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9 Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen for 2024

9 Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen for 2024 - Proline Range Hoods

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and keeping your design modern is crucial to making your kitchen stand out. While you’re looking over these ideas to move your kitchen into the modern era, consider installing a range hood to help extend the life of your new cabinetry by keeping it free from grease buildup.

1. Color Your Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen with Long Black Cabinets

It’s time to get away from the whites and grays that have been dominating color palettes for so long and bring some excitement to your kitchen! You can completely change the feel by going with dark colors on your cabinets to match dark appliances. Blues and matte blacks are in and can help create a moody atmosphere. Proline has a selection of sleek black range hoods to complement this new kitchen design.

Coloring your kitchen cabinets this year isn't our only tip – you can mix and match too! Check it out below.

2. Mix and Match Cabinetry

Small Square Multicolor Drawers

Transitional styling is in! Use two different colors on your cabinetry as an easy way to inject some fun. Try leaving your uppers in white while painting lower cabinets with a historic navy blue or deep forest green. If you have a lovely natural wood perimeter cabinetry, complement it by giving your island some character. Try a lovely mint green or go bolder with a purplish black. The point is to steer away from cookie-cutter kitchens and let your personality shine through.

The trend works with mixing design styles as well. Try pairing sleek minimalist cabinetry with your traditional kitchen decor for your own unique kitchen. Just combine elements of modern with vintage for your kitchen cabinets this year and you can’t go wrong.

3. Concealed Cupboards

Concealed Cupboards

Minimalism is a dominant trend in modern cabinetry. Homeowners are opting for sleek, streamlined aesthetics in clutter-free kitchens. Appliances are no longer out in plain view on the counters but hidden away in clever storage areas. The minimalist kitchen is getting away from bulky, ornate cabinetry in favor of a clean and simple look that does not accentuate the hardware.

Low profile handles mean the hardware can be hidden altogether, creating the effect of concealing the cabinetry. With minimalist cabinets, it’s all about simplicity. Uniform slab cabinet doors combined with completely de-cluttered surfaces make for an ultra-contemporary kitchen space. If you opt for the minimalist design, you can use a Proline range hood insert for your custom cabinetry.

4. Open Shelving

White Kitchen with Open Shelving

Breathe new life into your kitchen by taking out some of your cabinets and installing shelving instead. Open shelving has gained popularity over the last few years, especially for homeowners who want to show off their special kitchen items as decorations. Open shelves can be glass, metal, or even bulky wood slabs, depending on what look you’re going for. Open shelving is a great alternative for those hard-to-reach cupboards. Turn them into an eye-catching spot by displaying a beautiful piece of art.

If you don’t want to commit all the way, try open frame cabinetry. You can still show off your prized items through glass panes without scrapping the cabinetry altogether.

5. Effective Storage

Bright Kitchen with Pendant Lighting

These days, homeowners are looking to keep their kitchens more organized and they aren’t just using their storage space as a spot to leave old junk. Now, particularly because of the open shelving trend, there is a demand for more effective storage cabinets. We’re getting away from standard cupboards that tend to waste space and leave you frustrated.

Designers are coming up with clever solutions to make sure there is plenty of practical storage in your cabinetry for things like small appliances, and recycling & garbage (see also 'How To Install A Garbage Disposal'). We’re also seeing deep drawers to hold large pots and pans, and more cleverly disguised cupboards in unexpected places.

6. Wood

Wooden Silverware Drawer

Wood in kitchens isn’t new, but with the onset of the all-white cabinetry trend, we started to see less natural wood grains. As homeowners crave more connections to nature they are again opting for wood cabinets. Wood finishes are looking rawer, lighter, and fresher than before.

Choose oak cabinetry with a cerused finish for a soft neutral feel and added texture. And stay away from the once-popular maple and cherry cabinetry. Oak is versatile and suitable for any style of cabinet door, including the more modern looking recessed panels. If you want to spice things up, you can also go with a two-tone look, leaving your upper cupboards in oak and painting the lower ones.

For those who are more eco-conscious, try using reclaimed wood, as this look is also in right now. Whichever style you choose, wood cabinets will add some calm to your kitchen.

7. Bright Stoves and Hood

Think of appliances that make a statement! Typically kitchen designs aim to integrate large appliances; however, with mix and match coming into style, a modern kitchen can have a range or range hood that stands out as a focal point of the space. A pop of color or a unique style like the Proline Artisan Under Cabinet Hood in blue can add a retro feel to your kitchen that will pair well with modern-looking cabinetry.

8. Digital Technology

I-Pad Sitting on Kitchen Table in Charger

Technology is everywhere and now it’s in your kitchen, too. Smart kitchens are one of the most popular ways to modernize your home. Technology is becoming integrated into every part of the kitchen, operating lights, fridges, and even faucets. Refrigerators can tell you when it’s time to go pick up some groceries or if food is going bad. Cabinetry has built-in charging stations and some features of your kitchen can be controlled with your tablet or smartphone. The future is now.

9. Install an Island

Marble Kitchen Island with Black Base in a White Kitchen

A huge trend right now is adding large multi-functional islands to the kitchen. They’re not just another added area for prep, but the focal point of your space and the center of activity. They serve as a place for gathering, cooking, and dining while the cabinets below accommodate kitchen appliances and other items that may clutter up your space.

For even more kitchen design ideas, click here!

Install a beautiful Proline range hood to accentuate your new kitchen island!

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