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13 Fun and Bright Beach House Kitchen Table Ideas

13 Fun and Bright Beach House Kitchen Table Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Summer is fast approaching and so is vacation with friends and family! Beach destination vacations are some of my favorites and something my family did often growing up.

At the beach house, we often expected up to eight or 10 people at a time. So we needed a beach house kitchen table that would fit our needs. If you want to enjoy food with friends and family at your beach house, you’ll need one too!

We’ll show you 13 fun beach house kitchen table ideas (see also our favorite kitchen DIY ideas for your apartment). Hopefully you will find inspiration for your next project!

The Malibu

Starting off big, this beach house kitchen table brings size and the table! The light and airy colors work perfectly for a Malibu coast beach house.

Tan matches the look of the house, and is complimented by the light shades hanging above the table. Textures are also important, and the smoothness of the table brings that element together with the rug and light shades! See another angle right here.

Chairs and Bench

Maximizing space, this kitchen table features a bench built into the wall and two chairs on the opposite side. It’s a bit on the smaller side, but works great for a small group.

If the table was extendable, two more people could be seated on each end, too! Then, you could seat six or seven. The colors here are great. A tan table, with white chairs and a gray bench. It perfectly encapsulates the beach town lifestyle!

The Alcove Table

Building off the bench example in the previous idea, this brings the table full circle, quite literally!

Adding two tan, woven wicker chairs at the end allows people to get in and out with ease. The restaurant style layout of this table truly brings vacation to the forefront. Plus, the mirrors on the wall and large windows allow for ample light late into the evening glow of the sun.

Modern Wooden and Wicker

A little farmhouse design for a beach house never hurt anybody, right? Likely situated somewhere on the east coast, the large wooden slab table is a beautiful mark for this large area.

Surrounded on both sides with woven wicker chairs and a beautiful chandelier, this setup is beyond words! Mom and Dad get the two white, comfy chairs at the end of the table. Dinner is served!

Tropical Dinner Table

Just like the caption of the pin says, prepare to swoon! How gorgeous is this Australian beach house kitchen?

Keeping the farmhouse theme with a giant wooden slab, this kitchen goes tropical. Here, the fun elements of design are in the stools and the delicate lamp shades over the table. This kitchen goes to show that combining different styles can have beautiful results!

The Contemporary West Coast Table and Chairs

For the beach house in Laguna Beach, Newport, or other small beach city in California, this is the perfect setup. A corner bench with a couple chairs looking out into the great beyond. It doesn't get much better than this!

The modern chairs, table, and bench designs bring luxury together with beach style. It’s something we really dig!

A Bungalow Surf House

You can get pitted in the ocean and in the kitchen! With this eccentric surf style room, comfort and style are one in the same.

A beautiful corner bench built into the wall is complimented by a beautiful wooden bench on the opposite side. Together, with one chair to head the table, this little corner table can seat quite a few people. And it’s not cramped!

White and cream colors are essential. Notice the three types of materials used for each seating area: padded cushions for the L-shaped bench, a hard wooden surface for the freestanding bench, and a woven wicker chair. Textures galore!

Two-Tone Seaside Setup

If you need to feed a lot of people and you’ve got the space, go big or go home! Ten people can enjoy spaced out comfort at this table, and the colors and textures are wonderful. Tan, cream, and white reign supreme here, as does the smooth wooden table.

The “rug” underneath is a joy to have underfoot, and is shared by the lampshades hanging overhead. Couple that with incredible beach views out of the giant windows and a lovely steak and fish dinner, and vacation is served!

The Jetty Lookalike

An eight-seater table for a family of eight seeking pieces of eight. Too much? Probably, but you’re still reading, right?

Featured here are thick woven wicker chairs, letting you sink yourself right into your seat and teeth right into dinner. Again, the common colors here are tan, brown, and white. A little sandy lifestyle for a pirate family, don’t you think?

Southern Coast Style

This beautiful design brings in some fabulous neutrals that show you can mix and match eccentric with beach style!

Creams and tans reign high in beach design, but adding in some light grays and blues to complement can mold your kitchen table to match the rest of the home.

Here, the pillows and the frames of the chairs do exactly that, while still maintaining the relaxing beach style we know and love.

La Jolla Chic

Spending too much time out of the house and need something minimalist and chic? This La Jolla area home has the perfect kitchen table for you. A gorgeous marble table is surrounded by beautifully woven, white and tan chairs.

Above the table is a modern chandelier with white lampshades. Does it get more minimalist than this?

Bohemian Chic Meets Beach House

Bohemian quite literally meets beach house in this gorgeous setup! A simple, dark and rough table is flanked on all sides by gorgeously woven chairs around very intricate candle centerpieces.

The rug is toned down in colors from bohemian style, but still brings electric patterns into the room.

Coastal California

It may be a smaller table, but the vibes here are just the beginning. Gather here with a small group of friends and enjoy the comforts of living by the beach.

With white chairs and a table complimented by tan flooring, the vibes here are complete. Bring out the table even more by adding a green centerpiece, and a lovely light shade hanging over top.

No matter what route you choose to go with your beach house kitchen table and chairs, the result can be extraordinarily beautiful if you match your colors and textures well.

If you’re interested in more beach house design, check out our other articles on beach house kitchen ideas, and what to do with an island in your kitchen.

If that still isn’t enough for you, see our article on beach house bedroom ideas!

Remember to follow our Pinterest account! We have tons of boards that cover everything from design trends, outdoor living spaces and beautiful mountain homes. We also have a board dedicated entirely to beach house design – give it a follow!

We update our Pinterest and boards daily and weekly with new content, so there will always be fresh pins to sift through.

We’ll see you back here for our next beach house article!

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