beautiful look.

The Perfect Family ‘Welcome Home’!

Yay! You’re here! This is the perfect welcome mat for your family, friends, or guests.

Coupled with twin potted plants, a wreath on the door, and old lanterns outfitted with candles, imagine walking through these doors into the arms of your loved ones. What a scene!

Solid Oak and Solid Decor

Some things in life are just solid, you know? Take this solid oak door, for example.

The color is striking! Here, the light-colored doormats and the welcome sign are warm and inviting.

Pair that with some green decor in wreaths and plants, and this earthy entrance is extravagant.

Tall, Dark and Orderly

Tall, dark, and handsome, except make it front porch decor! These black farmhouse style doors are a beautiful backdrop for your spring decor options, and it helps to create some beautiful contrast.

A porch rocking chair flanked by small potted plants and doormats for each doorway adds some color and life to this front porch.

Spring Into Summer

The last setup of this list helps you transition from spring into summer! Keep some of your old front porch decor from spring but change up your plants to something a little more “summer.”

Ferns are a great option for both seasons!

Here, an easy switch is from spring pillows to summer pillows. Also, add some seashell decor. Closed jars with sand and scavenged seashells are some of my favorites!

That wraps up our 20 inviting spring porch ideas! We hope you were inspired to start your own spring decor project on your front porch!

It’s an exciting time to get outside in the warmer air and enjoy the simple comforts of life.

If you want to see more options for front porch decor, follow us on Pinterest!

Check out our farmhouse style boards, organized neatly into different categories of the house, or our bohemian-themed board. They’re updated daily with fresh content, so you’ll always be looking at something new!

Happy spring decorating, we’ll see you next time!

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