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20 Beach House Kitchen Ideas

20 Beach House Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Beach houses are a quintessential vacation escape plan for landlocked residents. Yes, even people who go to the beach often. If you’re looking to spice up your beach house kitchen for the next rental season or for your next summer visit, this is the post for you!

We’ll dive into the best pieces to include in your kitchen, from decor to appliances and color schemes. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and visitors will have to cook eventually. Right?

Here are 20 beautiful and fun beach house kitchen ideas (see also '13 DIY Boho Ideas For Your Kitchen') to inspire your next remodel.

The Blue and White Kitchen

If you’re going for a full kitchen remodel, nothing is more refreshing than a fresh set of paint and color in your kitchen. With light blues and whites or creams, you can bring more light into your kitchen. Invite us, please! Also, check out those chandelier covers - those are extra nice!

Barstools for the Island

These barstools look a little bit like shells, which is why we love them so much! They’re cute and ornate and remind me of an east coast beach house down in North Carolina on the Outer Banks. And, similar lampshades provide more beachy-ness!

Neutral Whites and Wood

Perhaps one of the best features to include side by side together in beach house design are whites and woods. Here, the design is perfect! A white and airy kitchen complemented by wooden barstools and other features, like the cutting board and island decor. Here’s another example below:

Range Hood For the Ages

If you’re looking to stay long term at your beach house and don’t have a range hood installed, you’ll be in the market for one! Check out some great options for your kitchen from Proline. Different styles can work in all sorts of beach house kitchens!

The Beach House with Plants

Now, plants are pretty in any house of any design, but they work so well with beach house design! There are only so many you can put in a kitchen, but the ones you can fit in will work beautifully. See what you can do!

Add A Farmhouse Sink

These overhang-type sinks work super well with beach house design, especially the smooth and curved design. Everything seems to slow down a little bit when you’re vacationing on a beach, right?

If you like this farmhouse sink, you might like these stunning farmhouse sinks as well.

Open The Space With Windows

For a full kitchen remodel, open up the space and add some windows. It’s a beautiful way to add more light to your kitchen naturally! Longer summer days mean more light in your kitchen and less electricity!

Beautiful Range Hood Covers

Range Hood Insert Over Grill - Beach House Kitchen Ideas

We mentioned above that range hoods are essential for basically any kitchen. But sometimes, you might not want stainless steel. Hello, range hood covers! There are nearly unlimited ways to decorate your range hood in the kitchen. Check out this one here!

A Beautiful Backsplash

Custom Farmhouse Hood Insert with Blue Green Tile Backsplash
Custom Range Hood

Adding in a creative backsplash or “loud backsplash” is one of the best ways to give your kitchen some additional character and pop! Especially in a beach house, the louder the better! Add those colors in and watch it blossom!

An Island For Island Life!

What’s better than having an island for island life! If doing a full kitchen remodel, installing an island in your kitchen can help provide more space for dishes, portable appliances, and more. Plus, you’ll get more counter space!

Open Shelving

Lots of times, beach houses are much smaller than your regular, neighborhood or residential house. Sometimes, the kitchen is smaller, too! One way to open your kitchen up is to add some open shelving units where you can. It keeps the space feeling larger than it is and fools you on the size of the kitchen. Cool hack!

Wicker in the Kitchen

There are plenty of ways to add wicker designs to your kitchen. We’ve seen it already in the form of lamp covers; they can also come as chairs! These chairs brighten up the kitchen with a lighter wood color and look super comfy, too!

Picnic Table? Why Not!

Who says you can’t add a picnic table to the kitchen!? Here, this table works super well paired with the bench seating, of course, if the weather is good enough, you may want to eat outside as well. If you have a deck, that could be the best option!

The Vaulted Ceilings

We know you may not have too many options when it comes to rebuilding. But if you’re in the market for a beach house, vaulted ceilings vastly improve the look! The openness of this floor plan allows light to flood in and truly make the house feel larger than life. Adding in open shelving and a range hood cover tops off this design.

A Farmhouse Beach House

Yes, it can be done! See for yourself right here. Farmhouse design and beach house design share a lot of similarities! Here, open shelving, the island, and the chairs all work super well with this specific kitchen. The lights are a beautiful touch, too!

Add A Runner!

No, no, no, not Usain Bolt. A carpet runner! These are some easy ways to add some flavor into your kitchen and they can be easily swapped out dependent on the looks and the season! Try matching it with some other prominent colors in your kitchen.

The Beach House Supreme

This kitchen screams beach house! From the chairs to the coverings on the chandelier and shiplap style backsplash, this house is a prime example of a wonderful tropical style house on the East Coast.

Accessorize Your Kitchen!

Since the kitchen is where you cook food all the time, why not make it beautiful and inviting? These wicker style placemats are the perfect option to include for your kitchen table. And, if you can find wicker baskets to hold fruit, napkins, and other kitchen essentials, you’ve just won the game!

Beach House But Make It Fancy

What’s wrong with a fancier beach house design? Nothing! This Newport Beach area home brings together beach house design with luxury. The shaker style cabinets pair wonderfully with the range hood cover, and fancier light covers work to up class even more.

Dark blue highlights in the kitchen command more respect as the barstools eagerly await a wonderful drink. Bahama Mama, please!

The Surfboard Decor

I mean, c’mon, did you really think we would go the whole post without surfboard decor? Now, you don’t need to put a full-on surfboard in your kitchen, but it definitely works here! Add some photos or design work of surfing or beach life to make it feel like you’re right on the coast.

That wraps up our beach house kitchen ideas post. We hope you found it helpful.

There’s a lot of aspects to consider when redoing your beach house or adding elements to make it even better.

We have a beach house board on our Pinterest packed with ideas that you can go to and find even more inspiration. We update that board and all of our other boards on Pinterest daily, so be sure to give us a follow.

Thanks for reading and happy decorating!

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